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It seems like every time you scroll through social media, there’s a new meme or phrase to catch as soon as possible, so you don’t get exiled from online discourse. Internet slang terms come and go like the seasons, but some remain relevant for years. one of those terms is “based”.

In short, being “grounded” means being true to yourself and not letting other people’s opinions shape your personality, even if those opinions are in fashion at the time.

however, as with all internet jargon, the word-based word has been co-opted for what some may call nefarious reasons. but we’re getting ahead of ourselves. Let’s dive deeper into what based actually means, how the term originated, and whether you can use it on social media without receiving any backlash.

what does “based” mean?

In the context of internet discourse, calling someone “based” basically means that the person is brave, original, and unaffected by common culture. they will not change their style, opinions, or values, no matter how unpopular they may be.

You can think of a “based” person along the same lines as “a real person”.

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In addition to being used as an adjective, “based” can also be used as an affirmative statement to show agreement. For example, if you saw a tweet that said “toilet paper is for suckers,” you could simply reply “based.”

is similar to saying “facts” or “bluntly” after hearing something you agree with.

where does the term “based” come from?

The term “based” dates back more than a decade when Lil B first started using it on social media. In a 2010 interview with Complex, the Bay Area native explained that “based” didn’t always have a positive connotation, far from it.

“When I was younger, based was a negative term meaning dumb or dumb,” he said. “People used to make fun of me. they said, ‘you’re based’. they would use it as a negative. and what I did was turn the negative into a positive. I started hugging him like, ‘yeah, I’m grounded. I made it mine.”

In 2007, Lil B’s rap group The Pack released their first album called Based Boys. this started a cult around the based lifestyle and eventually spawned lil b’s nickname “the based god”.

Over the following years, the base evolved into its current vernacular, which is a form of affection and respect in the eyes of Lil B.

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“Based means being yourself,” Complex said. “Don’t be afraid of what people think of you. don’t be afraid to do what you want to do. based is positive.”

however, based may have a different connotation in the darker corners of the web.

other “based” applications

If you venture out onto subreddits or websites like 4chan, you’ll likely see the word “based” applied differently than on twitter, instagram, or tiktok.

for example, “based” is one half of the “based and redpilled” meme, which originated on 4chan in 2013. this means someone or something is “the opposite of cringe”. it is used both seriously and ironically.

“based and redpilled” is often used to praise controversial political figures or opinions. but as knowyourmeme points out, the phrase “based and redpilled” has strong ties to extremist, racist, and incel groups, particularly on 4chan’s /pol/ forum.

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When it comes to political discourse, “based” can also function as the opposite of partial or shorthand for “based on the facts”. in this context, based shares a similar sentiment as the terms “ownership” or “proportion”.

As you can see, the true meaning of “based” has been watered down and appropriated, almost to the point of obscurity. You may be wondering, then, if it’s clear that he says “based” without people thinking he’s some basement-dwelling nut.

Unlike other controversial internet slang terms like “I’m a boy” or “simp”, this one has innocent origins. That said, it has been tainted by some less than desirable characters online, so proceed with caution.

toilet paper companies are definitely not based

The vernacular of the internet can be as confusing as molecular biology. but if we take the original definition of “based” (which lil b built his brand around), one thing is certain: profiting from hurting millions of asses and not being held accountable is definitely not based.

We’re looking at you toilet paper companies.

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