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Let’s see the differences between anchoring, mooring and docking. While they all refer to ways to secure your boat in place when needed, these 3 nautical terms mean something slightly different.

An essential part of learning to navigate a new boat is learning all the options you have to stop your boat when necessary, such as when:

  • preparing for a night at sea
  • waiting for a storm to pass
  • stopping to throw a line
  • taking a swim break
  • remove the boat for the season
  • refuelling
  • To secure your yacht in place for any length of time, your options include anchoring, mooring or docking the boat. These terms all refer to securing your boat in position on the water, for hours, days, or months at a time.

    Anchoring Your BoatAnchoring - Van Isle Marina, Sidney BC

    Anchoring your boat refers to dropping a large, heavy object that is attached to your boat into the water, where it is hooked to the seabed with hooks and suction to hold the boat in place. You can anchor your boat anywhere if you have an anchor cable (known as an anchor cable) that is long enough. To calculate how long your anchor should last, multiply the deepest water you could anchor in by eight.

    many modern motor yachts come with integrated mooring systems. For example, as on most Riviera luxury yachts, the anchoring station aboard the Riviera 57 enclosed flybridge is located in the bow, hidden from view, and comes complete with a remote control, fresh and salt water intakes and a locker for ropes.

    Having your yacht come with an anchor station takes the guesswork out of what size and weight of anchor is best for your boat, but there’s a more important science behind anchoring that you’ll want to know about if you’re a new boat owner, especially if you are going to anchor in different types of seabeds.

    For added anchoring security, many boaters carry two different style anchors: a fluke/danforth style and a plow/scoop variety. The type of seabed you are boating on, such as mud, grass, sand, coral, or rock, will determine which anchor is best suited to use. Research your anchoring options before sailing too far from shore and make sure you are sure how the process works.

    Mooring Your BoatMooring - Van Isle Marina, Sidney BC

    mooring refers to tying, mooring, mooring, or securing your boat to a fixed object, such as a mooring buoy, rather than dropping an anchor to secure your boat anywhere you want. You can moor your boat to a mooring buoy, dock, jetty, jetty, or jetty.

    If you are mooring at a dock or dock with many other boats, such as at van isle marina, there is a chance that your boat will occupy a dock or dock space that is the width of your boat, instead of the length. however, it will always have its own docking gangway strip to facilitate loading and unloading.

    docking your ship (sometimes called docking) is done in a few different ways and may require some trial and error until you perfect this skill. mooring in a tight space between many other boaters proves to be intimidating for many new boaters.

    To moor a boat to an open water mooring buoy, you’ll need something to grab the buoy, like a boat hook or line. you can tie the buoy with your line and pull your boat towards it to further secure it or use a boat hook to reach out and grab the buoy.

    In these types of mooring places, there will most likely be the mooring anchor, mooring chain, and mooring buoy; all you need to provide is the line or hook to help your boat attach to the mooring area.


    • mooring anchor: This is a normal anchor in a fixed position that keeps the boat stable while it is moored. use one that is three times the weight of your service anchor.
    • mooring chain: this line connects the anchor to the floating buoy. we recommend three times the length of the depth and a quarter inch larger than your service chain.
    • mooring buoy: a buoyant device that connects to the anchor and marks the place where the ship is moored.
    • If you find a vacant mooring anchor and buoy, simply get as close as possible and tie off the line and mooring buoy accordingly, using your lasso technique or the boat hook. if the buoy is not publicly owned, be prepared to vacate on short notice if the owner shows up. To find out if the buoy is strong enough to moor your yacht, consider the size of boats at similar buoys nearby and use your best judgement.

      if you have enough hands on deck, backing the boat will probably get you close enough to the mooring point through the stern rather than the bow, simplifying things a bit, depending on the shape of your boat.


      van isle marina offers boat mooring for all sizes at competitive prices per square foot.

      A word about rafting: You may sometimes come across boats moored in the water. this is known as “rafting up” and is essentially a boat moored to another boat. it can come in handy when all other mooring stations are full, in an emergency, or if you’re just looking to socialize with another boat on the water. If you’re looking to raft with another boat, whether already moored or both out on the open sea, proper etiquette is to ask first, have fenders in place, and an anchor ready to launch.

      Docking Your BoatDocking - Van Isle Marina, Sidney, BC

      docking your boat refers to bringing your boat up to a dock as parallel as possible and then using ropes (mooring lines) and nautical knots to secure (tie down) the boat to the dock.

      In addition to the mooring line, to safely dock your boat, you’ll need four or more fenders: large plastic or rubber devices that act as a buffer between the boat and the dock or jetty and other boats, protecting both Of damage. Using a pair of large fenders together at the front of the boat when docking can act as a bumper, further protecting your yacht during this procedure.

      When a boat is docking, the boat will be close enough for guests to easily disembark at the dock (land). docking generally means that the length of your boat (bow and stern) will be secured to the dock, giving you the maximum amount of space for loading and unloading supplies, as well as for maintenance and cleaning of your boat.

      docking is easier when someone is already on the dock to assist you, and when the winds and tides are cooperating. however, just like parallel parking a car, docking a boat gets easier and easier each time you do it. At Van Isle Marina, one of our experienced boaters can show you how it’s done.

      van isle marina in sydney, bc is your favorite marina in the pacific northwest. we love helping other boaters like us learn more about all the ins and outs of boating, including anchoring, mooring and docking. If you are interested in buying or selling a boat or mooring in our marina, give us a call or visit us to find out why so many people love to moor with us.

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