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Obituaries are one of the most unique forms of literature ever written.

They are one of the few scriptures that truly capture a person’s life…when written correctly.

Ends Over the years we have seen many people decide that the traditional obituary is not for them. Instead, many people today want an obituary that is memorable, not a cookie cutter. One that will make you laugh, cry or be inspired. We don’t know about you, but a good obituary can really make an impression on us. And so we came up with our nine favorite obituaries ever written. But beware: laughter, tears and inspiration are ahead.

1. Mary A. “Pink” Mullaney

You know when an obituary begins with the words, “If you’re about to throw out a pair of old tights, stop it .” that it will be great. This hilarious yet touching obituary explains all the lessons we can learn from Mary: “We have been blessed to learn many valuable lessons from Pink over her 85 years including: Never throw away old tights. Use the old ones to tie down gutters, childproof cabinets, toilet flaps, or hang up Christmas ornaments. Also, if a possum settles into your shed, grab a grill brush to lure it out. If he doesn’t go, brush him for twenty minutes and let him stay.”

Read the full obituary here.</i . i>

2. Jane Catherine Lotter

This autographed obituary was published by the author of the well-known The Bette Davis Club, Jane Catherine, when she realized her time on the earth came to an end. She begins her obituary by saying, “One of the few perks of dying of grade 3, stage IIIC endometrial cancer, recurrent and metastatic to the liver and abdomen, is that you have time to write your own obituary. (The other benefits are not having to worry about sunscreen anymore and not worrying about your cholesterol anymore.).” We love this obituary because instead of counting career accomplishments, Jane uses the words of her obituary to thank the people closest to her for teaching her, loving her, and living in her life. This obituary is both beautiful and transcendent, and that’s why we love it.

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Read the full obituary here.

3. Walter George Bruhl, Jr.


This gem of an obituary reached us via Facebook. Posted by his grandson, he explains: “Typical of my PopPop: he eliminated the middleman and wrote his own frigging obituary. He’s the only man I know capable of adding his own humor like that. I’m so glad I got to read another one of my favorite authors.” This obituary is not only handwritten and hilarious, it’s also inspirational. At the end of the obituary, Walter asks, “Instead of flowers, Walt would hope that you would do an unexpected and unsolicited act of kindness on his behalf to a poor, unfortunate soul.”

Read the full obituary here.

4. Harry Stamps


Of all the obituaries listed here, Harry Stamps’ obituary is the cake. Written by his daughter Amanda Lewis, this obituary is quite possibly the funniest piece of literature we’ve ever read. In her father’s obituary, Amanda describes her father as a ladies’ man who let no one take his fashion cues from him. She goes on to tell us that he had a lifelong love affair with deviled eggs, hated Martha Stewart and cats, and belonged to a Bacon of The Month club. Harry’s last wish? “Finally, in honor of Harry, the family is asking that you write to your congressman asking for Daylight Saving Time to be lifted. Harry wanted everyone to return to the time of the Lord.”

Read the full obituary here.

5. Lou Reed

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Duck -silverman

This isn’t so much an obituary as it is a letter to the people who knew Lou, but it’s beautiful and deserves a place on this list. Lou’s wife wrote this obituary for Lou, and one can’t help but bring tears to one’s eyes when one reaches the final sentence, which reads, “Lou was a prince and a fighter, and I know his songs about the pain and the beauty of the world will fill many people with the incredible joie de vivre that he felt. Long live the beauty that falls through and on us all.”

Read the full obituary here

6. William “Freddie” McCullough

Like Harry Stamps, William “Freddie” McCullough comes across as one hell of a good man. His epic, hilarious and witty obituary is one of our favorites for its offbeat language and tone.It’s a great contrast to the obituaries you see in the newspaper every day. Our favorite part? “Freddie was killed rushing into a burning orphanage to save a group of adorable children. Or maybe not. We all know how fond he was of telling stories.”

Read the full obituary here.

7. Nevena Ann Topic

We’re not sure who wrote Ann’s obituary, but whoever did it should be honored for their ability to deliver such a touching yet simple message to write in honor of her life. The obituary addresses the death differently, calling it a “call,” where the author writes, “Ann wants you to know that her work here is finished. She got a call, sort of an offer you can’t refuse, for an appointment she won’t be coming back from. This task comes with a huge sign-up bonus, a reunion with family and friends she hasn’t seen in a long time.”

Read the full obituary here.

8. Duck “Doug” Silverman

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It’s not everyday that you read an obituary about a pet. But actress and comedian Sarah Silverman was attempting to write her first obituary for the love of her life… her dog, named Duck. Oddly enough, that obituary was the one that brought tears to our eyes the quickest, especially when she says, “I held him tight in our usual spooning position and petted him. I told him how much he was loved and thanked him for bringing me so much joy and for his unwavering companionship and love.” The way Sarah describes her love for Duck is how you would describe the kind of love you have your whole life, so her touching tribute to Duck deserves a spot on this list.

Read the full obituary here

9. Spencer Watson Seupel

If your son has committed suicide, the hardest thing you could ever do is write his obituary. But Spencer’s mother, amid her grief, wrote one of the most beautifully written obituaries we’ve ever read. This obituary is not even just an obituary; It’s a message Spencer’s mom has for the world about suicide. Her message is: “Now Spencer is finally calm and I’m holding him tight. Please hold him as I do, in your thoughts and in your spirit. Think about the importance of this tragedy. If a young man or woman says I might kill myself, tell someone. Don’t leave him alone. If a young man or woman drinks too much, say something. It’s not a game; It’s a symptom. And let us find and nurture within ourselves, in our society, those gifts that make each one of us special: not star power, not intellectual abilities, but the indescribable mystery and extraordinary beauty of the simple human heart.”

Read the full obituary here


What is the best obituary you have ever read? Tell us in the comments below!


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