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Living in Russia may seem like a daunting prospect at first, but this amazing country can offer expats a truly unique life experience.

Spanning 9 different time zones, the Russian Federation is the largest country in the world, covering an area nearly twice the size of the US. uu. it has a population of approximately 142 million people.

Russia has a rich history and cultural heritage and this is reflected in its museums, architecture and monuments. The unspoiled countryside also offers expats the opportunity to enjoy natural wonders like Lake Baikal and the beautiful mountains, deserts, rivers, and forests.

Russians are very proud of their rich culture, and when you live in Russia, you may be invited to talk about their greatest artists, classical musicians, and authors, even in business situations, so going over them beforehand might help. to fit.

russia as a destination for expats

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Russia is a country that is making significant economic progress and this is reflected in the number of Western companies that are establishing a presence in the region. Such developments have attracted a large number of expatriates to the country, many of whom are based in the busy cities of Moscow or Saint Petersburg.

life in russia can be quite a challenge. the climate is harsh and many cities have high levels of pollution. there is also a relatively high crime rate and a number of security issues to be aware of. however, most expats who settle there can afford a high standard of living that allows them to live in gated communities that offer good levels of security. For such expats, issues related to Russia’s bureaucracy and inefficient customer service have a greater impact on their daily lives than highly publicized security risks.

Facilities available to expatriates living in Russia’s larger cities are very good and there is a good availability of international schools and health centers.

cost of living in russia

Russia is often referred to as Europe’s most expensive country to live in, and according to many analysts, it will remain so for many years to come. In Mercer’s 2012 Cost of Living Survey, Moscow was named the fourth most expensive city in the world for expats for the third year in a row. st. Petersburg moved up one place in the rankings and was named the 28th most expensive city in the world.

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It is possible, however, that life in Russia will be affordable for expats, provided they forgo some of the luxuries they associate with home and embrace a more local standard of living. while housing here can be very expensive, other items such as groceries, public transportation, and gasoline can be purchased quite reasonably.

the expat help desk guide to living in moscow contains a comprehensive list of all the costs of living in this european city, including groceries, lunches and dinners out, local and private transportation, schools and education and a host of other of other aspects of life expenses.


Russia’s official language is Russian and expats will benefit if they can learn some of the language. Turkish is also spoken in some regions. Although English is spoken by a small number of Russians, and it is frequently used in business transactions, most public signs and directions will only be available in Russian.


Russia has many different climatic regions, from subarctic conditions in Siberia to a temperate continental climate in the south.

living in russia: work for expats and career opportunities

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Russia’s economy is one of the fastest growing in the world and many international companies are setting up operations there. This brings with it some job opportunities for expats, but these are usually only available through internal company transfers or are jobs secured by expats from their home country before arriving in Russia. People who move to Russia hoping to find work once they arrive will find it difficult to find a suitable job. In addition to this, obtaining a suitable work visa can be a long and difficult process.

There is a high demand for English teachers in Russia and there is no shortage of jobs available for qualified teachers. Schools in Russia, however, often only employ part-time teachers and may not pay good salaries. Therefore, it may be necessary for people wishing to teach in Russia to obtain more than one teaching position.

A working knowledge of Russian is a must for most commercial jobs when living in Russia, especially those outside major cities.

Key facts every expat should know before moving to Russia:

  1. While pharmacies in major cities will be well-stocked, in some areas it can be difficult to find medications such as prescription antidepressants and pain relievers. Expats requiring medication should check whether their prescription will be available at their intended place of residence before moving to Russia. if necessary, they may need to carry a good supply of their medications with them.
  2. before you move to russia, you should know that it is illegal to film in the russian metro. if a police officer sees him doing it, they may confiscate his camera.
  3. Russians can be very hospitable and may invite you to visit their homes. if you do, be careful with compliments as they may try to give it to you. As a guest, you should always bring flowers or wine when visiting a Russian’s abode.
  4. foreign citizens who have entered the russian federation are required to register their visa within three business days from the day of arrival in russia. if the foreign citizen changes the place of his stay in the russian federation, he must register his visa at the new place of stay within three working days from the day of arrival at the new place of stay. visa registration can be done at the local uvir office. It is practically impossible to extend a visa that has not been properly registered, and leaving Russia with an unregistered visa can also lead to heavy fines. you can find more details about the places where you can register your visa in our guide to living in moscow.
  5. Russian city guides:

    The Expat Information Desk currently has a city guide available for the Russian capital, Moscow. This comprehensive guide contains everything you need to know about moving to this Russian city and will help you:

    • relocate efficiently and effectively with minimal stress.
    • adjust to your new life quickly and easily and find the help and support you need, when you need it.
    • identify living areas that fit your lifestyle and budget.
    • find the right places to meet like-minded people.
    • find schools that are right for your children and their learning needs.
    • Make sure your family gets the most out of their experiences abroad.
    • prepare for the new culture in advance and avoid any cultural traps.
    • deal with any transition challenges.
    • eliminate red tape and avoid unnecessary bureaucracy.
    • unlike a book, the guide to living in moscow is regularly reviewed and updated to ensure the information is accurate and reliable, and because the guide is written by a real expat living and working in moscow, you can be sure that you’re accessing the information you need written by someone who’s actually in the know.

      your only guide to living in russia; feel at home abroad – quickly!

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