Positive Words That Start With H [EPIC List with Definitions and Examples] – Positive Thinking Mind

Positive words that start with H are full of optimism and positivity. You can be happy and healthy and full of hope knowing that a hero will save you.

Letters beginning with H are often positive and offer greetings such as Hi or Hello.

You can describe someone funny and humorous, a nice person is humble and kind, or this tune is harmonious.

H is a very happy letter and creates some of the happiest words. I hope the letter H fills you with positivity and brightens your day.

Positive words starting with H in alphabetical order

1. Ha

Definition – a laugh, a surprised exclamationSynonyms – Example – I heard a “ha ha ha” from the dark hallway.

2 . Habana

Definition – Spanish name for HavanaSynonyms – Example – I went to Habana to smoke.

3. Habanero

Definition – An extremely hot small pepper used in cooking. Habile

Definition – skilled, skillful Synonyms – Example – He is very good at his job and he is extremely fit.

5. Habilitation

Definition – a program to teach basic life skills to people with disabilitiesSynonyms – ability, quality, talent, competenceExample – For some young people it makes sense to expand their education and habilitation and to involve hands on Training.

6. Habit

Definition – regularly followed pattern of behavior >

7. Habitable

Definition – possibility or possibility of being inhabitedSynonyms – habitableExample – This island has plenty of food and water and is very habitable.

8. Housing

Definition – the act of housingSynonyms – Example – They provided housing for the homeless.

9. Inhabitant

Definition – someone or something inhabiting an area Synonyms – inhabitant, inhabitantExample – These monkeys are the only inhabitants of this island.

10. Habitat

Definition – natural environment to support life Synonyms – refuge, territory, habitation, environment, dwelling placeExample – The jungle habitat is perfect for these green tree frogs.

11. Housing

Definition – a place to live, housing. Community or SettlementSynonyms – AbodeExample – There is not much settlement near the North Pole as it is very cold and offers harsh living conditions.

12. Habited

Definition – clothed, clothedSynonyms – cloak, disguise, dress, clothing, clothingExample – People were dressed as peasants when I passed and gave them gold.

13. Habituation

Definition – to accustom or accustom a person to a particular situation. Synonyms – acclimate, adapt, acclimate, familiarizeExample – His family was wealthy and he was used to having everything he wanted in life.

14. Habit

Definition – a habit, intimate relationshipSynonyms – characteristic, form, practice, habit, behaviorExample – He has an amazing and healthy mental habit.

15 . Habutai

Definition – Japanese silk used to make garments Synonyms – Example – Her Majesty’s throne room is extravagant with beautiful cushions and swaths of Habutai

16 Hackathon

Definition – Competitive event in which people work in groups on hardware or software projects with the hope of developing a working product by the end of the event. Synonyms – Example – This year’s hackathon included people from all over the world with great ideas!

17. Haiku

Definition – short form of Japanese poetrySynonyms – ballad, epic, lyric, poetry, rhyme, sonnet, verseExample – This haiku is a masterpiece

18. Healthy

Definition – disease freeSynonyms – fit, hoarse, good, strong, toned, flourishingExample – This man is healthy, full of life and always on the move.

19. Hail

Definition – balls of ice made from clouds to cheer, enthusiastically agree, attract attention, saluteSynonyms – bombing, rain, showerExample – Crowd greeted the actor after the show.

20. Halcyon

Definition – calm, peaceful, happy, prosperousSynonyms – calm, quiet, pastoral, gentleExample – He is so halcyon with me when I don’t understand something.

21. Half

Definition – two equal parts Synonyms – shared, partialExample – We divide our tip into two halves that we received.

21. Half price

Definition – half regular priceSynonyms – cheap, cheap, cheapExample – We had dinner at half price and were so happy.


Definition – song of joy and praise Synonyms – psalm, song, hymn Example – They cried hallelujah and began to sing.

23. Hallmark

Definition – official stamp or mark or seal. Good Quality MarksSynonyms – trademark, badge, certification, endorsement, stamp, seal, sealExample – The logo shows that they are very proud of their product.

24. Sanctification

Definition – make holy, hold holySynonyms – sanctify, bless, praiseExample – He was blessed and sanctified.

25. Sanctified

Definition – holy, considered holySynonyms – holy, holyExample – Hallowed be thy name Lord.

26. Halo

Definition – geometric shape, ring of light around the head of an angel Synonyms – aura, glory, radiance Example – The angel was radiant with a bright halo on his head.

27 Halve

Definition – divide into equal parts Synonyms – divide equally, divide equally, halveExample – We were blessed to halve our food so that we could all eat.

28. Hammock

Definition – canvas hanging bedSynonyms – bed, wharf, dock, cotExample – The boy fell asleep in the hammock attached to the two trees.

29. Handclaps

Definition – HandclapsSynonyms – Applause, ClapExample – The show is so good that everyone claps their hands at the end to show their appreciation.

30 Handcrafted

Definition – Handcrafted, HomemadeSynonyms – Homemade, Native, Indigenous Example – The wooden cabinets are all handcrafted and beautifully made.

31. Grab handle

Definition – to grab with the hand Synonyms – grab, cling, press, clasp, grabExample – These two people are so in love that they always hold hands.

32. Handkerchief

Definition – Cloth, silk or linen, usually square, typically used for wiping the nose or face. can also be decorative. Synonyms – scarf, bandana, handkerchief, neckerchief Example – He looks so elegant in his clothes and I love his fancy handkerchief.

33. Handmade

Definition – handmadeSynonyms – homemade, handmadeExample – I love handmade items as they are often made with love and not made by a machine.

34. Handpicked

Definition – chosen or chosen with great careSynonyms – preferred, excellent, preferredExample – I have selected these items especially for you.

35. Handshake

Definition – Reaching and shaking hands with another personSynonyms – Promise, guarantee, commitment, bond, pact, pledgeExample – Give the seller a handshake to close the deal.

36. Handsome

Definition – attractive, handsome, having pleasant proportions, liberal or plentifulSynonyms – attractive, dapper, beautiful, handsome, graceful, lovable, stylish, impressiveExample – He is so handsome looking, i wants to marry him.

37. Handsome

Definition – pleasant, successfulSynonyms – rich, bountiful, plentiful, bountiful, bountifulExample – I handsomely rewarded the man who returned my dog.

38. Hands-on

Definition – involved, requires manual operationSynonyms – first-hand, directExample – Working in this job is very hands-on.

39. Handwritten

Definition – handwrittenSynonyms – writtenExample – These poems are beautifully handwritten.

40. Practical

Definition – handy with hands, conveniently availableSynonyms – available, accessible, convenientExample – John is a very handy man and can fix anything.

41 . Handyman

Definition – person assigned to maintain a home or office buildingSynonyms – helper, jack of all tradesExample – I’m a handyman and like to fix things.

42. Hang-loose

Definition – Take it easy, relaxSynonyms – slow, lose weight, fade, go backExample – Go to the party and hang loose and have fun.

43. Happen

Definition – take place, occurSynonyms – arise, arrive, move on, materialize, have an effect Example – Some days things just happen.

44. Happening

Definition – event, happening, something that happens.

45. Happily

Definition – with pleasure, doing something in a happy waySynonyms – willingly, cheerful, peaceful, glad, cheerful, enthusiasticExample – I’ll be happy to bring you groceries for your mother.



Definition – State of HappinessSynonyms – Contentment, Enjoyment, Euphoria, Bliss, Optimism, Lust, Joy, DelightExample – My children bring me so much happiness every time they visit me.

47. Cheerful

Definition – happy, pleased or delighted with somethingSynonyms – joyful, joyful, cheerful, cheerful, delighted, ecstatic, satisfied, enthusiastic, optimistic, pleasantExample – I’m so happy for both of you , you deserve it.

48. Happy-Go-Lucky

Definition – a person who accepts what is happening without worrying.

49. Harbor

Definition – Bodies of water along a shoreline deep enough for ships to anchor, bodies of water that have moorings for ships to enter port overnight to avoid the storm.

50. Hardworking

Definition – hardworking, person who works with dedication and a lot of energySynonyms – conscientious, committedExample – Joe is a hardworking person and gets his work done on time.

51. Hardy

Definition – fatiguable, strong, hardySynonyms – solid, firm, good, healthy, fitExample – I’m as hardy as an ox.

52. Listen

Definition – listen carefully, hearSynonyms – listen, be attentiveExample – Listen, the herald angel sings.

53. Harmless

Definition – no strength or desire to do harmSynonyms – innocent, gentle, simple, naiveExample – The dog is harmless. Its bark is bigger than its bite.

54. Harmonic

Definition – a single oscillation whose frequency is an integer multiple of the fundamental frequency. Synonyms – symphonic, melodic, musical Example – The instruments sound so harmonious and beautiful.

55. Harmonious

Definition – Agreement made simultaneously, with feeling or attitudeSynonyms – balanced, warm, peaceful, friendlyExample – The two have harmoniously agreed on erecting the fence. p>

56. Harmonization

Definition – act of harmonizing togetherSynonyms – compatibility, alliance, accessionExample – The instruments had a nice harmonization when playing together.

57. Harmonize

Definition – bring into agreement or harmonySynonyms – coordinate, unite, cooperate, agreeExample – At work we both harmonize perfectly together to get the job done.

58. Harmony

Definition – agreement, consistent arrangement of parts, simultaneous combination of tonesSynonyms – conformity, consistency, cooperation, rapport, unityExample – When we played at the concert, our instruments had a beautiful harmony with each other and created a positive atmosphere.

59. Harness

Definition – Combination of harnesses, metal or wood to put on an animal (horse, donkey, dog, etc.), can also be used in relation to a human as a safety harness – harness , Belt, EquipmentExample – I put a harness on my dog ​​when I go for a walk to keep him out of traffic.

60. Harp

Definition – Musical instrument with a column, a curved neck, a triangular frame consisting of a sound box and to which strings are attached between the neck and the sound box, which are then plucked with the fingers to create a soundSynonyms – French harp, harmonica, harmonicaExample – Joelle plays the harp beautifully and it sounds so magical.

61. Harvest

Definition – Gathering CropsSynonyms – Yield, Intake, Byproduct, FallExample – Each fall we enjoy a bountiful harvest of corn and other crops.

62 . Hash

Definition – Food, a dish containing chopped meat and often vegetables. Synonyms – Stew, Hodgepodge, Jumble

63. Hatchery

Definition – a place to hatch eggsSynonyms – incubatorExample – I work at the fish hatchery and as the fish get older I release them into the wild.

64. Towing

Definition – to transport or cart or carry Synonyms – harvest, cargo, cargo, cargoExample – I tried to tow the branch to the backyard but it was too heavy.

65. Have

Definition – own or own or contain Synonyms – acquire, accept, carry, win, receive, hold, keep, receive, possessExample – I have a great gaming computer and I use it every day.

66. Falcon

Definition – Bird of prey of the family Accipitridae.Hawse

Definition – heavy rope or towing or mooring Synonyms – cable, string, twine, thread Example – We used a hawse to secure our boat to keep it from floating.

68. Hay

Definition – Clover, grass, alfalfa is cut and dried for animal foraging. Synonyms – grass, forage >69. He

Definition – male person or animal, manSynonyms – I, it, she, youExample – He mowed the grass this morning and did a great job with the landscaping.

<p 70. Head

Definition – upper part of the body connected by the neck and containing the eyes, ears, nose, mouth and brain. Synonyms – front, front, front, front race and win!

71. On the way

Definition – course or course synonyms – on the way, directed, directed, directed, moved, pointed at example – We drove in this direction and never found the treasure.

72. Heading

Definition – title or caption of a page, cardinal pointSynonyms – headline, caption, caption, descriptionExample – We took a northerly heading to get to the island.

73. Headlight

Definition – lamp or light at the front of a car strong>74. Head over heels

Definition – executed quickly without delay or reflectionSynonyms – hasty, sudden, breakneck, abrupt, hasty, impulsiveExample – He completed the task head over heels and finished in no time .

75. Chief

Definition – Chief or Chief Synonyms – Chief, Chief, Director, Captain, Head, Leader, RulerExample – This ship is under the Chief’s control.

76. Headmaster

Definition – person in charge of a private schoolSynonyms – superintendent, administrator, principal, headmasterExample – The headmaster disciplined the students for running down the hall and breaking the door.

77. Headmost

Definition – first, advancedSynonyms – head, initial, original, earlyExample – John is the top student in our class.

78. Frontal

Definition – looking in the direction of forward movementSynonyms – direct, person-to-person, immediate, promptExample – The ship went head-on into the ice to keep it from getting stuck.

<p 79. Headgear

Definition – armor, helmet, headgearSynonyms – helmet, headgear, fedora, hat, hoodExample – That’s a nice piece of headgear you’re wearing.

80 Headquarters

Definition – Operations CenterSynonyms – Head Office, Command Post, Headquarters, Base, Central StationExample – Our headquarters are in New York City and our business is worldwide.

81 Forehead rail

Definition – Railing on a sailing shipSynonyms – Headscarf, handkerchief, shawlExample – The forehead rail of our sailing boat seems to break.

82. Headrest

Definition – rest or support for the headSynonyms – seat, mat, buffer, restExample – I put my head on the headrest and took a much needed break.

83. Headroom

Definition – vertical space above the head in a vehicle or building >84. Headstall

Definition – Part of a harness or halter that encircles the head of an animal. Synonyms – leash, control, deterrence, restraintExample – The headstock fits perfectly with the oxen.

85. Head Start

Definition – advantage gained or granted in a competition Synonyms – Running StartExample – You gave John a head start because he was running barefoot and we were wearing shoes.

86 Headstrong

Definition – determined to go his own way, stubbornSynonyms – impulsive, determined, stubborn, stubbornExample – Bill is very headstrong when it comes to shopping.


87. Head trip

Definition – mentally productive experienceSynonyms – ego trip, introspectionExample – Whoa, that was an exhilarating head trip.

88. Head Up

Definition – lead, be in charge ofSynonyms – direct, execute, govern, manage, boss, headExample – She was in business and in charge of her competition.

89. Head Waiter

Definition – Person in charge of waiters in a restaurant. Headway

Definition – going forward, progress in a forward directionSynonyms – progress, progress, increase, progress, progress, improvement, improvementExample – We were stuck in a storm that caused the ship stopped driving progress.


Definition – make whole, restore health, purify, rid from evil, end a conflictSynonyms – remedy, improve, repair, restore, revive, treat, rebuild, regenerate, rejuvenateExample – He started healing almost immediately after the attack.

92. Healer

Definition – a person who healsSynonyms – doctor, doctor, shaman, healer, medicine man, therapistExample – Our group suffered a lot after the attack, but luckily a healer came to us and us to help were healed.

93. Heal

Definition – get well, mend, regain health, heal p>

94. Health

Definition – vitality, condition of the bodySynonyms – fitness, strength, energy, wellbeing, shape, health, shape, vitality, bloom, constitutionExample – My doctor said I was very healthy and taking care of myself taking great care of myself.

95. Healthy

Definition – healthy, in good health, healthySynonyms – healthy, healthyExample – The tribe looked healthy and full of vitality.

96. Healthy

Definition – in good health, healthySynonyms – active, lively, strong, hearty, vigorousExample – I am healthy as an ox and also strong as an ox.

97. Heap

Definition – many things put or thrown in a heapSynonyms – bundle, pile, mess, overflowExample – I threw the gold in a heap to collect later.

98. Hear

Definition – perceive by ear, listen, pay attention Synonyms – listen, eavesdrop Example – It’s so hard to hear them through the glass window.

99. Heard

Definition – past tense of hearSynonyms – noted, understood, witnessed, listenedExample – I heard the young woman sing and she sounded like an angel.

100 Hearing

Definition – Sense by which sound is perceived by the ear, witness testimony or argument heard in courtSynonyms – Ear, listening, earshot, effect, recognition, auditionExample – I heard a rumble in the sky , which I thought was thunder, but turned out to be a large jet in the distance.

101. Listen

Definition – pay attention to what is said, listenSynonyms – listen, listen, listen, listen, all earsExample – You must listen to the sound of the voice that is within you.

102. Hearsay

Definition – gossip, rumoursynonyms – gossip, comment, scandal, rumor, conversationExample – What she told you was hearsay and it’s not true.

103 . Heart

Definition – a four-chambered organ that pumps blood throughout the body. A feeling or an emotion – having a heartSynonyms – love, nature, soul, feeling, affection, humanity, compassion, concern, disposition, sympathyExample – Dylan has great compassion for everyone, he truly has a heart of gold.

104. Heartbeat

Definition – pulsation of the heartSynonyms – pulse, pulsation, pochenExample – My heartbeat is rapid after walking a few miles.

105. Encourage

Definition – to give courage or confidence Synonyms – encourage, comfort, strengthen, soothe, energize, inspire, cheerExample – I have tried to encourage him so that he can be anything throughout his life what he could.

106. Encouragement

Definition – encouraging, cheerfulnessSynonyms – encouraging, reassuring, promisingExample – How would you use encouragement in a sentence?

107. From the heart

Definition – sincerely feltSynonyms – sincere, honest, sincere, heartyExample – When we went to the dance we had a heartfelt moment and it was amazing.

108. Hearth

Definition – Floor of a stone hearth, brazier for burning charcoal >

109. Hearthstone

Definition – Stone forming a hearthSynonyms – FireplaceExample – The hearthstone is cracked and needs to be replaced.

110. Hearty

Definition – hearty, without restraintSynonyms – hearty, sincere, sincereExample – We ate our dinner hearty because it was delicious.

111. Heartland

Definition – central area of ​​a nation, continent, state, etc. Synonyms – inland, country, highlands, backwoods Example – If you go deep into the heartland you will find a beautiful place to Life with lots of trees, streams and meadows.

112. Heart Search

Definition – Examination of feelings and motives Synonyms – Meditation, reflection, contemplation, introversion Example – Take some time to do a heart search.


Definition – passionate emotion, fast heartbeatSynonyms – darling, infatuationExample – He’s the cutest guy in school and everyone thinks he’s a heartthrob.

114 Heartwarming

Definition – gratifying, satisfyingSynonyms – joyful, encouraging, sincere, upliftingExample – Helping those in need is a heartwarming experience.

115. Heartily

Definition – sincere, sincere, sincere, devoted, affectionateSynonyms – hearty, heartfelt, cheerful, sincere, passionate, sincere, generous a hearty meal.

116. Heat

Definition – heat condition, high level of heatSynonyms – hot weather, warmth, fever, heat waveExample – The heat was just unbearable in the desert, we had to turn around and get some water.

117. Heated up

Definition – warmed up, made hotterSynonyms – passionate, intense, fiery, fierce, angryExample – Wednesday I had a heated moment with my boss but luckily we worked things out.

118. Heater

Definition – Device that makes or generates heat>119. Heath

Definition – piece of open and uncultivated landSynonyms – pasture, prairie, plain, grasslandExample – The heather was so big that I couldn’t see anything.

120. Heating

Definition – device for applying heatSynonyms – melting, heating, boiling, boilingExample – I heated the water for thirty minutes but it never boiled.

121. Lift

Definition – to lift or lift with forceSynonyms – pull up, hurl, flingExample – I used all my might to heave the hay bales onto the truck.

122 . Heave-ho

Definition – type of rejection, dismissalSynonyms – culling, eviction, contempt, contempt, pushExample – I gave it to old Heave-ho.


Definition – Home of God, angels and spirits of the righteous after deathSynonyms – Paradise, afterlife, immortality, promised land, glory, happiness, rapture, heavenExample – Lift up your hands to heaven and praise God!

124. Heavenly

Definition – blissful, beautiful, divine Synonyms – angelic, heavenly, divine, glorious, holy, wonderfulExample – This chocolate is heavenly. I could eat the whole thing.

125. Skyward

Definition – pointing skywardSynonyms – upward, skywardExample – I pointed the lightning rod skyward in hopes of pulling lightning down to earth.

126 .Heavy

Definition – great weight, an oppressive kind Synonyms – massive, dense, Example – I carried the stones heavy to the backyard to use in my landscape.

127. Heavy

Definition – great weight, difficult to lift, large size Synonyms – large, bulky, fat, hefty, huge, large, substantial, troublesomeExample – The last stone was so heavy that I lifted it had to fetch a machine to move it further.

128. Heavy Duty

Definition – durable, great accomplishment, impressiveSynonyms – main, popular, powerful, significant, substantial, heavyweightExample – I have a heavy duty truck that I use to haul rocks, soil and mulch for the landscaping.

129. Heavily laden

Definition – carrying a heavy burdenSynonyms – bulky, cumbersome, laden, vigorous, considerableExample – churning butter was a heavily laden task.

130 . Heavyweight

Definition – above average weight related to a weight class Synonyms – big, big, ample, big, built, beefy, bulky, excessive, powerful Example – My best friend is heavyweight champion of the Federation.

131. Hebdomad

Definition – number seven, one week, seven day period Synonyms – septenary, heptad, septuplicateExample – I sat there until hebdomad.

132. Hectic

Definition – intense excitement, excitementSynonyms – chaotic, exciting, frenetic, heated, restlessExample – I had a hectic day at work today.

133. Hedge

Definition – row of bushes or trees planted close together Synonyms – bush, bush, fenceExample – I trimmed the hedges today and they look beautiful.

<p 134 . Hedge

Definition – Series of bushes or trees forming a hedge. Note

Definition – pay careful attention to Synonyms – attention, caution, cautionExample – Heed the bear’s warning lest you be killed.


Definition – mindful, cautious, carefulSynonyms – careful, mindful, observingExample – Please be careful with the iron mountain, it has many dwarves in the caves.

137. Hehe

Definition – Sound a donkey makes, rude laughter

138. Heel

Definition – back part of human foot, dog command to stay by sideSynonyms – obey, heedExample – My dog ​​Bailey doesn’t crack very well, she is still being trained.

139. Heeler

Definition – German shepherd or cattle dog trained to herd animals / person who directs the rope by the heels rather than the head. Synonyms – Example – The cowboy heeler is very good and brings the cattle back to the cattle pen from the pasture.

140. heft

Definition – weight, heavinessSynonyms – weight, mass, bulkiness, hugeExample – The steel has a weight that cannot be lifted unless you use a machine.

141. Strong

Definition – heavy, big, muscular, tall and strongSynonyms – heavy, big, bold, massive, sturdy, substantialExample – This pro wrestler is a strong man and world champion on the way to be.

142. Heifer

Definition – young cow over a year old that has not yet had a calfSynonyms – yearling, lonerExample – Our heifer has not yet had a calf, but hopefully next year.

<p 143. Height

Definition – high point, distance from lowest to highest point of a standing person, distance above Synonyms – ceiling, peak, elevationExample – Annie is 1.80m tall and can reach the basketball hoop Lightness.

144. Increase

Definition – increase size, make taller, strengthen, emphasize important features ofSynonyms – add, strengthen, improve, increase, enhance Example – We try to increase our shed because we made it too small at first.

145. Heir

Definition – A person who inherits the property or inheritance of another after their death. Synonyms – Beneficiary, Heir, Successor Example – Richard is the rightful heir to the kingdom and will be a great ruler of our nation.

146. Heir

Definition – a woman who inherits the right of inheritanceSynonyms – heiress, beneficiaryExample – Gwendolyn is the heiress of a large fortune.

  1. Heights
  2. Height
  3. Heir
  4. Heirloom
  5. Hello
  6. Help
  7. Helper
  8. Helpful
  9. Helpful
  10. Helpfulness
  11. Herald
  12. Heir
  13. Heir
  14. Hero
  15. Heroic
  16. Heroically
  17. Heroine
  18. Heroism
  19. Hi
  20. High</li
  21. Highness
  22. Hilarious
  23. Hilarity
  24. Hip
  25. Hipster
  26. Historical</li
  27. Hit
  28. Holiday
  29. Holiness
  30. Wholeness
  31. Holistic
  32. Holy
  33. Homage
  34. Home
  35. Homebound
  36. Homecoming
  37. Homegrown
  38. Homeland
  39. Homely
  40. Homemade
  41. Homey
  42. Hone
  43. Honest
  44. Honest
  45. Honesty
  46. Honey
  47. Honeymoon
  48. Honeypot
  49. Honeyed
  50. Honeylike
  51. Honor
  52. E honorable
  53. Honorable orably
  54. Honorarium
  55. Honorary
  56. Honored
  57. Honoree
  58. Honorifics
  59. Hoot
  60. Hooray
  61. Hope
  62. Hope
  63. Hope
  64. Hope
  65. Hospitality</li
  66. Hospitable
  67. Hospitality
  68. Host
  69. Hot
  70. Hotcake
  71. Hotshot
  72. Hello
  73. Husband
  74. Huddle
  75. Hug
  76. Huge
  77. Huge
  78. Huggable
  79. Hug
  80. Hum
  81. Human
  82. Human
  83. Humanity
  84. Humanism
  85. Humanistic
  86. Humanistic
  87. Humanitarian
  88. Humanity
  89. Humanity
  90. Human</li
  91. Humble
  92. Humiliating
  93. Humility
  94. Humorous
  95. Humor
  96. Humorous
  97. Humorous
  98. Hunk
  99. Hooray
  100. Husky
  101. Huzzah
  102. Hygienic
  103. Hype
  104. Hyperactive
  105. Hyperfine
  106. Hypersonic
  107. Hypnotic
  108. Hysterical

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