What does it mean when a snapchat is pending

  • if your snapchat message is “pending”, it usually means you’re not friends with the recipient.
  • Even if you’ve sent them a friend request, you may still see the gray “pending” arrow.
  • snapchat might also give you the “pending” arrow if your internet connection is spotty.
  • snapchat is a fairly transparent application. notifies you when someone sees your messages, screenshots them, plays them and more. most of these notifications are simple, but what does it mean when a message is “pending”?

    If your message is pending, it will appear in your feed with an opaque gray arrow. and whoever submitted the plugin probably won’t see it.

    Here’s what that mysterious “pending” message means and how to fix it.

    what does ‘pending’ mean on snapchat?

    In its most basic form, “pending” means that Snapchat knows you’re trying to send a message, but it can’t complete the request.

    The most common reason for this is that the person you are trying to send a plugin to has not added you as a friend. By default, Snapchat will block any messages sent to you by someone who isn’t your friend and give the sender the pending message.

    Even if you’ve sent a friend request to the person you’re trying to contact, the pending message won’t go away until they’ve added you.

    If you’re sure you’re Snapchat friends with someone, but you’re still seeing the pending message, it could mean you’ve been deleted. check your profile for menus called saved to chat and chat attachments; if you don’t see them on your profile, it means you’re not friends.

    but staying “pending” doesn’t always mean a broken friendship. in some cases, it could just be a bug with snapchat.

    how to fix ‘pending’ message on snapchat

    first of all, you will of course want to make sure that you are friends with the person you are trying to contact. again, check their profile to see if you’re really online.

    if you are sure, check your internet connection. a weak signal can interfere with your snapshots, tricking the app into thinking your messages can’t get through. move closer to your wi-fi router, restart it, connect to a new signal, whatever gives you the best connection.

    You should also restart snapchat. Swipe up from the bottom of your phone screen to see all the apps you have open, then swipe Snapchat off the screen to close it completely. If that doesn’t work, restart your phone as well.

    Otherwise, uninstall the snapchat app and download it again from your device’s app store. you may need to log in again, but this will definitely update all your pending messages.

    Finally, you can check if snapchat is down or experiencing interruptions. whenever there is a problem with the snapchat servers, they post it on the snapchat support twitter page. take a look.

    If none of these fixes work, there’s not much more that can be done. try sending a message to your friend later or use another app.

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