What is a fitbit and how does it work

Video What is a fitbit and how does it work

best for smart features: fitbit versa 3

fitbit versa 3 allows the user to track their steps and heart rate and monitor blood oxygen levels. It also has built-in GPS to track the user’s pace and distance when exercising.

The “Active Zone” feature means the Fitbit beeps when you enter your custom target heart rate zone.

the fitbit versa 3 also has several functions that a person can use while sleeping. can measure the duration of light, deep, and rapid eye movement (REM) sleep, as well as skin temperature and respiratory rate.

This model is also water resistant to 50 meters (m) and offers call, text and app notifications. the device has a battery life of 6 days. A person can listen to music in apps, and can load credit and debit cards on the Fitbit and make payments with it.

This model also allows people to receive hands-free bluetooth calls from the wrist if their smartphone is nearby.

the fitbit versa 3 is $229.95.

best for heart health tracking: fitbit sense

Fitbit Sense has many similar features to the Versa 3. The two models share the same GPS and heart rate tracking functionality and offer the same sleep options. both also have hotspot function and can monitor a user’s blood oxygen levels.

the sense model also has the same battery life, bluetooth calling functionality, apps, payments and waterproofing as the versa 3.

however, sense has some features that versa 3 doesn’t.

for example, fitbit sense has an eda scan app that detects electrodermal activity and can display a graph in the fitbit app to show a person’s response to stress.

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the sense model is also compatible with an ecg app that detects abnormal changes in heart rate. Anyone who notices irregularities in their heart rhythm can share this data with a doctor if necessary.

fitbit sense includes a 6-month fitbit premium membership and a 6-month subscription to calm for guided meditation. fitbit claims that the sense model is the only smartwatch that offers a quiet subscription.

fitbit sense costs $299.95.

the best for measuring exercise: fitbit charge 4

the charge 4 is shaped more like a fitness tracker than the previous two fitbits. measures heart rate, pace, and distance while a person is exercising.

This model offers the same active zone function as the previous two models and allows an individual to log selected exercises and view workout details in the fitbit app.

the charge 4 has similar sleep features as the previous two models. however, it does not measure skin temperature.

fitbit charge 4 features a variety of apps, music streaming options, and payment features. however, it does not offer the user the ability to receive phone calls.

the charge 4 also has a 7-day battery life and is water resistant to 50m.

fitbit charge 4 costs $149.95.

best for long battery life: fitbit inspire 2

fitbit inspire 2 has a slim, streamlined design with a monochrome display. As a fitness tracker, it lacks some smartwatch features that users may find on other Fitbit models.

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inspire 2 allows users to count their steps and track their heart and breathing rates during exercise. it also has the active zone function and offers a cardiovascular fitness score to the users.

inspire 2 displays the number of calories a person burns throughout the day and has sleep functions similar to the charge 4 model.

It also has a 10-day battery life, which means it has the longest battery life of any product on this list.

the fitbit inspire 2 is $99.95.

the best to optimize training: fitbit charge 5

fitbit charge 5 builds on the features of fitbit charge 4 and offers even more detailed information about the user’s workouts.

With a premium membership, a person can optimize their activity and exercise routine with the daily workout feature. this provides a personalized score that uses data from a person’s heart rate variability, sleep and exercise trackers to tell them if their body is ready for a workout or if they need to take a day off to recover.

During workouts, the Fitbit Charge 5 uses GPS and training data to produce an intensity map. this shows a person how the intensity of their pace and heart rate changed throughout their workout. Active Zone Minutes feature helps a person stay within their target heart rate zone during exercise to optimize the benefits of it.

With a premium membership, you can participate with guided audio workouts and get workout recommendations, mindfulness, and challenges based on user insights.

fitbit charge 5 does not support spotify playlists, unlike fitbit charge 4. it has a battery life of up to 7 days and people can use the device to make payments and receive notifications of calls, texts and calendar alerts. .

fitbit charge 5 costs $179.95.

best for swim tracking: fitbit luxe

fitbit luxe is the most elegant fitbit model. includes a wide range of accessories and bands in leather, stainless steel and fabric. The design of the Gorjana for Luxe Parker Link bracelet is intended to make the Fitbit look more like a piece of jewelry than a smartwatch or fitness tracker.

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This model shares many features with other Fitbits, including blood oxygen and heart rate monitoring, training readiness scores, and 20 exercise modes. also includes active zone minutes to notify the user when they have entered their target heart rate zone during a workout.

To use GPS tracking while walking, running, or cycling, a person will need to connect the Fitbit Luxe to their phone. However, Fitbit Luxe adds automatic swim tracking to the usual 50m water resistance common to all Fitbit models. this tracker records how long the user has been swimming.

the fitbit luxe has a shorter battery life than most other fitbit models at up to 5 days.

fitbit luxe is $149.95 with standard bands and $199.95 with the stainless steel bracelet.

best for kids: fitbit ace 3

fitbit ace 3 is designed for kids ages 6 and up and features a variety of apps that engage the whole family.

With a fitbit family account, parents and caregivers can view a child’s activity and approve any connections they’ve made in parent view. kid view allows younger users to access their individual accounts, view their activity statistics and view their badges.

fitbit ace 3 can also be synced with a child’s smartphone, so you can receive social notifications and parents can easily contact you.

fitbit ace 3 aims to make exercise fun. for example, it gives younger users incentives to move with virtual badges, custom avatars, and step challenges. Parents can also set reminders to prompt kids to move and stretch if they’ve been sitting for a long time.

Sleep tracking and bedtime reminders allow parents and caregivers to monitor a child’s sleep habits and help them develop healthy sleep patterns.

This activity tracker is water resistant to 50m and is suitable for use while swimming.

the fitbit ace 3 is $79.95.

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