What does it mean when your tiktok account is locked

Tiktok users are recently struggling with blocked accounts without even violating the platform’s community guidelines. If you are one of those users, we will help you figure out how to fix this problem and unlock your blocked, banned or hacked tiktok account.

tiktok is a brilliant platform for watching funny and addictive short videos of all kinds. there’s dance, art, comedy, food recipes, life hacks and all that. once you start scrolling, time passes very quickly and you only realize it a few hours later.

however, some issues ruin the excellent user experience. one such problem is when tiktok decides to randomly ban you from your account. when you try to log back in, you are met with a pop-up stating that your account has been locked. there can be several causes for that.

Recently, tiktok users also had issues with another issue where they were randomly tagged. we explain how to easily untag yourself on tiktok to solve the problem. now, we will guide you to solve another tiktok related problem.

tiktok account blocked: what is the cause?

many tiktok users report that their accounts got locked abruptly and there is no way to undo it. users are also wondering if their account is banned or hacked. although that is not usually the case, since tiktok is the main culprit for this problem.

tiktok has yet to address the issue, as users continue to express their anguish on twitter, reddit, and other social media platforms. There can be various reasons why tiktok locks or bans someone’s account.

a blocked account means that tiktok needs to verify that it is you who is trying to log in and that someone else is not interfering with your profile. To try it out, just enter the correct login information, including your username and password.

however, if you entered it correctly, tiktok may have blocked your account for other reasons. for example, tiktok may block or pin your account for illegal activities such as using bots like the replit share bot, using an inappropriate handle or username, posting offensive content, and sending spam.

Your tiktok account may also be suspended or banned when you violate the platform’s community guidelines. you can take a look at them here to find out if you’ve committed a violation.

why did tiktok lock my account without doing anything?

as mentioned above, there are several reasons why tiktok may have blocked your account even when you think you have done nothing wrong. the most common reason is violation of tiktok community guidelines.

First of all, you should review the guidelines and try to find out if there was any violation on your part. after that, think about you have indulged in unfair activities like using bots, logging in from different ip addresses, or harassing someone in comments.

If you didn’t do anything but your account is still locked, then it could be due to an app glitch. recently several tiktok users have been suffering from the same problem. Your accounts have been locked due to a bug in the latest tiktok app update.

how to fix your blocked tiktok account?

If you are trying to fix your blocked tiktok account, you should start by using general solutions. The first thing you need to do is make sure your internet connection is stable. if you are running a vpn while trying to use the app, turn it off.

after that try restarting the tiktok app several times. you can also try restarting your device once or twice. Another solution that works is to clear the cache of the tiktok app.

To do this, launch the app and go to your profile. from there go to “settings & privacy.” look for the option “clear cache” present under “cache and mobile data”. this will clear the cache of the app and you will be able to unlock your account.

However, if you still can’t log in to your tiktok account, please use the below available solutions one by one.

1. update tiktok app

Application updates are provided to fix existing bugs and improve performance. If your account got locked due to app crash, you can update tiktok app to the latest version to solve the problem.

for that, go to play store or app store. search for tiktok, open its page and update the app.

wait for the update to install successfully. after that start tiktok and see if you can use your account now.

2. reset your tiktok account password

The next solution is to reset your tiktok account password. it is the most effective solution when users try to unlock a locked account. follow these steps:

  • launch the tiktok app on your device.
  • now tap on the “sign in” button present at the bottom.
  • then tap “forgot password?” option.
  • You will be prompted to reset your password using your phone number or email address.
  • continue to follow the on-screen prompts to set a new password.
    • finally, log in to your tiktok account with the new password.
    • that’s it. now you can use your account. however, if you still can’t log in, try the solutions below.

      3. report the problem to tiktok

      If your account is still locked, you will need to contact the tiktok customer support team to unlock it. for that, you will have to report the problem in the application. follow these steps:

      • launch the tiktok app and go to your profile.
      • now tap on the “three lines” icon present on the top right section.
      • then go to “settings and privacy”.
      • Tap “report a problem” and choose “suspended account” as the topic.
      • Enter the correct details about your issue along with appropriate screenshots.
      • finally, submit the form and wait for the response from tiktok.
      • you will receive tiktok news in your email. alternatively, you can also visit here and report the problem with your account.

        4. contact tiktok support on twitter

        tiktok has a dedicated support handle on twitter. you can seek help from them in case your account is mistakenly blocked, banned or suspended. the support team is active 7 days a week from 8 am to 5 pm pacific time.

        during these hours, open twitter and go to the tweeter. now write about your problem with full details and attach relevant screenshots. after that, tag @tiktoksupport in your tweet and post it. don’t forget to tag them.

        tiktok support team will contact you. be sure to communicate with them calmly and try to find a solution. try not to be aggressive with the team.

        create an alternate tiktok account for temporary use

        The process to unlock your locked tiktok account may take some time. it may even take a month or two. If you need tiktok in your worldly affairs, it is advisable to create an alternate account that you can use temporarily until your account is unlocked.

        Simply go to the tiktok app or website, select “sign up” and sign up for a new account with your alternate phone number or email address. then you can use this account to watch videos or interact with your friends on tiktok.

        In the meantime, please keep in touch with the tiktok customer support team to unlock your original account.

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