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apps have become a main part of a healthier life. just think about it: there are apps built into smartphones that help you track activity levels (perhaps urging you to move a little more), apps designed to help you keep track of what you eat, apps that guide you to through exercises and meditations, and more. While there is a sea of ​​apps out there to help you establish healthier habits, Noom, which bills itself as “the last weight loss program you’ll ever need,” is getting considerable attention. example: noom was one of the most searched diet terms on google in 2018.

is noom really the last weight loss program you’ll ever need? How does it work and who is it suitable for? here’s what you need to know.

how noom works

The app takes a behavioral approach to weight loss in order to “trick” your body into developing healthier habits. noom promotes its coaches, supposedly real people (though not registered dietitians), who help you set achievable goals and hold you accountable.

When you start, you’ll answer a series of questions online to address your current weight, health issues, and lifestyle (for example, do you cook or dine out most often, and sit at a desk most often). part of the day). From there, you’ll be assigned a coach and given dietary recommendations, as well as access to built-in tools to help you track your fitness, food, blood pressure, and blood sugar. Much of the advice comes in the form of short tips and quizzes that reviews say can be both helpful and overwhelming. if you find the onboarding process cumbersome, this may not be the program for you as the rest of the content on the platform is set up similarly.

noom nutrition philosophy

The nutrition advice is based on the idea of ​​caloric density, which was also popularized in the volumetrics book. low-calorie (or low-energy) density refers to foods that are low in calories for the amount you eat (or the weight of a given food). noom divides food into one of three categories: red, green, or yellow. no foods are off-limits, but it is suggested that you limit the amount of red foods you eat, while eating more yellow and green foods is encouraged.

the professionals

is scientifically validated

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noom has been scientifically studied (albeit minimally) and has been shown to help people lose weight and keep it off. In a study of nearly 36,000 Noom users, nearly 80 percent reported weight loss while using the app for a median of 267 days. Among the group, certain behaviors promoted better outcomes: tracking dinner was an especially effective strategy, while tracking calories, activity, and overall weight was not far behind.

A second, much (much!) smaller study among just 43 overweight and obese noom participants found that the plan led to a 5 percent body weight loss—an amount that sounds small, but has been linked with really significant health improvements. again, weekly weigh-ins and recorded meals were the main predictors of success.

no food is prohibited

noom totally includes any food you want to eat, so if you want a trendy apple pie, you can have it. you may get a little note on your food tracker telling you that you’ve exceeded your red food serving limit, but you’ll also get words of encouragement to follow up.

the cons

several red flags jump out at me. here are a few to keep in mind.

food categories are flawed

I’m all for encouraging fruit and vegetables, but the calorie density approach doesn’t take into account how plentiful, delicious, and healthy many high-calorie foods are. Nuts, seeds, olives, and avocados, along with their butters and oils, provide protective plant compounds that help reduce the inflammatory process, thereby reducing the risk of disease. These same foods as part of a healthy eating pattern have also been linked to improvements in body weight and waist measurements, and may help prevent weight gain, which is a big step toward healthy aging. /p>

And in my experience, people enjoy green light foods much more when served with these plant-based fats. Wouldn’t you prefer a salad with some crunchy nuts, creamy avocado and a delicious dressing made with extra virgin olive oil to a salad with crunchy carrots and a scant dressing? Okay, you can have any with noom, but putting healthy fats in the red zone is misleading and can lead you to restrict them unnecessarily.

online reviews are mixed

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Many people complain that the training is inconsistent (and some say virtually non-existent) and that responses feel canned. People also complain that the database lacks many foods, is unreliable, and that tracking foods on this plan is a huge pain. that’s a big drawback since follow-up is integral to the success of this program (according to research). there is also a notable number of complaints about the cancellation of the program.

health coaches do not have the same qualifications as registered dietitians

I don’t like to criticize any program or plan that makes people feel mentally and physically healthier. however, i will point out that there is a huge difference in education and training between a health coach and an rd. if you have food sensitivities, medical concerns, or other barriers to eating better (including lifestyle issues like business travel or lack of cooking experience), you’d be better off working one-on-one with someone who can help you figure out what works best for your body and unique circumstances.

on top of that, according to reviews, the health training is really overpriced. Among the common complaints: People felt like they were talking to a chatbot instead of a person; support from coaches is superficial; trainers are not available 24/7 and often leave you hanging.

When I tried the app, I asked a few questions and felt the answers were slow and vague. for example, on the first day I asked, “how come I can’t find my food record?” and on day two, I got a reply that said, “as we begin the journey, I want to point out an opportunity to get closer to your super goal: logging meals!” there was no further explanation on how to find the food log, which I finally found on my own.

calories can go too low

In an online review, one reviewer said the app recommended an 1,100-calorie diet. this is too low to get all the nutrients it needs to thrive. Although the reviewer said he got used to this level of calories, most people would find this amount to be severely restrictive and limiting and would never recommend anyone eat this few calories. in my case, the app suggested 1200 calories, which is also too low.

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While tracking can be an effective tool, studies also indicate that you don’t need to count calories if you stick to a few basic principles: eat more whole foods, eat more vegetables, and eat fewer processed and sugary foods.

end result

many reviewers found the program useful, and if you’re someone who likes app-based learning and don’t mind keeping track of your food and getting on the scale, you might find it useful too.

However, many people find it annoying to track down every last bite. even ww (formerly known as weight watchers) has a wide range of zero point foods that don’t need to be tracked, which reduces the number of foods that do need to be tracked and makes this task a little less daunting.

If you have ever engaged in disordered eating behavior, this would not be an appropriate program, despite the emphasis on behavioral components. I honestly found some of the prompts condescending or insensitive. for example, a prompt to get on the scale: “now that you’ve weighed yourself (wait, haven’t you done it yet? what would michael jordan say? do it. right now. we’ll wait…)” and monitoring your weight it can be a trigger, so it’s best to work one-on-one with someone who can provide significant support and guidance.

noom has many features, but you may not need all of them, and you may tire of the reading material and test format after a while. As I mentioned, there are plenty of apps out there to help you track food, weight, activity levels, and support mindful eating, and many of them don’t cost a dime. If you are interested in support, please read online reviews before subscribing. this part of the program seems to get the most complaints.

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