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If you’re like most people, you probably don’t like blowing a bunch of stringy “snot” into a handkerchief. Although it can be annoying that you feel like a snot factory when you are sick or suffer from allergies, it is an essential component in the human body. it can also tell you a lot about what is going on inside your body. the appearance of your snot can indicate things like allergies, a cold, the flu, sinusitis, or sinusitis. therefore, it’s important to open that tissue and take a look if you’re not feeling well.

mucus serves many essential functions in the body

no, mucus doesn’t exist just to make you feel bad when you have a cold. Did you know that your body actually produces around 1-1.5L each day, even when you’re healthy? most of this mucus is swallowed and dissolves in the stomach, so it is never seen. however, behind the scenes, mucus helps keep the body running. it lines the tissues of the mouth, nose, throat, sinuses, and digestive tract. this keeps them moist and acts as a protective layer. The mucus also prevents unwanted visitors from entering your body like bacteria and dust. when it catches these foreign invaders, the mucus has antibodies that help the body kill them. So even if you blame mucus for making you miserable when you have the flu or a sinus infection, it actually helps keep you healthy.

the boogers tell you a lot

As we mentioned, boogers can tell you a lot about what’s going on in your body. it can be a sign of common illnesses like cold and flu or more serious illnesses like sinusitis

or fungal infection. There are six common colors mucus can take, including: clear, white, green/yellow, red/pink, brown/orange, and black. mucus can change color for a variety of reasons, but each color tells a story about what’s going on in your body. Plus, the stickiness, or thickness, of your mucus can also tell you a lot.

What do the colors of the mucus mean?

Here’s a basic breakdown of what the different colors of mucus mean:

Clear: If your mucus is clear, that’s good. clear mucus is considered “normal” or healthy. however, if you experience a large amount of clear nasal discharge, it may be a sign of allergic rhinitis. this is the form of allergies experienced by most people who suffer from them. pollen, dust, animal fur, or other irritants could trigger it.

White: White mucus differs from clear mucus when it looks cloudy and clumpier than normal. often this points to a common cold. white mucus is caused by the loss of its water content, making it thick and cloudy. You may also have a sore throat, congestion, cough, or a low-grade fever.

Yellow/Green: Yellow mucus is a good sign if you have been experiencing symptoms of an illness. it means your immune system is fighting back. the yellow color is caused by the accumulation of white blood cells to kill invaders. once they are ready, they are disposed of in the mucus and turn yellow/brown in color. If your mucus turns green, it means your immune system is working too hard to fight off the infection. this is often accompanied by mucus that becomes very thick. it may be a sign of a sinus infection or a more serious bacterial infection.

Pink/Red: Pink or red mucus usually indicates some type of nasal injury or trauma. mucus may be stained red or pink by blood. This can happen from a blow to the nose or because you have been blowing it too much, causing it to dry out and bleed.

Brown/Orange: Orange-brown mucus can be caused by old blood leaving the body and often follows pink/red mucus. It can also be caused by something you inhaled that discolors mucus, such as dirt.

Black: Black mucus almost always indicates some type of fungal infection. it is not common but should be considered serious and confirmed by a doctor. Black mucus can also appear in people who abuse illicit drugs or smoke a lot.

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