SPIRITUAL BEGGARS – debut first ‘Sunrise To Sundown’ single; Tour Announced!

SPIRITUAL BEGGARS, the Swedish vintage-style hard rock pioneers, return with their 9th studio album entitled Sunrise To Sundown, to be released on 18th North America via InsideOutMusic. As a result, the band are now debuting the album’s first single with the title track ‘Sunrise To Sundown’ which has been featured on the UK’s Classic Rock Magazine website. Listen to the song here: http://classicrock.teamrock.com/news/2016-02-05/spiritual-beggars-launch-sunrise-to-sundown SPIRITUAL BEGGARS- Guitarist Michael Amott commented on the song: “I wrote ‘Sunrise To Sundown’ last year and brought it to the jamroom, where it went very quickly from a basic idea to a finished arrangement in about five minutes! Some songs come quickly and others take time to fully develop, you never know when inspiration will hit you… and therein lies the beauty of making music. The lyrics also follow this train of thought and talk about following the path you have taken and making your dreams come true – two things that I believe in very much.” Besides the static video stream via the Classic Rock website, the track “Sunrise To Sundown” now also available as a digital single via Spotify here: http://bit.ly/stsSPOTIFY And a digital album pre-order (with immediate instant access to the title track !) is up here now too: ITunes: http://smarturl.it/sunrisetsITUNESAmazon:http://smarturl.it/stsAMAZONMP3 The cover -Album artwork was created by Costin Chioreanu / Twilight13Media (At The Gates, Grave, Arcturus, etc.) and here is the album tracklist: SPIRITUAL BEGGARS – “Sunrise to Sunset” 1. Sunrise to Sunset 2. Diamond Under Pressure 3 What Doesn’t Kill You 4. Hard Road 5. Still Hunter 6. Niem andsland 7. I’ll turn into stone 8. Child of the Dark Light 9. Lonely Freedom 10. You’ve Been Fooled 11. Southern Star The limited version of the album will be released as a 2CD mediabook with a bonus CD including 7 tracks (2 covers and 5 live songs) and an extended booklet. The LP format is reduced to 180gr. Vinyl and come in gatefold packaging with a double-sided poster and the full standard album on CD as a bonus. More details on album formats and pre-order links to be announced shortly… Just like their previous two album releases, Return To Zero (2010) and Earth Blues (2013), the outstanding line-up of SPIRITUAL BEGGARS consists of bandleader Michael Amott (Arch Enemy , ex Carcass) on guitars, along with Apollo Papathanasio (ex Firewind) on vocals, Sharlee D’Angelo (Arch Enemy, Witchery) on bass, Per Wiberg (Candlemass, ex Opeth) on keyboards, and Ludwig Witt (Grand Magus, Firebird) on drums. After a busy few years with Arch Enemy, Michael Amott and his bandmates have once again found the availability and inspiration to put down 11 dynamic and uplifting new songs that not only lightly demonstrate just how much SPIRITUAL BEGGARS still are at their game after over 20 years of activity, but also add a fresh and spontaneous vibe to their impressive catalogue. To support the release of “Sunrise To Sundown” SPIRITUAL BEGGARS will also be on the road at the following club dates and festivals (*latest updates!): SPIRITUAL BEGGARS – Live 2016:Tour poster 1 03/27/2016 – Schijndel, Netherlands – Paaspop 03/28/2016 – Cologne, Germany – Club Bahnhof Ehrenfeld 03/29/2016 – Aschaffenburg, Germany – Colos Hall 03/31/2016 – Leipzig, Germany – Hellraiser 04/01/2016 – Hamburg, Germany – Logo 04/02/2016 – Essen, Germany – Turock 04/04/2016 – Pratteln, Switzerland – Z7 04/06/2016 – Kortrijk, Belgium – De Kreun 04/07 2016 – Rouen, France – Le 106 04/08/2016 – Brest, France – Plougarock Festival Warm Up 04/09/2016 – Nantes, France – Le Ferrailleur 04/10/2016 – Paris, France – Backstage By The Mill 04/12/2016 – Munich, Germany – Electricity 04/14/2016 – Karlsruhe, Germany – Substage 04/15/2016 – Malmö, Sweden – KB * April 16, 2016 – Stockholm, Sweden – Göta Käll are * April 17, 2016 – Gothenburg, Sweden – Sticky Fingers * April 28, 2016 – Berlin, Germany – Desertfest July 7, 2016 – Ballenstedt, Germany – Rock Harz Open Air * July 8, 2016 – Oulu , Finland – Jalometalli Metal Music Festival Feel free to Also check out two videos released for the previous album Earth Blues: Turn The Tide here: http://youtu.be/tvi2V6mFlYM Wise As A Serpent”: http://www.youtube.com/watch ?v=pDb7r2E5qfw And available previous SPIRITUAL BEGGARS releases can be found here in the IOM webshop: https://www.insideoutshop.de/Search?q=spiritual beggars SPIRITUAL BEGGARS online: www.spiritualbeggars.com www.facebook.com/spiritualbeggarsofficial http://twitter.com/Spiritual_B https://www.instagram.com/spiritual_beggars/ INSIDEOUTMUSIC online: www.insideoutmusic.com www.youtube.com/InsideOutMusicTV www.facebook.com/InsideOutMusic www.insideoutshop.de


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