What does it mean if your aura is green

Have you ever guessed what a friend was thinking before they said the words? or, he immediately bristled at a bad vibe from someone, but he couldn’t explain why? you are (probably) not a mind reader, but you are an aura reader. wherever we go, we perceive the energy of other people in the auric field.

Simply put, an aura is a vibrant beam of color composed of energy that flows around living things. Derived from the Greek word for “breeze,” our auras indicate our moods, emotions, and general environment.

Basically, before we can exchange greetings, our auras make the first impression on us. but there is a caveat: the human eye cannot see auras without training. that’s why we have to retrain the way we look at things to allow us to see our own outer light.

it’s worth the work. once he can see auras, he will be able to better understand himself and others. For believers, auras are a portal to a more mystical realm and are evidence of a psychic nature that we cannot communicate or express.

I claim that by learning to read auras and understand their colors and meanings, you can sharpen your intuition. you are already communicating telepathically with others through the auric field. By seeing auras, you can get clarity on why some people give you nasty vibes and why you feel positive around others. this is where to start.

Do you want to see your own aura color? start with a mirror and a white background.

let’s establish one thing: anyone can read an aura. It’s about trusting your intuition. look in the mirror for a minute in front of a white background. focus on a focal point in the middle of your forehead. Without moving your eyes, scan the outer perimeter of your head and shoulders. the color you see around your head and shoulders is your aura.

Another way to find your aura is to look at your hands for a minute or so. the glow you see radiating from the outer coating of your hands is your aura. note that it may take a few tries to see your aura. Practice makes perfect! once you’ve found and noted your aura, we can get started.

do you think you see something? this is what the colors mean.


This shows a balanced personality, calm and open to possibilities. those with white auras may have a tendency to take on the energy of others. white is the rarest of all aura colors.


Gray auras can denote a skeptical outlook or a person prone to seeing the glass as half empty. opening up to new possibilities is difficult and requires effort, but it is necessary and rewarding.


A brown aura often indicates a time of selfishness and insecurity. seeing a brown aura indicates that you need cleansing, or that you need to give more to others instead of taking.


A black aura can show a dark energy, caused by selfish and unpleasant behavior. the appearance of this aura can indicate that the person needs to let go of the baggage that prevents them from radiating positivity in their lives.


Passions run high with those with a red aura, as they live off their desires and emotions. Creative to the core, Red Auras always manifest new goals and inspire themselves through artistic outlets. red auras can also indicate a time of fundamental creative change.


A pink aura denotes someone who freely gives their heart to others without demanding much in return. if you have a pink aura, make sure your loved ones reciprocate your generous energy.


Creativity is key for those with an orange aura. their art brings them peace, but only if they can focus on one thing at a time. minds can be hyperactive, meaning they need to hone their ideas to make them come true.


Those with yellow auras have a lot of energy and exude optimism. it is helpful for yellow auras to live in the present without stressing about the future.


Green auras mark a down-to-earth, hard-working, and nature-loving person. they are the builders of the auric color spectrum, meaning they welcome growth. the downside is that they can be prone to jealousy or competition.


Those with blue auras are emotionally sensitive and express themselves. they can be shy about letting their innermost feelings be known, which means you should listen when they talk.

bluish green

Those with a blue-green aura are empathic and sensitive. they can sometimes feel restless about change and nervous about accepting new situations, which can close them off to experiences.


an indigo aura denotes a wise person with an old soul. sometimes, they escape to their own secret world to protect their energy, mind, and heart from others.


where do you start and another end? the urge to merge with another runs deep with a violet aura as they constantly seek a connection on a deep level. spiritual awareness, emotional awareness and psychic feelings are marks of a violet aura.

Note that each aura color is associated with a different chakra or energy center. for example, red, an aura associated with energy and vitality, relates to the root chakra.

Of course, you may see mixed shades of the colors above. those listed are the most popular. it can also have more than one color present in its enteric field. this is called a rainbow aura.

I can’t see anything! can i take a test?

Yes, it is possible to take a test to predict the color of your aura, as derived from personality traits, preferences and habits. although ultimately it is up to you to determine if the results are accurate.

or can I take a picture of my aura?

According to Eileen Lee, founder of Aura Aura, which takes professional aura portraits, these photos can supposedly give you insight into your various states of consciousness. in addition, they can help you identify what you are calling on or should be calling on energetically to aid in the manifestation process, she says.

“It can be incredibly affirming and validating depending on what we’re going through,” he adds.

but don’t start looking for your iphone to take the picture. Eileen explains that it’s impossible to see your aura in a photo without using a special camera (also known as an aura camera), because the device has to record “the energy flowing around you.”

Although it has been a subject of debate, Lee says that to capture an aura, “the camera algorithm takes the frequencies it reads from your body and translates them into the corresponding colors. for example, red hues are generally between 400-480 thz and a higher frequency color like indigo blue is between 620 = 670 thz. the concept of energy frequency is important in this context, as it gives us an idea of ​​how fast energy moves.”

Does the location of the aura colors mean anything?

the pattern of colors also has a meaning. if you have many colors or a group of a specific color on the left side, it reflects the energy that you are bringing. if you have many colors or a group of a specific color on the right side, it reflects the energy you are putting out into the world.

The colors above the head (near the crown chakra) reflect your conscious emotional and mental state at the present moment. the colors near the lower part of your body (near the sacral chakra) reflect your subconscious state of mind in the current moment, or the emotions you are holding back.

Can I read other people’s auras?

look at them or take a picture of them for 45 seconds with one eye open and the other closed. you may have to repeat this a few times. but eventually, you will be able to see a glow of color around it.

How can I tell if my aura is compatible with other people’s?

As with astrological signs, certain aura colors are more compatible with others. here’s the breakdown.

  • if you have a white aura, then any color aligns with the energy. be careful not to absorb other people’s emotions because you’re susceptible to that.
  • if you have a black aura, then a gold aura will serve as healing energy for both of you.
  • if you have a gray aura, a magenta aura can help you find purpose and meaning.
  • if you have a brown aura, a light green aura will help you open your heart.
  • if you have a red aura, a bright green aura will help you both bring your passions into reality.
  • if you have an orange aura, a dark blue aura will boost positive vibes between the two of you.
  • If you have a yellow aura, the addition of a vibrant purple aura will help inspire and motivate you both towards artistic adventures.
  • if you have a green aura, then the addition of a purple aura will make you both more spiritually inclined.
  • if you have a blue aura, the addition of a pink aura will lead to creative greatness together.
  • If you have an indigo aura, the addition of a turquoise aura will make both of you feel more social or called to do more outdoor activities.
  • if you have a violet aura, then a red aura will help both of you understand each other’s emotions on a soulful level.
  • auras can change color.

    Your mood can change, as can the color of your aura. this may depend on your company, as different energies can attach to our personal auras, and your degree of self-care. For that reason, it’s important to drink plenty of water, get enough sleep, and avoid negativity. The good news is that we can cleanse our aura and restore its vitality, even after a tough run.

    clean my aura? How can I do that?

    Often, we pick up energies from others that are not our own. this can make us feel bad, exhausted or anxious. when this happens, I think it’s time to clear your aura. you can do this by taking a bath or shower with epsom or himalayan salt, which will cleanse your energy field, some say smearing your space and body with white sage helps, you can meditate, or use a selenite crystal like a wand on your body to detox all the negative vibes.

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