Did Your Water Break? 9 Things You Need to Know

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one of the most common phone calls we get on the labor unit where I work goes something like this:


“maternity center, this is chaunie, how can I help you?”

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“um, yeah, hello. I’m so-and-so, and my due date is a few days away, but I think my water just broke, but I’m not sure… should it happen?”

As your big day approaches, it can be hard to know when the “time” is. And even more confusing for many women whose water doesn’t flow dramatically like it’s shown in the movies is trying to figure out if their water broke or not. To help you prepare for what to expect, here are some facts about your breakout, along with some questions to ask yourself.

1. you cannot be evaluated over the phone. Like I said, labor and delivery units get a lot of phone calls from anxious moms-to-be wondering if they should come because they’re not sure if their water really broke. As much as we’d love to be able to magically tell if the water’s broken without seeing you, it’s just not safe for us to try to assess that over the phone because, in reality, it’s impossible. If you’re really wondering if your water has broken, the safest bet is to simply go to the hospital for evaluation or call your obstetrician; they may be able to guide you better on what to do. floor nurses just can’t make that phone call.

2. try to stand up. One trick to try to find out if your water has really broken is to do the “get up” test. If you stand up and notice that the fluid seems to leak more once you get up, this is probably a good indicator that your water has broken, as the extra pressure of standing up can force the amniotic fluid out more than it does. when you’re just waking up. sitting.

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3. is it mucus? I imagine that in almost half of the cases, what women think breaks water is just mucus. As labor approaches during the last weeks of pregnancy, the cervix softens and women may lose the mucus plug in smaller amounts. many times the mucus can build up quite a bit in the last two weeks, even requiring a light sanitary pad. if your fluid is thicker or whiter (you may also have a twinge of blood here and there) in color, it could just be mucus.

4. the amniotic fluid is clear. One thing that can help you discern whether or not your water has broken is knowing what amniotic fluid (the technical term for its waters!) actually looks like. If your fountain has broken, it will be odorless and light in color.

5. the water may spurt or seep slowly. I think a lot of women look forward to the giant spurt of liquid that happens in the movies, and while that happens sometimes, a lot of times a woman’s water breaks a little more subtly. Imagine a big balloon filled with water: you can prick it several times with a pin and get a water leak, but it doesn’t necessarily always burst.

6. your nurse can tell if your water has broken. If you head to the hospital, convinced that your water has broken and that you will soon have your baby in your arms, only to be sent home disappointed, rest assured that your nurse can really tell if your water has broken. there are several different ways you can test to see if the font is broken. The most common way to find out is by looking at your amniotic fluid on a slide under a microscope, where it will take on a distinctive “fernlike” pattern, like rows of tiny fern leaves. If all that seems to be verified, the water has broken and it really is amniotic fluid.

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7. labor usually begins after your water breaks. hopefully, so you’re not sitting around all day wondering “did my water really break?” – labor tends to come on fairly quickly (and intensely) after your water breaks. you may not have much time to wonder if it was “real” or not when your contractions start…

8. it is possible for a water leak to reseal. it’s rare, but it happens. If you think back to the balloon analogy, imagine just a small puncture in the water balloon, with a small leak of water. amazingly, in some cases, that small leak can be resealed. Even if you’re sure your water has broken, the leak may seal itself up before you get to the hospital to get it checked out. talk about frustrating!

9. Some women’s waters never break. if she’s sitting around waiting for labor to start with the dramatic stream of water breaking, she may be disappointed. Some women’s bag of waters never breaks until well into labor, or even just before the baby is born. In fact, I’m one of those women: my water has never broken on its own!

Disclaimer: This advice should not replace an actual phone call or visit to your health care provider if you do suspect your water has broken. it’s just to make sure you have additional information when you start the discussion with your nurses and doctors.

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