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Attributes of the letter WMeaning and specification
Spiritual meaning of the letter W

Meaning of the letter W

Both the letters V and W correspond to Vau (or Vav) in the Hebrew alphabet. W is a special letter because it is composed of other letters seen from different perspectives: 2 “U”, 2 “V”, reserved M. Therefore, W contains all the properties of these characters plus their unique features.

W , V and U are closely related.

In short, W symbolizes the birth water that comes from the mother of all things. The word M has been used in many cultures to resemble the mother goddess: Mẹ (Vietnamese), Ma (Chinese, Japanese), Mere (French), Madre (Spanish), etc.

While M stands for 2 Mountains with 1 valley, letter W shows 1 mountain with 2 valleys. Therefore, because of these 2 valleys, W is considered the deepest mystery in spiritual teachings, which distinguishes being and non-being from each other.

According to the Egyptians, V is the letter signifying the vulva of the mother. All things in this world are made of water. Hence all things come forth from the mother’s first birth water.

The concept of a “well” (W) in this context is also similar to the idea of ​​the mother. In ancient times, a well is a source of life because it contains water (W).

Therefore, the spiritual meaning of the letter W is closely related to the feminine nature of the universe. W is what helps us to receive divine ideas easily as it has a receptive character.

They also believed that the letter V symbolized the young virgin goddess Isis, while W represented Isis as “twice virgin.” ‘ represents meaning she is in time from W: Virgo to Virgo (after birth). Therefore it is known as “double wise” or W with 2V.

Since W is related to Vau, Vau resembles a pen or nail, which is the connection between 2 things. So when we come from W (Mother’s Water), we contain within us the spiritual connection with the Divine as well as the material connection with the physical world.

Wisdom is very important in ancient times. In paganism, the word “witch” is composed of “wisdom” “teach”. Back then, witches were considered teachers of wisdom.

Many of the Isis initiates later became witches because they taught wisdom. We can see a correlation between the two words “witch” and “wisdom” because they both start with the letter W.

Meaning of the letter W in your name

Positive traits

If the first letter of your first name in numerology begins with W, you are a wise, fierce and even-tempered personality. Since the numerical value of W is 23/5, people with W in their name are adventurous, experience-hungry and changeable.

You love to explore the world and that’s why you feel there is an outward urge just for the sake of the experience. W people usually experience a shift in consciousness at some point in their lives.

Because of the number 5 vibration, you are naturally magnetic, attractive and charming. W looks like a wave, so you are also intellectual and philosophical with ideas you receive from spiritual realms.

Negative traits

When the energy of W becomes negative, it can express themselves in personality as feelings of nervousness, restlessness and apprehension. Since 5 is the number of MAN, people with W in their name must learn to master their 5 senses in order to overcome their sensual addiction.

W on the negative side can be intolerant, impatient and irresponsible.


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