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Jaakan—tribulation, work he twists, he shall surround, intelligent Jaakobah—supplanter, deceiver, the heel Jaala—rising, a little deer or goat, wild goat Jaalam—hidden, young man, heir, den God hides, hider, he will be hidden Jaana i- answering, tormenting, impoverishing whom Jehovah answers, mourners, Jehovah answers Jaasau – do, my doing, which Jehovah made, manufacturer, Jehovah makes, Jaasiel – God’s work, the God comforts, made by God, God is Creator Jaasu – created Jaazaniah – whom the Lord will hear who Jehovah hears, Jehovah hears, may God hear’ Jaazah – Jaazar, Jazer, helper, helper, Jehovah helps Jaaziah – Jaaziel, the strength of Jehovah , sprinkling of the Lord, whom Jehovah atones for – God comforts or appoints, may God strengthen, Jaaziel – God appoints or comforts, may God strengthen, Jabal – slipping away, flowing, “the father of those who dwell in tents and have livestock” ( Genesis 4:20). This description indicates that he led a wandering life.A shepherd a river that moves – or that slips away, stream, Jabbok – evacuation, scattering, wrestling Jabesh – dryness, confusion, shame, a dry place, dry, Jabez – sorrow, trouble, he makes sorrow or height, sorrow, Jabin – Jabneh whom God observes, knower, the wise, God discerns or intelligent, he understands Jabneel – edifices of God built by God Jachan – wearisome, oppressive, distressing or troublesome, affliction, Jachin – he who strengthens and makes steadfast, he will found, he founds or founds, founded Jacob – who displaces, undermines, the heel, displacer, one who follows on the heels of another, displacer, one who displaces or follows, displaces, Jada – knowing, wise Jadau – his hand , his confession, darling or friend Jadon – he will judge, grateful, he who rules or obeys, Jaddua – known, very knowing, Jael – a goat, nimble Jagur – tillerman, stranger Jah – the eternal abbreviation of Jehovah Jahaleel , G ott praising , light of God Jahath – brok en in pieces, descending, reviving or gripping Jahaz – Jahazah, strife, strife Jahaziah – Jahzeiah, the vision of the Lord, Jehovah reveals, Jehovah sees, Jahaziel – see God, whom God guards, of God seen, God sees or reveals Jahdai – leader or he directs Jahdiel – the unity or sharpness or vengeance of God, union of God or God pleases Jahdo – I alone, its delight, its sharpness of wit, its novelty, union, Jahleel – waiting for, or pleading or hoping for God, God awaits or God torments severely Jahmai – warming, warming, Jehovah protects, Jahzeel – Jahziel, God hastens or divides, God distributes or distributes, Jahzerah – Jehovah protects or may he bring back, Jair – my light, spreading light, Jehovah enlightening, awakening or spreading light Jairus – He will enlighten or spread light Jakan – same as Achan Jakeh – pious or listening Jakim – rising up, confirm nd, building up Jalon – lingering, murmuring, lingering, lodger Jambres- poverty, bitter, a rebel James – same as Jacob, Greek form of Jacob, displacer (to replace another, as by force, intrigue, strategy, or the like) Jamin – right hand, south wind Jamlech – reigning, asking advice Janna – Jannes, who speaks or answers, afflicted poor Janoah- Janohah, resting, lingering, derived, rest Janum- sleeping Japhet – magnified, beautiful, persuasive Japhet – same as Japhet Japhia- enlightening, appearing Japhlet- Japhleti, liberated, banished Japho- fairness, grace Jarah-a wood, honeycomb, watch closely Jareb – an avenger Jared – a ruler, commander, descending Jaresiah – the bed of the Lord, the Lord hath the Poverty taken away, whom Jehovah feeds, or seeing death, or throwing down Jarvah-breathing, or making a sweet odor Jashem – Jashen, ancient, sleeping Jasher – righteous, upright Jash obeam—the sedentary people or captivity of the people Jashub—a return, a controversy, a dwelling place Jasiel- the strength of God, whom God made Jason, he who heals, he who will heal, one who will heal Jathniel— Gift of God, to whom God gives Jattir – a remnant, excellent Javan – deceiver, one who makes Jazeel sad – strength of God Jazer – succor, helper, Jehovah helps Jaziz – brightness, leaves Jearim – a leap, forest of Jeaterai – which Jehovah explores, leads whom Jehovah leads Jeberechiah – speaks well of or kneels before Jehovah whom Jehovah blesses Jebus – trampling manger Jebusit – trampled manger Jecamiah – resurrection or confirmation or vengeance of the Lord whom Jehovah gathers Jecoliah – perfection or power Jehovah’s, able through Jehovah, Same as Jecholiah: strong through Jehovah Jeconiah—preparation , or stability, from Jehovah Jed, God’s friend Jedaja—the hand of the Lord, Jehovah confessing Jedeiah—one Lord , the joy of Jehovah Jediael-knowledge, by God Jedidah-loved all, lovable Jedidiah-loved by the Lord, loved by Jehovah Jediel- knowing, or renewing, by God Jeduthun-his law, Jeezer extolling-island of help Jegar- Sahadutha, heaps of witness Jehaleleel – Jehalelel, praise God, clarity of God Jehaziel – same as Jahaziel Jehdeiah – one Lord, the joy of the Lord,

Jeheiel – God lives Jehezekel – strength of God Jehiah – the Lord lives , Jehovah lives Jehiskiah—the strength, strength or taking of the Lord Joadah—passing over, testimony of the Lord whom Jehovah adorns Joaddan—lust or time of Jehovah Joahaz—possessment of Jehovah Joash—fire of Jehovah, Jehovah, given Johanan—grace that of Jehovah Gaben, a name whose short form is John.Jehoiachin – preparation or strength of Jehovah Jehoiada – knowledge of Jehovah Jehoiakim – vengeance or establishment or resurrection of Jehovah Joiarib – battle or increase of Jehovah Jonadab – Jonadab, free giver, bounty Jonathan – change of Jehovah Jehoshaphat – the Lord is judge, the Jehovah judges, Jehovah, judges Josheba – fullness, Jehovah’s oath, Jehovah, swears Joshua – same as Joshua Jehovah – himself, existing, I am the ever living, to be, to exist, to be, I am that sent me , I am who is with you, Jehovah -jireh, the Lord will provide, Jehovah will see, d. h , the Lord send peace, Jehovah send peace Jehovah -shammah, Jehovah is there, the Lord is there Jehovah -tsidkenu, Jehovah our righteousness, the Lord our righteousness himself who exists Jehubbah -hides, binds Jehucal -m more powerful, more perfect , wasted Jehud – Jehudi who praises Jehudijah, bestows – the praise of the Lord Jehush – counsels, fortifies Jekabzeel – the assembly of God Jekamean – the people shall rise Jekamiah – Jehovah raise up or avenge whom Jehovah gathers Jekuthiel – hope, or church , from Jehovah Jemima – beautiful as the day Jemuel – God’s day, son of God Jephthah – whom Jephunneh god delivers – he who beholds Jerah – the moon, month, sweet-smelling Jerahmeel – the mercy, or beloved, of Jered god – Reigning , descending Jeremai—my height, waters bubbling up Jeremiah—exaltation of Jehovah, raised up or determined by Jehovah whom Jehovah established Jeremoth—eminences, one fearing death Jeria h—fearing, or prostrating, from Jehovah Jerebai—fighting, reproving, multiplying Jericho—its moon, its month, its sweet odor Jeriel—fear or vision of God Jeriah—as well as Jeriah Jerimoth—he who fears or rejects death Jerioth— cauldron breaking Jeroboam – he who opposes the people of Jeroham – high, gracious, beloved Jerubbaal – let Baal fight with him Jerubbesheth – let the idol of confusion defend itself Jeruel – fear or vision of God Jerusalem – vision of peace, the dwelling place of Peace, Jerusha – banished, possessions, inheritance Jesaiah – health or salvation of Jehovah, salvation of Jehovah Jeshebeab – sitting or captivity of the father Jesher – right, singing Jeshimon – loneliness, desolation Jeshishai – ancient, exceedingly rejoicing Jeshohaia – pressing Jehovah, the meditation of God Jeshua -same as Joshua Jesiah- sprinkling of the Lord Jesimiel- naming – or astonishment, of the god Jesse – gift, offering, one who Jesuit is – even, hardened, flat land Jesus – Savior – Deliverer, The Greek form of the name Joshua or Jeshua, a contraction of Jehoshua – meaning Jehovah’s help or Savior. Latin: Jesus, Iesus, Iesu, Josue. Greek: Ieous from Hebrew Yeshua. Also means safety, victory and whose help is Jehovah or it can be derived from the verb “Yasha”, “save” and = Jehovah’s savior, or simply savior, a late form of the Hebrew “yehosua” meaning “YHWH is salvation” or ” YHWH saves/has saved”. Online definition of savior. The Latin term displaced Old English “hæland,” meaning “healer,” as the preferred descriptive term for Jesus. Jether – he who surpasses Jetheth – Jethlah giving – hanging, piling up Jethro – his excellence, his seed Jetur – order, succession, mount Jeuel – God has taken away, God piling up Jeush – Jeuz, he who is devoured Jew-even than Judah , a man of Judea, [then name derived from the patriarch Judah, first given to one belonging to the tribe of Judah or to the separate kingdom of Judah (2 Kings 16:6, 25:25, Jeremiah 32:12, 38:19, 40 :11 , 41:3 ) Jezaniah – food or weapons of Jehovah, which Jehovah hears Jezebel – not exalted Jezer – island of help, power Jeziah – Jeziel, sprinkling of Jehovah, which Jehovah atones for Jezoar – clear white Jezrahiah – Jehovah rises, splendor Jehovahs brought forth by Jehovah, a chief of the choir Jezreel – seed of God Jibsam – their drought, their confusion Jidlaf – he who distills water Jimnah – right hand, counting, preparing of Jiphtah – opening Jiphthael – God opening Joab – fatherhood, voluntary yeah chim – resurrection or establishment of Jehovah Joah h – brotherhood, brother of Jehovah Joahaz – arrest, possess, see Joanna – grace or gift of Jehovah who gave Jehovah graciously, grace or gift of God Joash – who despairs or burns Joatham – same as Jotham Job – who weeps or cries, haunted Jobab – sad, hated Jochebed – glorious, honorable Joed – witness, robbery, passing by Joel – he who wants or commands Joelah – rises, profits, takes slander away Joezer – he who helps Jogbehah – one exalted, high Jogli – pass over, repent, rejoice Joha (or “Juha”), who quickens or quickens Johanan – who is liberal or merciful, to whom Jehovah graciously bestows gift or grace of God, Jehovah is gracious or was gracious.John – the grace or mercy of the Lord, Jehovah’s gift: same name as Johanan, a contraction of Johanan Joiarib – censure or multiplication of Jehovah Jokdeam – crookedness or burning of the people of Jokim – which made the sun stand still Jokmeam – confirmation or vengeance of the people of Jokneam – possession or building up of the people Jokshan – an insult, harshness, a knock Joktan – little strife, strife, disgust Jonadab – who generously gives Jonah – or Jonas, a dove, the oppressor, destroyer Jonan – a dove, multiplication of the people Jonathan – given by God Joppa – beauty, grace, beauty Jorah – Jorai showing, throwing, a cauldron Joram – throwing, exalted Jordan – the stream of judgment Some translate it as “the descendant”, from Semitic yrd, “to descend” Jorim – he who exalts the Lord Jozabad – with a dowry Jehoshaphat – just like Jehoshaphat raises Joses – who forgives Joseph – increase, add, remove or enhancer, exal hung, may God add Joses – same as Jose, ex changed Joshah – being, forgotten, owing of Joshaviah – the seat, change or captivity of Jehovah Joshbekesha – it demands or supplicates Joshua – a savior, a deliverer Josiah – the Lord burns , the fire of Jehovah Josibiah – the seat or captivity of Jehovah Josiphiah – increase of Jehovah, Jehovah’s completion Jotham – the perfection of Jehovah Jothath – Jothatha, his goodness Jozabad – like Josabad Jozachar – remembering, the male sex Jubal – the current one, a trumpet Jucal – mighty, perfect Judah – the praise of the Lord, confession, praised, celebrated, praise, Judas – Judas, same as Judah Judaea – Judea, same as Judah Judith – same as Judah Julia – downy, soft and tender hair Julius – same as Julia Junia – youth Jushabhesed , abode, place, walk of mercy Justus – righteous or upright, only Juttah – turning away.

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