What is adobe creative cloud and do i need it

adobe creative cloud is now part of the standard set of applications available to install on all computers owned by lesley university. Like Microsoft Office, Adobe Creative Cloud will be pre-installed on all newly deployed computers in the future. people who need access to the suite and have an existing computer can submit an installation request.

Adobe Creative Cloud Availability : Support Hub

what you need to know

what is adobe creative cloud and do i need it?

Adobe Creative Cloud is a collection of software for graphic design, video editing, web development, and photography. If you do not currently perform any of the above tasks, we do not recommend having the app installed. For a person not performing such tasks as part of his essential job functions, the entire suite of applications would take up a significant and unnecessary amount of storage space and system resources on a computer.

How do I request the software?

If you would like software installed on your computer, you can send an email request for assistance installing your computer with lesley. you can submit your request by clicking here.

How quickly will my request be fulfilled?

We appreciate your patience as we prioritize all support requests. we will attend to installation requests in the order they are received.

How long does it take to install the software?

The installation process takes about 1.5 hours to install each application. the software can be installed remotely by a technician. desktop installations will be done remotely to quickly roll out the software to as many people as possible. if you have a laptop, a technician will connect remotely or you can schedule an appointment to drop off your computer.

what apps come with adobe creative cloud?

all of the following applications are available to be installed on your computer.*this list is subject to change. the full list can be viewed at: https://creativecloud.adobe.com/apps/all

• adobe® acrobat® pro

• adobe® sign®

• adobe after effects® cc®

• adobe audition® cc

• adobe bridge cc

• adobe dreamweaver® cc

• adobe edge animate cc

• adobe edge code cc (preview)

• adobe edge inspect cc

• adobe edge reflow cc (preview)

• adobe edge web fonts

• adobe encore®

• adobe cc extension manager

• adobe fireworks®

• adobe flash® builder® premium edition

• adobe flash professional cc

• adobe illustrator® cc

• adobe incopy® cc

• adobe indesign® cc

• adobe media encoder cc

• adobe muse™ cc

• adobe photoshop® cc

• adobe photoshop lightroom®

• adobe prelude® cc

• adobe premiere® pro cc

• adobe scout cc

• adobe speedgrade® cc

what about adobe stock?

adobe stock is not included as part of our volume license. access to adobe stock is a departmental purchase. plans can be viewed here: https://stock.adobe.com/plans

Adobe Creative Cloud Availability : Support Hub

how do i get training on adobe creative cloud apps?

  • adobe offers free online courses through its adobe educational exchange portal https://edex.adobe.com/
  • atomic learning has several self-paced training sessions for adobe products. you can find them by logging into the service at: https://atomiclearning.com/login/lesley
  • the adobe youtube channel has helpful tips and tricks to get you started.
  • paid professional development in adobe applications is available through the provider new horizons.

    *associated costs are a departmental expense.

    student access to computer labs

    students can access the software in all computer labs, open computer labs, and library on campus. students will need to create a free adobe id. You won’t need an Adobe subscription to use the software on campus devices, but an Adobe account is required to sign in to the software to use it.

    • go to adobe accounts and click get an adobe id.

      Adobe Creative Cloud Availability : Support Hub

    • Follow the instructions and enter a valid email address. then click sign up.

      You will receive an email from Adobe with a link to verify your email address. you may have to wait a while before receiving the email.

      note: the address you enter will be your adobe id, so use a frequently used address that you will remember.

    • Sign in with the account you created.

      Your account page is displayed.Adobe Creative Cloud Availability : Support Hub

      Is there an educational discount for my personal computer?

      • faculty and core staff receive the software on their computer provided by lesley and have work-from-home rights on 1 additional personal computer.
      • students may lease a software license for their personal computers at a 60% discount rate. click here to buy.
      • Adjunct Professors can lease a software license for their personal computers at a 60% discount rate. click here to buy.
      • Emeritus Professors can lease a software license for their personal computers at a 60% discount rate. click here to buy.
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