Spiritual Meaning of Cowrie Shells ( 7 Ways to Use Them For Protection & Good Luck)

Cowrie Shell Bracelet

The cowrie shell is considered one of the oldest currencies in the world. In ancient Africa, they were traded for commodities just like the dollar is today, and their use quickly spread to other civilizations. However, these little shells have a much deeper meaning. Read on to learn more about the spiritual significance of these seashells and how you can use them in your own life.

Spiritual meaning of cowrie shells

Tiger cowrie shells

According to African legends, cowrie shells represent the protective powers of the sea goddess Yemaya. They were made into jewelry by women across West Africa as a symbol of fertility, femininity and successful childbirth.

Kings from African and American cultures also wore rows of these shells to symbolize wealth, prosperity and protection. According to the old Hausa saying, “He who has patience with one cowrie shell will one day have thousands of them.”

The following are 7 things that cowrie shells symbolize from a spiritual perspective.

1. Oceanic RichesThey are used to ward off negative energies and ward off the evil eye.

Yellow cowrie

Yellow cowrie Shells

These shells have a strong connection to prosperity and wealth.

Historical use

Here is a simple cowrie shell manifestation ritual:

Write your goal on a small piece of paper and insert it into the slot of a cowrie shell. You can also insert a small object that indicates your intent, such as B. a crystal. Then leave it on a windowsill overnight to soak up the moon’s energy. You can continue to leave your cowrie shell in a prominent place until your wish is granted. With cowrie shells, you need to trust your intuition and pay attention to hidden messages from the goddess herself.

You can also hold the shells in your right or left hand during prayer to increase the power of your prayer.

7. Carry 3 yellow cowrie shells in your wallet to attract wealth

Carry one or three yellow cowrie shells in your wallet to attract wealth and good luck. This also helps ward off negativity

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