What does it mean when your nipples is sore

possible causes

what are the most common causes of sore nipples?

Symptoms of sore or tender nipples vary from person to person depending on the cause.

menstruation or other hormonal changes

Hormonal changes that occur as part of menstruation can cause breast tenderness and sore nipples. Most cases of breast or nipple tenderness occur just before your period starts (in the days before your period). This is because estrogen and progesterone cause the breast tissue to swell.

Similarly, other life events like menopause or the onset of puberty can also cause your hormones to change, leading to side effects like sore nipples.

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Hormonal birth control can also cause changes that lead to sore nipples.


Pregnancy is a common reason for many body changes, including breast changes. sore nipples and breasts can be an early sign of pregnancy due to the sharp rise in hormones. Your nipples may become larger, darker, and more sensitive during pregnancy.

breastfeed (breastfeeding) or express breast milk

A poor latch causes most cases of sore nipples or pain related to lactation (lactation). a latch is the way your baby is positioned on your breast. a good latch means your baby accepts your entire nipple and areola in his mouth. if your baby is suckling only on her nipple, it can make breastfeeding extremely painful. if your pain continues beyond the first few weeks, talk to your health care provider. most breastfeeding soreness resolves within the first month of breastfeeding.

If you are expressing breast milk, you may experience sore nipples if you use a breast shield (also called a breast pump flange) that is the wrong size. A breast shield is a piece of plastic that fits over the areola and nipple. strong suction makes an ill-fitting funnel even worse.

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Consult your healthcare provider or a lactation consultant if you think breastfeeding or your breast pump is causing nipple pain.

clothes friction

Bras or shirts can rub against the nipples and cause discomfort and pain. it is especially common in runners (nipple joggers) and athletes. friction from clothing or ill-fitting bras can make your nipples dry, red, or cracked. wearing a bandage over the nipple during exercise or applying a petroleum-based ointment can help prevent nipple irritation.


Trauma to the nipple during intercourse or from nipple piercing can cause pain and irritation. If you have a piercing, check for signs of infection, such as swelling or pus-like discharge. if nipple pain is caused by rough foreplay, it should get better with time.


Sore, cracked nipples are prone to infection because the open skin allows bacteria to enter. Nipples can crack for a number of reasons, such as during breastfeeding or from trauma. common reasons are:

  • mastitis: Breastfeeding and nursing can increase your chances of developing mastitis, a painful breast infection. other symptoms include fever and hard, red spots on the breast.
  • Thrush: A yeast infection called yeast infection can also cause sore, itchy, or sore nipples. your baby may also develop thrush on the tongue, cheeks, or throat.
  • folliculitis: Clogged hair follicles around the nipples can also become infected and cause pain.
  • allergic reactions or skin rashes

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    Reactions to skin irritants such as detergents, soaps, perfumes, or lotions are a common cause of sore nipples or itchy skin. If the pain is accompanied by blisters, scaly patches, or redness in the nipple area, it could be a skin condition called dermatitis. contact dermatitis is caused by products or irritants that touch the skin. atopic dermatitis (or eczema) is usually related to allergies or your immune system. both can affect your nipples.

    illness or cancer

    Paget’s disease of the breast or breast cancer can cause sore nipples. In addition to sharp pain or itching, you may also have nipple discharge, breast lumps, or the nipple may change shape (turn inward or invert). Although nipple pain caused by cancer is rare, you should contact your health care provider if you experience any of these symptoms.

    does ovulation cause sore nipples?

    Ovulation can cause sore nipples due to hormonal changes that occur during the menstrual cycle. however, it is more common to experience nipple tenderness in the days leading up to your period.

    why do my nipples hurt when i’m not pregnant?

    There could be several reasons why your nipples are tender to the touch besides pregnancy. if you are not pregnant, other causes could be hormonal changes due to menstruation or birth control, trauma, or infection. If you experience prolonged pain accompanied by a nipple lump or discharge, contact your healthcare provider immediately.

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