Nature and origin of &quotsquirting&quot in female sexuality – PubMed

Introduction: During sexual stimulation, some women report the discharge of a noticeable amount of fluid from the urethra, a phenomenon also called “squirting.” To date, both the nature and origin of the jets remain controversial. In this investigation, we not only analyzed the biochemical nature of the emitted fluid, but also explored the presence of any pelvic fluid accumulation that could result from sexual arousal and explain a massive fluid release.

methods: seven women, without gynecological abnormalities and who reported massive and recurrent emission of fluids during sexual stimulation, were subjected to provoked sexual arousal. Pelvic ultrasounds were performed after voluntary urination (us1) and during sexual stimulation just before (us2) and after (us3) the stream. Urea, creatinine, uric acid, and prostate-specific antigen (PSA) concentrations were assessed in urine samples before sexual stimulation (BSU) and after the squirt (ASU), and from the spurt itself (S).

Results: In all participants, us1 confirmed complete emptying of the bladder. after a variable time of sexual arousal, us2 (just before the squirt) showed marked bladder filling, and us3 (just after the squirt) showed that the bladder had emptied again. biochemical analysis of bsu, s, and asu showed comparable concentrations of urea, creatinine, and uric acid in all participants. however, while psa was not detected in bsu in six of seven participants, this antigen was present in s and asu in five of seven participants.

Conclusions: Current data based on ultrasonographic bladder monitoring and biochemical analyzes indicate that squirting is essentially the involuntary emission of urine during sexual activity, although there is often a Marginal contribution of prostatic secretions to emitted fluid. .

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