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Characteristics of the letter TMeaning and specification
Spiritual meaning of the letter T

Meaning of the letter T

The letter T corresponds to 2 letters in the Hebrew alphabet: Teth representing “serpent” or “roof” and Tau representing “the cross” means. . It seems that 2 symbols are unrelated. However, in many cultures, particularly Christianity, the serpent and cross are usually associated.

Christians have been taught spiritually that the serpent represents Satan (evil), while the cross symbolizes Jesus (good). . . However, in esoteric teachings, the letter T really means that the Kundalini serpents ascend from the base of our spine and reach the “roof” of our head, which is the pineal gland.

This spiritual experience is depicted in the caduceus of Hermes. If you look closely, the caduceus really does resemble the shape of the letter T.

The wing of the caduceus represents “power over” or “balance” between two dual natures in our bodies: male and female, good and evil, Christ and Satan. When we balance our nature, we can lift up these two cosmic energies and activate each of the chakras.

The non-activated chakras are called “the dead”. So when you “raise the dead” you “raise the chakras” which is the symbolic story of Moses raising the serpents in the desert.

If you see a cube, this is also an emblem of the cross. An unfolded cube is a cross. Thus letter T represents the unfolding spiritual nature (the cross) rising above the physical limitation (the cubes).

Since Teth is the last letter of the Hebrew alphabet , is the spiritual. The meaning of the letter T stands for perfection, accomplishment and return to the original unity of Aleph. The Tetractys of Pythagoras begin with T because it symbolizes the perfection of God’s creation.

According to Egyptian teaching, letter T represents the 2 front teeth of Osiris. They believe that when Osiris spoke, he spoke with the truth, which became teachings. Thus, the letter T is the symbol of truth spoken by Osiris.

On the Day of Judgment, our hearts will be weighed against the pen of Maat, goddess of truth, on the scales of justice. If we look closely at Libra, its shape resembles the letter T.

In Egyptian mythology, we are accepted to live in heaven when Osiris finds our heart balanced with the weight of the feather of truth up to for all eternity. However, when our hearts are heavier due to the burden of sins, then we are devoured by a crocodile-like animal.

Letter T also stands for the tooth of the cobra, these are its 2 fangs . Cobra is the symbol of wisdom in Egyptian mysticism. The name Thoth is composed of “Th th”, which means “tooth tooth”. Thoth, or thoughts, is the word “tooth” said backwards.

Meaning of the letter T in your name

Positive traits

If the first letter of your given name in numerology begins with T, you are tactful, thoughtful and trustworthy in your personality. As T symbolizes the roof of a house, your nature is protective, helpful and reliable. People with T in their name are willing to sacrifice their benefits to protect their family and others.

T people need to develop their spiritual awareness in order to reach their full potential. Since the numerical value of T is 2, you are cooperative, diplomatic, and sociable. You deal with people wisely and like to help those who are in need. You are also a peacemaker, restoring disharmony back to its natural balance.

Negative Traits

On the negative side, T people are private, secretive, and mystical to others. Your sensitivity and shyness in personality can make you unapproachable. People with a T in their name can become frustrated, intolerant, and bad-tempered when they’re not in the right mood.


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