Mania: What Is It, Causes, Triggers, Symptoms & Treatment


what is mania?

Mania is a condition in which you have a period of abnormally high extreme swings in your mood or emotions, energy level, or activity level. this highly energized level of physical and mental activity and behavior should be a change from your usual self and noticeable to others.

what is considered an extreme “abnormal” change in behavior and what does it look like?

abnormal manic behavior is behavior that stands out. it is exaggerated behavior that other people may notice. the behavior could reflect an extreme level of happiness or irritation. For example, you might be very excited about the idea of ​​a new healthy snack bar. You think snacking could make you an instant millionaire, but you’ve never cooked a single meal in your life, you don’t know anything about developing a business plan, and you don’t have the money to start a business. another example could be that you disagree with a website “influencer” and not only write a 2000 word post, but do an exhaustive search to find all the websites connected to the influencer so you can publish your letter there too.

Although these examples may seem like normal behavior, a person with mania will spend a great deal of time and energy, including many sleepless nights, working on projects like these.

what is a manic episode?

A manic episode is a period of time in which you experience one or more symptoms of mania and meet the criteria for a manic episode (see “Symptoms” and “Diagnosis” sections). in some cases, you may need to be hospitalized.

Can I have a manic episode as a condition of its own or is it always part of another mental health condition?

technically, if you have a manic episode, you have a mental health condition. mania can be part of several mental health conditions including:

  • bipolar disorder i (the most common condition for mania to occur).
  • seasonal affective disorder.
  • postpartum psychosis.
  • schizoaffective disorder.
  • cyclothymia.
  • what is bipolar i disorder?

    Bipolar I disorder is a mental health illness in which a person has significant ups and downs in mood, activity, energy, and the ability to think clearly. To be diagnosed with bipolar I disorder, you must have at least one episode of mania that lasts at least seven days or have an episode that is severe enough to require hospitalization.

    Most people have episodes of both mania and depression, but you don’t have to have depression to be diagnosed with mania. many people with a diagnosis of bipolar I disorder have consecutive recurrent manic episodes with very few depressive episodes.

    what are the triggers for manic episodes?

    Triggers for manic episodes are unique to each person. you’ll have to become a bit of a detective and monitor your mood (even keeping a “mood diary”) and start tracking how you feel before an episode and when it happens. ask close family and friends who you trust and have close contact with to help you identify your triggers. as outside observers, they may notice changes in your usual behavior more easily than you.

    Knowing your triggers can help you prepare for an episode, lessen the effect of an episode, or prevent it from happening.

    Common triggers to watch out for include:

    • a very stimulating situation or environment (for example, a lot of noise, bright lights, or large crowds).
    • a major life change (such as divorce, marriage, or job loss).
    • lack of sleep.
    • substance use, such as recreational drugs or alcohol.
    • what happens after a manic episode?

      After a manic episode you may:

      • feel happy or embarrassed about their behavior.
      • feeling overwhelmed by all the activities you agreed to do.
      • You have few or unclear memories of what happened during your manic episode.
      • You feel very tired and need to sleep.
      • feel depressed (if your mania is part of bipolar disorder).
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