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good things to know before moving to wyoming

Today, let me walk you through the pros and cons of living in Wyoming.

Are you considering retiring in Wyoming? Thinking of moving for new opportunities? Or do you just need a change of scenery to restart your life?

if you answered yes to any of these questions. then you’ve come to the right place.

because there are many good reasons to live in “the cowboy state”. And some disadvantages of living in Wyoming to consider.

So, let’s dive into the pros and cons of living in Wyoming. To answer the big question, is Wyoming a good place to live?

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pros and cons of living in wyoming

here are my top wyoming pros and cons for your consideration:

  • low state tax burden
  • 4-season climate and lots of sun
  • an abundance of natural beauty
  • outdoor recreation
  • limited effects of urbanization
  • no large metropolitan areas
  • no professional sports teams
  • very remote
  • severe weather conditions
  • lack of diversity
  • I’ll discuss each of these points about living in Wyoming in a moment.

    But first, I’d like to address the big question of the day…

    Is Wyoming a good place to live?

    well, I think the answer to this question is. it depends.

    because some people will like living in wyoming more than others. here’s why…

    living in wyoming is good if…

    You enjoy the natural beauty of the landscape here. and accompanying outdoor recreation.

    all set in small and quiet towns. providing an open environment without crowds.


    living in wyoming is not so good if…

    needs the amenities, the people, and the activities. that comes with residing in more densely populated urban communities.

    If so, life in Wyoming may not be for you.

    Finally, I think the next point we can all agree on.

    taxes when living in wyoming

    that the opportunity to pay less taxes living here is a good thing. And Wyoming shines in this regard. so i’ll have more information on wyoming tax benefits shortly.

    good now. with those highlights and key takeaways addressed.

    Next, let’s go over the pros and cons of moving to Wyoming one by one.

    and I want to start off with a big boost for your finances. but I don’t want to bore you with a bunch of tax jargon.

    however, they pay low taxes in this state. It’s one of the biggest benefits of living in Wyoming.

    As I said, everyone can agree on this. Right? therefore, wyoming taxes must be addressed.

    after all. who wouldn’t want to have a little more money in their pocket? instead of giving it to a state government…

    a low state tax burden

    There are several tax advantages to living in Wyoming. let me highlight them for you.

    wyoming has:

    • no state personal income tax
    • no state tax on retirement income
    • zero corporate state income tax
    • no tax on gross business income
    • low property taxes
    • modest sales tax
    • reasonable gas taxes
    • what does all this mean?

      This is what it means to me. Wyoming is a great state to lower your tax bill. and do it legally.

      how you will save on taxes living in wyoming

      if you earn a paycheck from an employer. own your own business. or are autonomous in some capacity.

      Most importantly, the state does not tax your income for these efforts. This is similar to the tax benefits of living in South Dakota. Wyoming’s neighbor to the east.

      and when you flip it over and look at the excise side of wyoming taxes. where you own your home, buy necessities or luxury items, and put gas in your car.

      when making these purchases. or, being the owner of a property. this state takes it easy on its taxes.

      good. that ends the discussion about taxes in wyoming.

      That wasn’t too bad. was?

      To summarize, the tax benefits alone make Wyoming one of the best states to move to. At least from my perspective.

      but, as long as we’re talking about improving your finances. let me touch on another topic related to money…

      cost of living in wyoming

      You may have noticed that the cost of living in Wyoming is not one of my top 10 pros and cons of living there.

      nor do you call it one of the low cost of living states to live in. neither is an expensive state.

      why not?

      Because, on average, the price of living in Wyoming is similar to the average cost in the United States.

      when considering the median value of homes. and for the other things we all consume in our daily lives.

      It’s not cheap to live in this state. especially if you want a nice house in jackson. where house prices are high.

      but it’s not outrageously expensive either.

      when you consider the affordable small town living this state has to offer.

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      then you couldn’t make the cost of living in wyoming an advantage or a disadvantage.

      but before continuing. Here are some other ways to save money in Wyoming.

      or anywhere you decide to live…

      save money on your mortgage

      first, get a low-cost mortgage on that new home you’re buying in wyoming.

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      organize your finances no matter where you live

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      it’s ok. enough money.

      The rest of the reasons to live in Wyoming…

      4-season climate and lots of sun

      many people prefer to live the four seasons. And life in Wyoming offers exactly that.

      first of all, the sun often shines in this state.

      with 200 to 300 days of sunshine during the year. depending on where you choose to live.

      Seasonal showers and thunderstorms are also present. they bring foliage and flowers to life during spring and early summer.

      although wyoming doesn’t get large amounts of rain. only about 10-15 inches per year.

      summer is hot. with highs in the 80s.

      Autumn brings changing leaves. of which there are plenty for your viewing pleasure.

      aspens, willows, and maples turn beautiful colors in the fall. Along the picturesque highways and byways of Wyoming. and in state parks.

      finally, winter turns cold. with temperatures well below freezing at times.

      and snow abounds in the mountains. while the rest of the state receives an average of about 50 inches per year.

      so, this state has a variety of climatic conditions. And this brings me to another of the outdoor perks of living in Wyoming…

      an abundance of natural beauty

      living in wyoming means close access to majestic outdoor settings. because 2 highly acclaimed national parks are located here. so there is something interesting and unique about this state.

      yellow stone national park

      yellowstone is located in the northwestern corner of the state. where wyoming, montana and the popular state of idaho meet.

      The park is home to canyons, mountain lakes, alpine rivers, acres of forest, hot springs and geysers. all spread over thousands of miles of virgin land.

      directly south of the montana state line. and accessible from gardiner, montana. if you come from the north.

      grand tetons national park

      This park encompasses the Teton Range. and the valley below is called jackson hole.

      It is located south of yellowstone.

      but grand teton is much smaller and more intimate. however, it is impressive in its own unique way.

      state parks & the great outdoors in wyoming

      Finally, Wyoming is also home to many state parks.

      so, in “the cowboy state”, you can get your fix outdoors. until your heart is content.

      But there’s more to the outdoors than just its natural beauty…

      outdoor recreation

      Because Wyoming offers so many outdoor sports and recreation.

      wyoming has possibly some of the best skiing and snowboarding in the country. jackson hole mountain resort is a popular choice.

      on the other hand, people who live in “the centennial state” of colorado. Or, the nearby state of Utah may have something to say about it.

      if you are interested in the hunting of game animals. then elk, moose, mule deer, and white-tailed deer abound.

      When it comes to fishing, the state may be best known for its many species of trout. but there is also a good population of other game fish.

      then there are many places for hiking and mountain biking. or just take a walk on the nearest nature trail. to enjoy the peace and beauty of this state.

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      talking about peace. here’s another good thing about wyoming…

      limited effects of urbanization

      if you like peace, tranquility and that there are no crowds. then life in wyoming is the way to go.

      small population living in wyoming

      Moving to Wyoming means you’re putting down roots in a sparsely populated state.

      almost 600,000 people. it has the lowest resident count of any state in the country.

      while the northeastern state of vermont. comes second.

      let’s put this in perspective. First of all, there are nearly 30 cities in the United States that have a population larger than the entire state of Wyoming.

      for example, if you want to live in western washington state. Seattle is a popular choice city.

      fine then. Seattle alone has about 200,000 more people than Wyoming.

      light traffic when you live in wyoming

      if you need to travel to work. or just scroll through the state.

      then don’t worry. because you won’t find much traffic here. or traffic jams when you reach your destination.

      as a result, wallethub ranks wyoming among the top. versus other states for low traffic congestion. and good transport infrastructure.

      There is one exception to this. It’s busy summer days on the main roads to the national parks.

      those hot spots can see backups of the traffic. while the tourists arrive to have a little fun outdoors.

      low crime rates in wyoming

      Finally, the state gets high marks for low crime rates. Because US News has ranked Wyoming as one of the top 10 states for low crime.

      The study involved the 2 main types of crimes. property crimes and violent crimes.

      it’s ok. That concludes my review of 5 cool things about Wyoming.


      the advantages and disadvantages of living in wyoming would not be complete. without looking at the 5 worst things about living in wyoming.

      then let’s do it.

      no large metropolitan areas

      It stands to reason that a state with a small population. it has no major major metropolitan areas.

      let me dig a little deeper into this wyoming topic…

      lack of life in a big city in wyoming

      then if you’re looking for the big city vibe. and a state with the cultural and urban amenities that go with it. then you won’t find him living in wyoming.

      this means…

      limited specialty stores. for shop windows. and find that “special” purchase.

      lack of ethnic variety. when it comes to restaurants.

      fewer “professional” job opportunities. more abundant in large metropolitan areas.

      few large universities. with the cultural services they offer.

      what is the result of this situation…

      Most young people migrate out of this state. to pursue higher education opportunities and career options.

      but on the bright side of that. Wyoming gives these young people a great start in life.

      because the state K-12 school system is highly rated.

      living in the largest cities in wyoming

      where you can live in this great state of wyoming. if rural, remote, small-town living isn’t for you.

      These are the most populous cities in the state to consider…

      cheyenne. the largest city with a population of over 60,000.

      is located in the southeastern corner of the state. and it is the state capital.

      The second largest city is called casper. located near the center of the state.

      There you will find a very united community. and a good place to raise a family.

      then there’s laramie. the third largest city.

      is located not far from cheyenne. and home to the university of wyoming.

      Finally, we have gillette. located in the northeast corner of the state.

      beyond those 4 towns in wyoming. most other towns have a population of less than 20,000.

      but, if you have the money. jackson is a very good choice.

      because of its proximity to the mountains and national parks. and everything they have to offer.

      but median home prices in jackson are high. over $500,000!

      then we have another one of the bad things about wyoming…

      no professional sports teams

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      if you like going to stadiums and watching professional sports. or cheer on your favorite local team from the comfort of your couch.

      then wyoming will not meet your needs. because the state is not home to professional sports franchises. In this sense, it is similar to living in the Midwestern state of Iowa.

      so you’ll need to be comfortable traveling out of state to watch live sports.

      or accept adoption from other sports cities that are not local to your wyoming community. for your TV viewing pleasure.

      in any case, wyoming’s neighbor to the southeast, colorado. offers the best professional sports options nearby.

      and this is one of the best things about colorado. specifically, that all major professional sports leagues are represented.

      leading to another reason not to live in wyoming…

      very remote

      if you like to be surrounded by many people. and live in a more densely populated state. then wyoming will fall short.

      We already know that Wyoming is the least populated state. but here are some other things about remote living in wyoming…

      there’s not much to do when you live in wyoming

      if you are not interested in outdoor activities. you won’t find much else to do.

      because the variety of shops, restaurants and live entertainment is limited. as we have already commented.

      minimum higher education options

      There aren’t many options to continue your education in Wyoming.

      whereas there are a handful of public 2-year colleges. The University of Wyoming is the state’s only public 4-year university.

      job prospects living in wyoming

      Job prospects are limited here. to a few selected industries. such as education, tourism, agriculture and mining.

      and the nature of some of these outdoor and more rugged work environments. lends itself to a high rate of occupational accidents.

      so you won’t find many jobs in banking, finance, and business consulting. what would you do in large metropolitan areas.

      there is dangerous wildlife in wyoming

      this is another feature of remote living in wyoming. is the presence of wildlife.

      due to the lack of people. and large amounts of desert and open spaces. they have not been pushed out of their natural habitat.

      assuming you practice good common sense. you won’t be in great danger.

      but realize that wyoming is home to black bears, grizzly bears, venomous snakes, huge bison, moose, and gray wolves.

      just to name a few of your new neighbors. after moving to wyoming.

      next, and continuing with the outdoor theme. here’s another scam of living in wyoming…

      severe weather conditions

      the state of wyoming has its share of severe weather conditions.

      but, similar to wildlife encounters. if you are aware, intelligent and prepared. then severe weather shouldn’t be much of an issue.

      but understand what you’re getting yourself into…

      much of wyoming is very windy and dry.

      especially in the mountains, winter can last a long time. and it throws a lot of snow to deal with.

      dry and windy conditions. combined with thousands of acres of forest. it can be a launching pad for wildfires.

      Spring brings thunderstorms. in addition to dangerous lightning strikes.

      and tornadoes occur frequently in this state. during spring and early summer.

      and last but not least. another bad thing about wyoming…

      lack of diversity

      because wyoming has a very low population. it is logical that there is not much migration from other geographies to the state.

      then you won’t find a melting pot of cultures and ethnicities in wyoming. leading to an overall lack of diversity in this state.

      results in a rather static nature for the mix of people who live there. therefore, you will find a majority white population. and of European descent.

      Traditionally, the people of Wyoming have placed a high value on equality. but it’s not that hard when most people in the state. they are from the same cultural and ethnic backgrounds.

      concluding the 10 pros and cons of living in wyoming. So, let me conclude with a summary…

      pros and cons of living in wyoming

      this is my list of the top 10 pros and cons of moving to wyoming.

      the list includes 5 reasons to move to wyoming. and 5 Reasons Not to Move to Wyoming.

      • low state tax burden
      • 4-season climate and lots of sun
      • an abundance of natural beauty
      • outdoor recreation
      • limited effects of urbanization
      • no large metropolitan areas
      • no professional sports teams
      • very remote
      • severe weather conditions
      • lack of diversity
      • for now. Hopefully, you’ll have a better understanding of what it’s like to live in Wyoming.

        because now you know the ins and outs of wyoming.

        and you can decide for yourself. yes wyoming is a good place to live!

        further reading for moving to wyoming or other places

        • the good and the bad of each state
        • all about where to live
        • another low-tax western state
        • my favorite financial resources no matter where you live

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          I have summarized them here for your convenience. and more importantly, they are free to sign up and use.

          so start saving money today. and make the most of your finances in wyoming. or, wherever you decide to live.

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            pros and cons of living in wyoming

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