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When your name is pronounced, it announces you and identifies the energy of your soul. A name with strong connotation leaves a definite energetic impression on everyone it encounters and, more importantly, can change the path of the soul that bears the name. That’s why you might consider a name rooted in spirituality.

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In life, we go through seeds of growth, vibrational adjustments and changes because we are forces of nature that are constantly evolving. We are multidimensional beings. We climb. we raise We swing higher. Spiritual names are vibrational blessings and it is also the frequency of our name that makes the journey easier.

Apart from the fact that names have specific meanings, names are spiritually important to the destiny and well-being of the individual. We have created a list of 75 spiritual baby names chosen to bless your little one and pave the way for her life steps.

Spiritual Baby Girl Names

  1. Abigail : Coming from Hebrew and the Bible and means “to bring joy”
  2. Adna: It is a biblical name and means “joy, delight”
  3. Aisha: A Muslim baby name meaning “life” means vivacity”
  4. Amana: Hebrew origin name meaning “loyal, faithful”
  5. Anani: A biblical name meaning “a cloud”
  6. Angela : Spanish girl name meaning “angel”
  7. Angelique: French girl name, meaning “like an angel”
  8. Athena: Name of origin from Greek mythology, derived from the city name Athens
  9. Batya : Hebrew girl name meaning “daughter of God”
  10. Bliss: English origin name meaning “perfect joy” is a beautiful name for a little girl
  11. Celeste: French name meaning “heavenly”
  12. Cielo: Pronounced as Cheh-loh, it is a Spanish root name for “heaven, sky”.
  13. Eden: It is an attractive Hebrew name Origin n means “place of pleasure, joy”
  14. Elisabeth: It is a Greek baby name meaning “devoted to God”
  15. Emma: English origin name means “whole, complete”
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  17. Faith: A Christian virtue name popular in the 16th century, meaning ‘confidence, trust, faith’
  18. Genesis: American baby name meaning ‘beginning’
  19. Gita: Sanskrit origin Name means “song” evoking the beauty of the Bhagavad Gita. It has a special meaning in Hinduism
  20. Grace: Irish baby name meaning ‘God’s favour’
  21. Gwyneth: Welsh name meaning ‘blessed’
  22. Halo : Derived from Greek origin, means “circular aura of light depicted over the head of the holy angel”
  23. Isabelle: American girl name means “devoted to God”
  24. Joanna: Derived from the Hebrew, it’s a biblical name meaning “God is gracious”.
  25. Kezia: This biblical girl name of Hebrew origin means “cinnamon”. It has great spiritual significance.
  26. Lux: Latin origin name means “light”
  27. Naomi: Biblical origin name means “beautiful, pleasant”.
  28. Mary: Hebrew Original name meaning “lady or mistress of the sea”
  29. Priscilla: The ancient name of Latin origin meaning “ancient, classic”
  30. Rumi: Japanese origin name meaning “beauty”.
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  32. Ruth: This Hebrew name means ‘companion’ or ‘vision of beauty’.
  33. Shiloh: This Hebrew name comes from ancient Israel and means “peace”
  34. Uma: The name of a Hindu goddess means “bright”
  35. Vashti: It is unique Hebrew name meaning “beautiful”
  36. Veda: Sanskrit origin name meaning “knowledge”

Spiritual boy names

  1. Aaron: Hebrew origin means “exalted”
  2. Adam: Hebrew origin name means “man from the red earth”
  3. Apollo: Name from Greek mythology means “God of medicine, music and poetry”
  4. Bardo: This name of Tibetan, German and indigenous origin means “water”
  5. Bodhi: Sanskrit origin name means “awakening, enlightenment”
  6. Christmas: Derived from an English origin, this name suggests “celebration and fun”
  7. Clement: Deriving from Latin, this baby name means “mild, merciful”
  8. David: Deriving from Hebrew, means this traditional name e “Beloved”
  9. Dharma: Sanskrit and Buddhist origin name meaning “religious duty”
  10. Dhruv: Sanskrit origin name, the m means “North Star” and symbolizes reliability and a strong one Sense of direction
  11. Ethan: Hebrew origin name means “firm, enduring”
  12. Ezra: Hebrew origin name means “help”
  13. Felix: It is a Latin name meaning ” happiness” means
  14. Gabriel: Hebrew name means “God is my strong man”
  15. Gideon: Hebrew origin means “tusks, one who cuts down trees”
  16. Isaac: Traditionally popular, this is a Hebrew name
  17. Isaiah: Well-established Hebrew name means ‘salvation of the Lord’
  18. Jacob : Boy’s name of Hebrew origin meaning ‘he who comes after “
  19. Jupiter: boy name of Latin origin meaning “the supreme god”
  20. Loyal: English origin name meaning “loyal”
  21. Matthew: e English language name means “gift of God”
  22. Nathan: Hebrew origin name means “he gave”
  23. Nirvana: This is a beautiful name of Hindu origin, meaning “transcendent state”. It is also mentioned in Buddhism.
  24. Pax: It is short for Paxton, which is an Old English root name meaning “peaceful settlement”.
  25. Peter: The ancient Greek name means ” the stone or rock”
  26. Ruben: This name of Hebrew origin means “behold, a son”
  27. Saint: Derived from the Latin word sanctus, this name means “holy, holy”
  28. Salem: of biblical and Arabic origin, this means “safe”
  29. Salman: Arabic origin name means “safety”
  30. Solomon: this Hebrew name means “peaceful”
  31. Theodore: Greek original name means “gift of God”
  32. Zen: Japanese original name means “peaceful and calm”
  33. Zephyr: Greek original name means “west wind”
  34. Zeus: Greek mythological name symbolizes “the highest god”
  35. Zion: Hebrew origin name means “the highest point”

Spiritual sex Legally Neutral Baby Names

  1. Arya: Sanskrit origin name suitable for both boys and girls, meaning noble. It’s a popular name for both boys and girls.
  2. Eden: Biblical and Hebrew origin name meaning ‘pleasure’
  3. Honour: This unisex English name evokes virtue and means “dignity, reputation”. ”
  4. Infinity: Apt to wish your baby long life, this unisex name of American origin means ‘endless’.
  5. Sky: It’s an ambiguous nature name. It’s a beautiful name idea.
  6. Vesper: This unisex name of Latin origin means ‘evening prayer’

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