What does it mean when a car is stock

When you get a new car, you either get a stock car or a factory order.

Often you will have to choose between a stock car or a factory order, but it is vital that you know the difference before making a decision.

In this article, we’ll look at the key differences between a stock car and a factory order, and the pros and cons of each.

what is a series vehicle?

a stock vehicle does not mean that the car is in stock (yes I agree, that sounds very confusing!), “normally” when you are told that there is a car in stock, yes you can assume that the car is sitting at a dealer and waiting to be delivered. however it could actually mean the car is built but in a holding complex (ie not in the uk) or you could be told the vehicle is pipe stock meaning the goods have come out of a warehouse (ie en route to the uk) but have not yet been purchased by the end user so it is vital that you check with your vehicle dealer/broker where your vehicle is if they tell you the car is “in stock” to avoid inconvenience later.

what are the pros and cons of a production vehicle?

some of the advantages of owning a stock car are;

  • it’s faster
    • if the car is already built and ready for its onward journey, it will get to you in less time than if it were a factory order
    • there is less risk of it being delayed (this will largely depend on the definition of stock – see previous paragraph)
      • again, this is because it has already been created. your stock car is less likely to be delayed.
      • it’s easier to plan for
        • stock cars can usually (but not always) be delivered much faster than a factory-ordered car.
          • sometimes you can secure a better deal
            • this isn’t always the case, but if you catch the dealer at a time when they’re clashing with their targets, they might kick in some extra money . behind certain cars to sell them. this is by no means guaranteed, but we have seen it happen.
            • but there are also disadvantages;

              • you may get the exact specification you want
                • since the car has already been built, you may not get all the features you want or need as the car has not been built specifically for your needs. needs. so if you want something more custom, you might want to look at a factory order.
                • it could still be delayed
                  • this could be due to driver availability, how many cars are being shipped at the time and the earliest delivery date
                  • won’t be with you right away
                    • if you need a car within the week, it’s certainly worth asking the question – it will depend on where the car is, how quickly the paperwork can be signed and returned, and certain other parameters. it will take less time than a factory order, but it may not always happen right away.
                    • How will I know if my vehicle is a stock car?

                      Before you sign any paperwork, you will be informed that your car is a stock order. This is because you will have to agree to the specs and color etc, so your broker or vehicle dealer will tell you that the car is in stock and ready to go.

                      Like we said, if you want something more custom, you’ll need to look at a factory order. your car broker/dealer will discuss these options with you, but you will know before you sign any documents that your car will be a production car.

                      what is a factory order car?

                      A factory-ordered vehicle is one that you make to order. this means that you choose everything from the color to the trims and any additional extras you want to add. it is completely tailored to you.

                      what are the pros and cons of a factory-order car?

                      Some of the advantages of a factory order car include;

                      • the car is completely tailored to your needs
                        • you can choose everything, making it your perfect car
                        • you get the latest version of the car
                          • because it is made to order, the car will have all the latest updates
                          • if you’re not ready to part with your current car, a factory order gives you more time
                            • if you have a lease that won’t end for several months, ordering a factory car means you won’t have two cars on the road at once
                            • The main advantage is that you can adapt it to your needs. it’s the car of your dreams, because you have complete say in what you have in it.

                              but there are downsides. for instance;

                              • it’s a longer wait
                                • if you want a car soon, then a factory order is not for you
                                  • there is a risk of delay
                                    • there is a longer process for a factory order, so if you need your new car by a specific date, it is important that you share this information with your vehicle agent/dealer so they can ensure they choose the correct build slot when ordering your new car.
                                      • It’s more difficult to plan delivery
                                        • You won’t need to know what you’re doing on the afternoon of November 14, as you’ll be informed of the anticipated delivery month when you place your order. organize. final details will be confirmed to you when the vehicle arrives in stock. You may be lucky enough to have ordered your new car through a vehicle broker who has a portal to keep you regularly updated so you are always aware of the whereabouts of your new car.
                                        • so those are the downsides of a factory order. You’ll know if your car is a factory order before you sign anything. you’ll have to make sure the spec is correct, of course.

                                          how long does it take to deliver a factory ordered car?

                                          Delivery time can vary considerably, but you will get an estimated delivery time early in the process (once ordered).

                                          Your car will be assigned a manufacturing week. The entire process “normally” takes around 12 weeks from start to finish, however there are occasions (which are out of your broker’s control) where the car may be delayed. the car may be held before it leaves the port of departure, as the ship will not leave until it is fully booked (this can delay things and sometimes up to 3-4 weeks). It can also be delayed once it arrives at the UK port as all cars need to be checked through customs before they are handed over to the transport company to take to the dealer.

                                          We have an article detailing the lengthy process of a factory-ordered car, which you can read here.

                                          stock car versus factory order; which one is better?

                                          Honestly, both are great options. it just depends on which one is best for you.

                                          If you want a car that arrives quickly and you’re not too concerned about having a completely custom model, then a stock car is a good option for you. however, if you have an existing lease that isn’t due for a few months or you want a car that was built with you in mind, then a factory order is your best option.

                                          but ultimately it depends on what works best for you and your situation.

                                          stock car versus factory order; which one is cheaper?

                                          Stock cars may have features or extras you don’t want and therefore may cost you more. With that said, the dealership might be eager to sell the stock car and sell it at a reduced price. There have been times when dealerships will take a loss just to hit their quarterly or yearly goal. It should be noted that this does not happen all the time, but we have seen it happen before. [vc_single_image image=”41749″ img_size=”article-image”]Discounts are available on new cars, but discounts will vary between broker and dealer, so it’s always best to check your options before committing.

                                          In conclusion, so always check when you’re told a vehicle is in stock, ask where the car actually is, because it doesn’t really mean the car is sitting in a dealership waiting to be delivered. your dealer or broker will be able to provide you with this information.

                                          A stock car “should” take less time to deliver (depending on where you are), but you can’t comment on the extra features or extras you have on the car. a factory order, however, is the other way around. it will potentially take more time, but you will gain full control over the features you want in your car. Both have their pros and cons, but which one you choose depends entirely on your individual situation.

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