What does it mean when your poop is gray

Video What does it mean when your poop is gray

Bile from the liver, known as bilirubin, creates the typical brown hue of a healthy bowel movement. When stools are very pale, it often means that not enough bile is getting into the stool.

The stool may contain low levels of bile if there is a problem with the gallbladder, pancreas, or liver. People with consistently pale stools may want to talk to a doctor about conditions that affect these organs.

The most common reasons for a pale stool color include:

1. food

Some foods, such as fatty foods, can turn stools yellow.

Occasional pale stools are unlikely to be a cause for concern. changing your diet can make your poop go back to its usual color.

what should poop look like?

2. giardiasis

Giardiasis, also known as beaver fever, is an infection that can turn stools yellow. symptoms may result from infection with giardia lamblia, an intestinal parasite. A person can get this parasite by drinking contaminated water or by coming into contact with soil or feces that contain the parasite.

Giardiasis is present throughout the world, including all parts of the United States, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

Other symptoms of giardiasis include:

  • headache
  • abdominal pain
  • vomiting
  • fever
  • Symptoms begin 1 to 2 weeks after infection and may take 2 to 6 weeks to resolve, or longer in some cases. prescription medications can reduce how long symptoms last.

    3. medications

    many drugs and medications can damage the liver, especially in high doses.

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    Both prescription and over-the-counter (OTC) remedies, such as ibuprofen and acetaminophen, can damage the liver.

    Large amounts of aluminum hydroxide, found in antacids, can cause stools to become light. barium sulfate, a type of contrast used for certain x-ray tests, can also cause pale stools.

    Pale stools may be a sign of liver damage in a person who:

    • you are taking a new medication
    • have been taking medication for some time
    • you are taking high doses of a medication
    • With over-the-counter medications, it’s best to stop taking them and see a doctor as soon as possible. for prescription drugs, people should talk to their doctor before stopping the drug.

      Which drugs cause liver damage?

      4. gallbladder disease

      The gallbladder contains bile and is located in the upper right side of the stomach, next to the liver. During digestion, the gallbladder releases bile into the intestines through the bile duct. Gallbladder disease can change the color of your stool.

      Gallstones, one of the most common gallbladder diseases, can block the bile duct.

      In addition to pale stools, it can cause:

      • severe pain
      • nausea
      • vomiting
      • fever and chills
      • jaundice
      • Without treatment, gallstones can cause problems in other organs, such as the pancreas and liver.

        Treatments for gallbladder problems depend on the cause. Gallstones may need to be removed by a doctor, either surgically or with medication to dissolve them.

        A person can live without a gallbladder, so a doctor may remove it if gallstones continue to appear. the person may need to change their diet after surgery.

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        What are the most common gallbladder problems?

        5. liver problems

        Problems with the liver or bile ducts can cause the stool to turn pale.

        There are two forms of bilirubin in the body. One type is excreted in the urine or stool, and the other type binds to protein (albumin), which helps it stay in blood vessels.

        When a person has liver or biliary problems, bilirubin cannot pass into the stool. this causes the stool to lose its color, giving it a paler or clay-colored appearance.

        Instead, the body excretes excess bilirubin in the urine, making it appear darker or amber in color.

        There are many types of liver disease, including:

        • infectious diseases, such as hepatitis a, b and c
        • liver damage from alcohol use
        • fatty liver disease, more common in people who are obese or who eat a high-fat diet
        • autoimmune diseases, when the body attacks liver cells
        • other organ failure
        • liver cancer
        • liver cysts
        • Wilson’s disease, a genetic condition in which the body retains too much copper
        • In addition to pale stools, other symptoms of liver disease include:

          • nausea and vomiting
          • fatigue
          • very dark urine
          • greasy stools
          • itching
          • swelling in the ankles or legs
          • Anyone under a doctor’s care for liver disease should report any change in stool color.

            The treatment of liver disease depends on the cause and how far it has progressed.

            For mild liver disease, a person may only need medication and lifestyle changes. people with severe liver disease may need a liver transplant.

            Sometimes problems with other organs, such as the gallbladder, cause liver symptoms. in this case, a doctor must also treat the underlying condition.

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            Examples of bile duct problems include obstruction of the bile ducts, which can be caused by stones in the bile ducts.

            what is cirrhosis?

            6. pancreas problems

            Diseases of the pancreas can make it difficult for the organ to secrete pancreatic juices into the digestive system. this can cause food to move through the intestine too quickly, resulting in pale, greasy-looking stools.

            examples of problems with the pancreas include pancreatitis and pancreatic cancer.

            both can involve jaundice, with the following symptoms:

            • pale, greasy stools
            • dark urine
            • yellowing of the whites of the eyes
            • Pancreatitis refers to swelling and inflammation of the pancreas.

              can result from several conditions, including:

              • infections
              • autoimmune pancreatitis
              • gallstones
              • high alcohol consumption
              • the use of some drugs
              • Chronic pancreatitis may also increase the risk of pancreatic cancer.

                The treatment of pancreatitis depends on the cause. the doctor may address an underlying problem, such as gallstones.

                Some people need hospitalization, IV fluids, and pain control. if there is a bacterial infection, a doctor may prescribe antibiotics.

                In some cases, surgery may be necessary.

                what is the best diet for someone with pancreatitis?

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