What is it called when you control your dreams

Video What is it called when you control your dreams

lucid dreaming techniques train your mind to notice your own consciousness. they are also designed to help you regain or maintain consciousness as you enter deep sleep.

1. wake-initiated lucid dreaming (wild)

A waking-initiated (wild) lucid dream occurs when you enter a dream directly from waking life. Wild is said to help keep your mind conscious while your body falls asleep.

You will have to lie down and relax until you experience a hypnagogic hallucination or a hallucination that occurs when you are about to fall asleep. Wild is simple, but it’s hard to learn.

Practicing the other lucid dream induction techniques will increase your chances of going crazy.

2. reality test

reality testing, or reality checking, is a form of mind training. increases metacognition by training your mind to notice your own awareness.

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Your level of metacognition is similar in your waking and sleeping states. therefore, higher metacognition when awake could lead to higher metacognition when dreaming.

This may be related to the brain’s prefrontal cortex, which plays a role in both reality testing and lucid dreaming. To improve your metacognition, you can do reality checks while you’re awake.

To test reality testing, follow these steps several times a day:

  1. ask yourself, “am I dreaming?”
  2. check your environment to confirm if you are dreaming.
  3. Look at your own consciousness and how you interact with your environment.
  4. You can set an alarm every 2-3 hours to remind yourself to do a reality check.

    here are common reality checks people use to have lucid dreams:

    • mirrors. check your reflection to see if it looks normal.
    • solid objects. push your hand against a wall or table and see if it goes through. some people push their fingers into the opposite palm.
    • hands. look at your hands. do they look normal?
    • time. If you are dreaming, the time on a clock will constantly change. but if you’re awake, the time will barely change.
    • breathe. This popular reality test involves holding your nose and seeing if you can breathe. if you can still breathe, you are dreaming.
    • It is recommended to choose a reality check and do it several times a day. this will train your mind to repeat reality checks while dreaming, which can induce lucid dreaming.

      3. wake up back to bed (wbtb)

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      wake back to bed (wbtb) involves entering actual sleep while still conscious.

      there are many versions of wbtb, but consider this technique:

      1. Set an alarm for 5 hours after you go to bed.
      2. go to sleep as usual.
      3. When the alarm goes off, stay awake for 30 minutes. enjoy a quiet activity like reading.
      4. go back to sleep.
      5. When you go back to sleep, you will be more likely to have a lucid dream. while awake, choose any activity that requires full alertness.

        Research suggests that the chances of having lucid dreams depend on the level of alertness and not on the specific activity.

        4. mnemonic induction of lucid dreams (mild)

        In 1980, Laberge created a technique called lucid dream mnemonic induction (soft). it was one of the first methods used by scientific research to induce lucid dreams.

        Mild is based on a behavior called prospective memory, which involves setting the intention to do something later.

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        in the light, you make the intention to remember that you are dreaming.

        Here’s how to use the soft technique:

        1. as you fall asleep, think about a recent dream.
        2. identify a “sleep cue” or something that is irregular or strange in the dream. an example is the ability to fly.
        3. thinks about going back to sleep. recognize that the sleep signal only occurs when you dream.
        4. say to yourself, “next time i dream, i want to remember that i’m dreaming.” he recites the phrase in your head.
        5. You can also practice lightly after waking up in the middle of a dream. this is often recommended, as sleep will be fresher on your mind.

          Research suggests that a combination of reality, wbtb and mild tests work best. You can combine wbtb with leve by setting the alarm to wake up in five hours. while you’re awake, practice lightly.

          5. keep a dream journal

          Keeping a dream journal, or dream journal, is a popular method of initiating lucid dreaming. when you write down your dreams, you are forced to remember what happens during each dream. it is said to help you recognize dream signs and improve dream awareness.

          For best results, record your dreams as soon as you wake up. It is also recommended to read your dream journal frequently.

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