What does it mean when ps4 light is white

no matter how brilliant the craftsmanship. The fact is that game consoles don’t last forever, just like the dreaded Red Ring of Death that Xbox 360 users have come to hate over the years. The PS4 has its own indicator light that can spell the end of your console. This is the ps4 white light of death. In this article, we explain what this light means, the possible causes, and how to fix this problem with a simple and easy-to-understand step-by-step guide. In addition, we also provide solutions for PS4 blue light of death issue. read on to find out more.

part 1: is a white light normal on my ps4?

this depends on the type of white light you see on your ps4. in general, a white light is not bad at all. A steady white light on your ps4 simply indicates that your console is on. a blinking white light is a much more dangerous signal, but even this can be quite innocuous. a flashing white light before changing to a solid blue light is simply part of the process for the console to turn on. so if this flashing white light occurs when you turn off the console, it is not a cause for alarm. this is simply a part of the shutdown process.

The problem arises when the flickering white light persists or flickers to a blue light. this is the ps4’s way of telling you that there is a system error and that you will need to troubleshoot the situation to find the root cause of the problem.

part 2: what causes ps4 white light of death?

While there are several reasons why a system error can occur, it could be a dust buildup, a motherboard issue, or a power failure. however, the white light of death is closely associated with hdmi issues and no connection. this error usually means there is no connection to the tv. This could be as simple as a bad hdmi port connection or it could be as serious as a blown ic chip in your ps4 hdmi port. Obviously this is a worst case scenario and there are a number of things you can do to try to get your console fixed before taking it to a specialist.

part 3: how do i fix ps4 white light of death?

There are some steps you can take on your own before taking your ps4 to a repair shop. With these tips, you can get your console back in working order and avoid a hefty repair bill. Here is a quick rundown of all the home remedies you can employ to fix your ps4 white light of death:

1. try the quick fix

The first thing we suggest is to try the quick fix. often this may be enough to correct any problem.

  • you just need to press the ps button and the share button simultaneously.

  • after a few seconds, your ps4 will turn on. you could see if it still flashes white.

    2. check hdmi and tv connection

    The next thing we suggest is that you check the hdmi connection on both your TV and console.

    You should check your connection between the ps4 and the TV. So please remove the hdmi cable from both sides and look inside the hdmi port on the ps4. If the hdmi port is damaged, you should consider a repair shop.

    Now that you have checked the hdmi port on the ps4, you should also check the port on the tv. if this is damaged then the problem is the tv and if you have another tv you can use it to test if the ps4 still works with other devices.

    3. check for hardware problems

    Now that you have checked the hdmi connection, the next thing to do is to check the hardware for damage.

    • Check the exterior of the console for cosmetic damage or signs of a problem.

    • if you have a t-13 screwdriver. consider unscrewing the top tray and looking inside. any issues should clear up once you look inside.

    • Also check other hardware components in their own slots, like the hard drive for example. this will also require a t-13 screwdriver.

      4. restart the console

      if you don’t find any damage on your ps4. the next step is to restart your ps4. related steps are as follows.

      • turn off your ps4 by holding down the power button on the console. do not unplug the power from the wall or remove any cables.

      • Now that the console is off, remove all cables and let the console rest for about 30 seconds.

      • Reconnect all cables, turn on the power, and hopefully your console will function normally again.

        5. update controller driver

        Strangely, one of the issues that can cause a ps4 white light of death is outdated controller drivers. so update them to the latest drivers and your system can start working normally again.

        • press win + r to open the run box, then type “devmgmt.msc” and press enter.

        • right click on your device and uninstall it. check the “remove the driver software for this device” box and select uninstall.

        • reconnect the ps4 to the pc. go to the manufacturer’s website and locate the latest but suitable driver to download.

          6. reset ps4 controller

          If updating the driver doesn’t fix things, resetting the driver can be just as effective.

          • first of all, turn off your ps4.

          • There is a small button on the back of the controller. just use a hairpin to press the button and hold it for 5 seconds.

          • release it, reconnect the usb cable and turn on the playstation 4.

          • press the ps button. this might fix the problem.

            7. enter safe mode

            If none of that has worked, your last option is to enter safe mode on your ps4 and look for the cause there.

            • first turn off the ps4.

            • continuously press the power button until you hear a second beep.

            • connect your ps4 controller with a usb cable and press and hold the ps button on the controller.

            • now the ps4 is in safe mode. here you can restart your ps4 which is essentially a factory reset.

            • If nothing in safe mode helps, you’ll need to take your console to a repair shop.


              so that’s our rundown of what ps4 white light of death is and how to fix it. what do you think about this guide? was it useful to you? Are there any other PS4 related guides you’d like us to cover? be sure to tell us what you’d like to see in the comments below. Thank you for reading. And if you are also suffering from the ps4 blue light of death issue, you can also encounter it.

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