What is google chat and how does it work

Video What is google chat and how does it work

google chat: everything you need to know in 2022

google has announced that it will change the name of g suite to google workspace for business customers. An integral part of the workspace experience is Google Chat, which provides a means of business communication with colleagues similar to Slack, Microsoft Teams, and MatterMost.

what is google chat?

google chat is a secure communication tool designed to provide easy business communications within the google workspace ecosystem.

With Google Chat, teams collaborate via text messaging, create collaborative chat rooms, share documents, deliver presentations, and set up web conferences.

In this post, we discuss the following:

  1. google collaboration options
  2. google chat price
  3. google chat integrations
  4. is google chat right for your organization?
  5. google collaboration options

    When it comes to team collaboration, Google has several important apps in its ecosystem. here’s a breakdown of how each works.

    1 – google chat

    google chat used to be called hangouts chat and functioned as a more business-oriented version of consumer hangouts. google chat extends the capabilities of the standard version of hangouts by adding a host of team collaboration features and integrations.

    how do i use google chat?

    Google Chat is easily accessible in the Google Workspace. To access it, use the google app launcher button in any workspace app.

    The application launcher appears as a set of grid dots in the upper right of the screen. Click on this grid and a number of apps will appear, including Gmail, Calendar, Contacts, and Drive. chat will normally appear on the second line.

    Once selected, a list of people you can chat with will appear on the left side of the screen.

    It will also provide you with data such as presence information and whether certain colleagues are online. click on the name to start a conversation. write the desired message and click the send button, which is shaped like a triangle, to send.

    google chat has some useful features. the software uses predictive text options to automate responses. For example, if a co-worker says “good afternoon”, Google will provide a list of appropriate responses such as “hello, how are you?”

    once a chat is established, share spreadsheets and documents from google drive. any participant will be able to access the file through google docs.

    Also, adding things like video meeting links is done very quickly through the chat UI. once placed in chat, google chat will provide a clickable meeting for colleagues to use.

    what is the difference between google chat and google hangouts?

    according to google, chat, “is an intelligent communication app for teams that takes direct messaging in google hangouts and develops it to reflect the way modern teams talk about business.”

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    as it turns out, google chat is kind of like the evolution of hangouts. It provides the same one-to-one communication, but extends it to be more effective in a business environment.

    Important features available in hangouts, such as read receipts, video and audio conferencing, and image sharing, are available through chat.

    plus, more robust and easy-to-collaborate features also come standard.

    these include:

    • team chat channels: conversations become rooms in google chat. slack users will find this to be like the channels feature. With rooms, your team will have a central location to share files, delegate tasks, and communicate throughout the lifecycle of a project. there are message threads for those looking to delegate individual tasks to specific team members.
    • Greater Video Chat Capabilities: With Hangouts, you’re limited to 10 attendees, but Chat expands on this thanks to its paid structure. with chat, you will have a maximum of 250 participants for any video chat.
    • google meet integration: this is probably one of the best features of the chat. When you want to schedule a meeting, simply tag Google Meet with the meeting attendees. after that, you just need to mention the proposed date for the meeting and the calendar appointment is automatically created.
    • 2 – google meetings

      google hangouts is a useful tool for small businesses that don’t need a lot of team collaboration features and need a quick and easy way to communicate. With it, you share images, make audio and video calls, or send links.

      how to use google hangouts?

      To start a hangouts chat session, click on a user’s email and click the hangouts icon or click the camera icon for a video chat. Hangouts are accessed in a similar way to chat.

      click on the google app grid and hangouts will appear in the list of apps.

      are google hangouts free?

      google hangouts is a 100% free component of a standard google account, so anyone with a gmail address has access. Compared to Google Chat, Hangouts is relatively basic: you can’t share files, and video calls are limited to 10 people.

      how many people can be in a google hangout?

      google hangouts allows you to talk to 150 people simultaneously in a single conversation.

      3 – google meeting

      technically, video calls are not native to google chat.

      in fact, the main functionality is a simple business chat.

      Still, the integration with Google’s meeting solution, Google Meet, is so well integrated into Chat that you’d be forgiven for thinking it’s all the same program.

      google meet remains its own solution giving you the ability to hold hd video conferences and presentations.

      Because it’s integrated into the google workspace, as long as you’re within the google ecosystem, it’s easy to start or schedule a meeting.

      In fact, in most cases, you’ll need to share a link, so no additional plugins, downloads, or steps are required.

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      The software can also be accessed natively when users log into chrome. With meet, you can even share individual tabs from the chrome browser when you’re presenting.

      one of the newer features of google meet includes the ability to blur the background. this allows you to hold meetings where objects in the background will not provide unnecessary distractions.

      You can also add a virtual background to replace your own background with something more formal or fun.

      meet also has google jamboard integration, where you and your team brainstorm using a digital whiteboard.

      4 – google workspace

      If you’ve never heard of Google Workspace, it’s not too surprising because it only got rebranded as Workspace in Q3 2020.

      Previously, this was g suite. and if you have a business email managed through google, you are a workspace client.

      in fact, workspace has more than two billion monthly users, according to google.

      workspace is designed to bring together the entire ecosystem of google productivity and workflow apps under one banner.

      all applications can be accessed from any google related software. this provides a unified experience for anyone looking to streamline processes and limit switching between tabs and apps.

      With the workspace, @ tagging someone in google docs, sheets, or slides will give you multiple methods to get in touch with that colleague. this includes standard chat, video calls, and email.

      workspace also works in search, which is something you might expect from a google product. you can filter by project, team member, or app, and it shows real-time results as you type.

      google chat price

      google chat, as a component of google workspace, is available at all price levels of the main product.

      here is a breakdown of what you can expect as a price for the workspace:

      google chat integrations

      as a product included in google workspace, there are several integrations included with google chat.

      for example, right out of the box, the software automatically integrates with solutions like gmail, google forms, google calendar, google meet, google drive and google docs.

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      This is designed to reduce task switching and create an integrated workspace. With it, you can chat on one side of the screen and video conference on the other, all in the same window.

      In addition to these out-of-the-box integrations, chat will also integrate with popular third-party solutions your business uses.

      for example, there are several rest APIs that developers can use to integrate applications with a user’s mail, calendars, and contacts.

      Don’t you like the google calendar? g suite sync will allow you to sync your calendar information with microsoft outlook.

      This is convenient for companies making the switch from a microsoft-based system to a google-based one.

      is google chat right for your organization?

      While not as well known as solutions like Slack or Microsoft Teams, Google Chat is software that streamlines the way your teams communicate.

      It’s easy to share information and documents and collaborate with hundreds of colleagues.

      It’s a cheap option, especially if you’re already a workspace subscriber.

      Note that using the low-code app development options will increase the price a bit for those looking to add integrations.

      google has also been expanding features to make it more comparable to industry leaders.

      Features such as linked previews in various workplace applications and real-time collaboration on documents within chat rooms, which are recently announced features, will go a long way toward achieving this goal.

      Now is a great time to be a workspace subscriber.

      let us know if you want us to add google chat interoperability with microsoft teams, slack, or webex.

      (mio provides interoperability between leading team collaboration software platforms such as microsoft teams, slack, and cisco webex).

      If you use more than one team collaboration app and would rather not have to, click here to learn more about mio.

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