What does it mean when your ac is leaking water

Video What does it mean when your ac is leaking water

Water leaks on the ceiling or floor of the machine room can be a bewildering site for any facility manager. could it be your air conditioning unit that is causing the leak? if so, here’s what to do next.

first of all, breathe and relax. There are a number of possible causes of an AC water leak, and many of them are not difficult or expensive to repair.

However, it’s important to act quickly, as water leaks from your air conditioner can cause costly damage to your walls, ceilings, floors, and furniture. In addition, a water leak in the air conditioner can be a problem that can lead to compressor failure. when that happens, you may need to replace your drive.

what to do first: look for frozen coils

When you discover your air conditioning unit is leaking water, the first thing you should do is take a look at your evaporator coil. that’s the part of your indoor air handling unit that looks (as the name implies) like a coiled tube with fins.

did you find it? is it covered in ice? if so, turn off the unit immediately. that ice shouldn’t be there and it puts your system in danger of failing. the puddle of water on the floor is probably from that melting ice. this is one case where your air conditioner leaking water can be a serious problem.

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The next step is to call a qualified HVAC professional to diagnose the cause of the frozen coil as soon as possible. a frozen ac coil is not a problem you want to tackle yourself.

Important: Never try to break the ice with a sharp object! can damage sensitive coil fins.

If you’re lucky, it might still turn out to be a simple fix, like a clogged air filter that caused the evaporator coil to freeze up. or you could have other system issues that impede airflow, leading to frozen coils and ultimately your air conditioner leaking water.

Even if your coil isn’t frozen, it’s a good idea to turn the unit off to prevent water damage to your space. That’s especially true if your unit is on the roof, in an attic, or in a crawl space – you want to prevent damage to walls and ceilings from dripping water.

see 4 most common causes of water leaks in an air conditioner

1. dirty coils

When AC maintenance has been neglected for a while, it is common to find a layer of dust and dirt on the AC coils. when condensation collects on the outside of the evaporator coil (which is normal), it can’t flow down the coil and into the drain pan like it should because all that gunk impedes the flow. moisture can be trapped and then drip onto the floor.

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If this turns out to be the cause of your air conditioner leaking, consider yourself lucky. all you need to do in this case is to thoroughly clean your coils.

If you hadn’t discovered dirty coils due to your air conditioner leaking water, the problem could have gotten much worse. dirt on the coils can build up to the point where the coils corrode. then you could face refrigerant leaks and possibly have to replace the entire coil.

2. damaged insulation

The insulation on your coils is supposed to keep any accumulated condensation flowing down the coil. however, when that insulation becomes damaged with cracks or holes, water can leak from the coil instead of flowing as it should. The result: your air conditioning unit is leaking water and possibly damaging your space if you don’t notice the problem right away.

In this case, you will need a professional to repair or replace the damaged insulation.

3. drain line disconnected

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This is a problem that can occur due to bad installation practices. If your AC drain line that drains condensation was not connected properly, it may become disconnected and cause AC water leak. could have caused a big mess, but the solution is not a big deal.

however, to prevent your air conditioner from leaking water in the future, be sure to have the repair done by an experienced HVAC professional.

4. clogged drain line or trap

Here’s another problem that arises when your unit is dirty from lack of maintenance.

Condensation collected by your air conditioner carries dust and debris to your drain line and drip pan. eventually the drain line can become clogged, causing water to back up and eventually leak out. The same thing can happen in the drain pan: dust can clog the drain and cause the pan to overflow.

once again, your system just needs a good cleaning (after cleaning out the water from the leak). One hazard here is the damage that can occur to your walls and ceilings from leaking water from the air conditioner.

However, you should also be aware that debris covering parts of your system is also causing you to lose efficiency. As a result, your unit has to run longer and work harder to cool your space, which causes more wear and tear on parts and can lead to more repair issues. That’s one big reason why preventative AC maintenance is so important.

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