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by Presley Love Colors evoke feelings and emotions, some of us are attracted to certain colors but find other colors very unattractive. Color affects our mood and has more impact on our lives than we might think…

Understanding the meaning of colors

If you understand the meaning of Understanding colors allows you to tailor your clothes to your intentions for the day or decorate your home in the colors that reflect who you are and what matters most to you.

Colors and color meanings have been powerful symbols for mankind since the dawn of time.

The famous psychic Edgar Cayce emphasized the spiritual value of colors, color meanings, gemstones and crystals.

His book: “Edgar Cayce on the Power of Color, Stones and Crystals ” explores the topic of energy vibrations in colors, stones and crystals and how they have a beneficial impact when worn or carried by someone.

So what do the colors mean to you?

How does color psychology affect you?

What impression do you make with your wardrobe, your home decor or your car?

If you know the powerful symbolism and psychology of colors , give you a secret advantage in many situations!

Rainbows, Chakras, Auras

Rainbows, Chakras and Aura colors are all made up of the 7 colors of the visible spectrum.

All other colors come from variations and mixtures of these 7 colors, there are millions of shades of these colors n and shades.

Every year paint manufacturers play with colors and try to come up with new exciting colors that the market will respond to.

The colors of the rainbow, the chakra colors and the colors of the aura color all have significant meanings, and as with all symbols, we all seem to know what it means to us personally.

Each of us chooses colors based on how they make us feel.

Do the colors in your environment or wardrobe need updating to reflect what you are trying to project into the world?

The Magic of Colors

As a kid I just loved having the “big box” of crayons, all the colors in their raw form spoke to me of limitless possibilities. When I started painting in my early 30s, I went back to collecting as many paints as I could find. I love colorful works of art, the play of colors is pure magic.

The meaning of colors is used for healing, magic, divination and of course we choose the colors that reflect our moods and desires for our clothes, interiors and our cars… everything reflects how we feel about ourselves.

Colors have profound spiritual meaning and can greatly affect our vibrations and even how others perceive us.

Spiritual meaning of colors ~

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