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Tattoos aren’t easy to remove, so make sure it’s a tattoo you want if you decide to get it. A popular design that many people get is the number 777 tattooed on them. So what is the meaning behind the 777 tattoo?

Like all tattoos, 777 can have positive and negative meaning depending on the design used. In numerology, 777 is a very spiritual and positive number. It is also an angel number. However, certain designs use 777 as a symbol of white supremacy, known as the triskele.

It is important to understand the positive and negative connotations of the tattoo you wish to have before making your decision. Let’s look at the numerological and spiritual meaning of 777 as an angel number and what 777 design is considered a hate symbol.

The Positive Meanings of 777

The number 777 is very spiritual and has many positive connotations. It’s a great number for a tattoo for anyone who is spiritual or religious. In numerology it is believed to bring luck. As an angel number, it means that you are on the right path. As a religious number, it symbolizes the perfect number 7.

The meaning of 777 in numerology

The number 7 is believed to be a number that brings luck and abundance. It is often used by people who want to manifest something they desire. When you use angel number 777 you can attract whatever you want and need. You will also be able to gain control over your thoughts and emotions.

777 symbolizes spiritual awareness and is specifically associated with the third eye chakra, located between your eyebrows. The third eye is one of the seven chakras. The seven chakras are seven energy points in our body. Many people believe it is important to keep these chakras aligned and open in order to balance our nerves, organs and places in our body that affect us physically and emotionally.

The third eye is believed to control our intuition , spiritual perception, imagination and clarity. The third eye is also connected to our creativity. There are creative solutions to every problem. While there is a specific reference to the third eye chakra, your tattoo can refer to all chakras as there are 7. A 777 tattoo can symbolize how important it is for you to stay aligned and balanced.

777 As An Angel Number

When you see 777, angels are guiding you. You are kept away from dangers most of the time and always guided on the right path by your angels. Angels are constantly protecting you from evil spirits even when you cannot see them. It also means you are heading in the right direction and encouraged to continue on your current path. Changes in your life are about to come.

While the angel number 777 can signify changes, it is also a reminder to remember your blessings. You should be content with what you already have and grateful to the universe. Getting a 777 tattoo can symbolize that you are protected and guided by divine beings. It can also mean that you are grateful for everything you have.

Spiritual meaning of 777

The angel number 777 is related to self-confidence. This number is asking you to reflect and grow spiritually. We all have gifts that are called to make the world a better place.

Spiritual growth as a person will fulfill you in your life. Because of this, 777 is also associated with abundance. You should have positive thoughts to bring good into your life.

Religious meaning of 777

In Judaism, the number 7 is considered a perfect number. The number 7 is also a number of God. It symbolizes God’s hard work. God rested on the seventh day after He created the earth and heavens.

Because of this, the number 7 can also mean that you should reward yourself after hard work. A 777 tattoo could signify your faith and spirituality if you are a Christian.

777 as a symbol of hatred

A specific design of 777 is considered to be a symbol of hatred that the numbers emanate from from a single central point. It is called a triskele.

The triskele used by Nazis during and after World War II

Nazis appropriated the triskele in Germany to express their hatred of the Jewish people. It is a highly inappropriate tattoo. The symbol has its origins in pre-Christian Europe. You’ll also find different versions of it, such as the coat of arms of the Kingdom of Naples and the seal of the US Department of Transportation.

This was before its appropriation. See the picture above. The triskele bears a striking resemblance to the swastika, a hate symbol used during and after World War II.

The triskele as a symbol of white supremacy

The Afrikaner Weerstandsbeweging (AWB) was a South African white supremacist group formed in 1970. This group used the Nazi flag but replaced the swastika with the triskele. The 777 used is associated with white supremacy and is very common in racist skinhead groups.


It is important to research what type of tattoo you want to get so you don’t get an inappropriate one. Nazis and white supremacist groups usually use the number 777 to symbolize their hatred. It closely resembles the swastika. The use of the triskele as a symbol of hatred towards Jews and people of color was and is widespread after the Second World War. It’s popular with racist groups like Nazis and the AWB.

777 has many meanings. Some positive and some negative. Due to its synchronicity, 777 signifies that you are on the right path and receive divine guidance. A 777 tattoo can also mean that you are grateful for all you have and divinely protected. It has religious and spiritual significance. For this reason it is a good choice for a tattoo.


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