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Video What does it mean if transmission is slipping

Transmission slippage should be treated as soon as possible to prevent major repairs. learn what to look for.

The transmission is responsible for converting the power of the car’s engine into motion so that the vehicle moves. vehicles come with manual or automatic transmission. if you drive a car with an automatic transmission, the gears shift for you, whereas you may have to put a gear in a car with a manual transmission through your gear selector.

However, one of the common problems associated with transmissions is known as transmission slippage. This article covers what transmission slippage means, its causes, signs to look out for, how to prevent the problem, etc.

Transmission slip – what does it mean?

Transmission slippage refers to a situation where your vehicle slips in gear without corresponding to your current speed. this can be disconcerting and worrying. In many cases, it is a sign that your vehicle needs a complete maintenance. that’s why it’s often risky to leave your stream unmonitored.

what causes transmission slippage?

The following situations or conditions may cause your transmission to start failing:

  • solenoid problems
  • worn gears
  • broken or worn drive belts
  • Burnt, low or worn transmission fluid
  • clutch problems
  • torque converter problems
  • signs of transmission slippage to watch out for

    As with most automotive problems, the sooner you resolve them, the more successful you’ll be in avoiding major repairs. The longer it takes to repair your slipping transmission, the more damage you are likely to aggravate. fixing this will eventually cost you a lot of your hard-earned money.

    That’s why this section deals with the signs you need to be aware of to let you know your stream may be slipping:

    unauthorized gear shifting

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    One of the telltale signs that your transmission is slipping is your vehicle suddenly and unexpectedly shifting into gear while driving. in some cases, a change in tone or a noise accompanies the unauthorized gear change.

    If your car suddenly changes gear while driving, it can be a life-threatening situation. this means your car is unreliable and may start to shake.

    when your vehicle feels slow

    If your car isn’t accelerating as fast as it should or feels a bit sluggish, you could have a problem with the transmission slipping in your hands. you may also have other problems related to your transmission. That’s why you shouldn’t waste time having your vehicle checked by a professional mechanic.

    inability to change gear smoothly

    Another symptom or sign of transmission slippage is when your vehicle finds it difficult to shift smoothly. you will hear a thudding or metallic noise when your car shifts up or down.

    when there is a delay before the move

    If you experience a delay before your car starts to move, it could mean your transmission has slipped.

    As soon as the gear shifts from “park” to “drive”, there is a long delay before your vehicle begins to move. during this period, the car’s engine revs but goes nowhere.

    when the clutch stops working

    this is for those who drive manual transmission vehicles. When you step on the clutch pedal and nothing happens, it’s possible that the clutch assembly is damaged or something is wrong with the transmission system.

    when the transmission fluid leaks

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    When you notice red fluid on your garage floor, along with some of the symptoms shared above, your transmission may have a problem.

    This is because when there is a transmission fluid leak, the transmission will slip.

    Is it safe to drive your vehicle when the transmission is slipping?

    When you have a transmission slippage problem, that vehicle is not safe to drive. this is because vehicle safety is so unpredictable. it can slip into different gears without warning, shake or even cause serious damage.

    Therefore, have your vehicle serviced immediately when you notice signs or symptoms of a slipping transmission.

    how to avoid transmission slippage

    can prevent the transmission from slipping. but you have to make sure that fluid leaks or worn bands are not behind the problem. if this is the case, worn gears, solenoids, clutch or torque converter may need to be replaced.

    Any of these repairs will cost you a lot of money, especially if a transmission specialist does it for you. having an older vehicle will not work in your favor, which is why you should check all other possibilities first.

    Your car’s on-board diagnostic computer may tell you about the problem if you have a newer vehicle. this is true if the solenoid problem is behind the transmission problem.

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    However, if your newer vehicle is transmitting error codes, be sure to check them first to determine what they tell you about the condition of your transmission.

    If you still cannot identify the problem, consider looking at the transmission bands. Replace any worn or broken drive belts. if you have to replace just one band, be sure to replace all of them. this is to avoid dealing with this particular issue within the next few weeks or months.

    You can also get under the hood to confirm the transmission fluid level. make sure the fluid is at its correct level.

    If the transmission fluid level is lower than it should be, try to locate the main source of the leak. you may find a loose seal or discover holes in one of the fluid lines. The transmission pan may also be leaking, or you may have a bad transmission pan gasket.

    If you like to DIY, you can replace these defective parts yourself. however, if you discover a cracked torque converter, you may need to invite professionals to check it out and perform in-depth repairs.

    Identify the origin or source of the leak and repair it as soon as possible. You may also consider adding a great solution for sealing transmission leaks the next time you refill your transmission fluid.


    If your transmission fails, you can easily be tempted to try and fix it yourself. but if you are inexperienced or uncomfortable working on your transmission, the best decision you can make is to let a transmission specialist handle the repairs for you.

    Transmission specialists have the tools and experience to detect the causes behind transmission slippage. once they diagnose the problem, they can quickly fix it in a short period of time and you can get back to your everyday lifestyle.

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