What is it like to be extremely attractive guy

Judging people by their appearance is superficial… but we all do it. Having grown up with James Deans, Brad Pitt, Henry Cavills and Michael B. jordans from the last two centuries, a chiseled jawline, piercing eyes, and washboard abs are hard for most of us not to aspire to.

but the fact that god has endowed a select few with crazy facial symmetry, does that mean their life is so perfect and free from daily stress and hassles?

And what does it mean that an average citizen cannot have a “perfect” life? after all, we’ve already written about how your attachment style can affect your relationships, and even how setting up a rock-solid tinder profile can put you ahead of others in your search for love.

is a question we wanted to answer here at dmarge and, admitting that we’re not in the upper echelons of attractive robustness ourselves, we reached out to reddit to find out if anyone has detailed the daily struggles. to be a 10 out of 10.

Finding answers turned out to be much easier than we expected and it seems that the main “struggle” of the strangely handsome demigods is that they can, in fact, suffer from similar insecurities as “normal” people.

“i was in the navy with a guy named graham who looked supermodel good, if not better,” one user begins.

“perfect dirty blonde hair, green eyes, permanent tan, muscular build, washboard abs…hell, I even saw once while taking a shower that the guy was completely hung.”

“when a group of us would go out to the bars, the girls would flock to graham. I’d get free drinks all night from the girls. I’ve never seen that.”

“at the end of the night, he would just shake them off and go home. At some point, if one of the girls was spectacular, she would take her home…once.”

“one day, he turned to me and said, ‘man, i really envy you.’ i looked at him confused and asked, ‘why ever?’ ‘you have such an easy way with women’ ‘what the hell the hell are you talking about? they throw themselves at you!’ ‘yeah, but I don’t know how to talk to them. simple’”.

Other users echo stories of women (and men) giving attractive guys unreciprocal attention. “Even though he has so many opportunities, he’s too worried about taking advantage of them.”

“eventually, they lose interest despite the initial attraction.”

“Life can be so much better for the really hot guys, but they still have to take the lead if they really want to reap all the benefits.”

In fact, many of the struggles ultra-attractive men face could be considered sexual harassment, if the roles were reversed, one thread argues.

“sometimes I just want to order a sandwich without the awkwardness of being flirted with. Please don’t grab my ass in the club. please don’t grab my butt in the middle of class.”

Some men tell their stories of how they “sprouted” into handsome men. but it did not automatically improve their lives. a boy confesses:

“being unattractive makes you unwanted, but being really attractive makes you seem unattainable. In both cases, the person tends to feel quite lonely unless she takes steps to do the opposite.”

“although I tend not to have big problems initially attracting attention from women, I never know what to do with it, how to act or reciprocate, and even when I try my awkward demeanor and general shyness, it usually seems to cancel out any attraction . – as if you could literally see it disappear from their faces when they realize you’re not the charismatic, confident man they expected.”

another recalls his experiences, bringing to light the old adage of not judging a book by its cover.

“I might be a mess wrapped up in a pretty package, but I’m still a mess. so kindly stop asking me why i’m still single or why i’m not rich and/or famous yet and please stop telling me how successful i would be in the field you think i should work in. I realize this probably sounds like I’m just whining, but honestly…sometimes it sucks to hear stuff like that because after a while you start asking those kinds of questions yourself and that will eventually lead to just one question:” what the hell?”. happens to me?’”

So while it could be argued that the “struggles” attractive men experience are ones other men would die for, when experienced on a daily basis, it’s not unfair to hear that they can become a nuisance. .

furthermore, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. a confident attitude and a fitted suit can take you far in life.

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