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In my last article I shared that I wanted you all to know how the Lord prepared me for my first real fast. To be effective, preparation is key. Here are the 5 steps I took to get started:

1. Pray.

I’ve known for a while that God was calling me to fast. I’ve always put it off because food has always helped me cope. I wasn’t ready to give it up yet.

In the weeks leading up to my fast, I began to pray and ask God to prepare my heart, mind and body for the fast

strong>. That’s how I got it in my head. I would also pray extensively, specifying what I want the Lord to do in me during the fast, and also hear what He has in store for me. Some people fast for purpose, healing, or guidance. It’s okay to have more than one area of ​​focus.

I believe that praying in advance about the fast and my intentions for the fast has made me even more excited about the fasting journey. The fear I had before about letting go of food was gone and I couldn’t wait to hear from the Lord and receive all that He had for me.

2. Find related scriptures.

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If you are fasting about healing, write down healing scriptures that you can study and meditate on during your fast. This is very important. It’s so much easier to have everything on hand during the fast than trying to find the most important verses while you’re in the middle of the fast.

With all the changes you’re going through that the process runs as smoothly as possible. Fonts are also a motivational tool. For example, at my workplace, I put sticky notes around my surroundings to encourage and remind me.

3. Plan.

Unfortunately, most of us cannot escape to a remote island to fast and commune with God. I am single and work full time. Meal planning was vital to me – I was fasting, not my daughter. I had to do some shopping ahead of time and make sure I had everything we needed during my fast. If there had been any unexpected inconvenience with our meals, I might have given up and postponed the fast any longer.

Also, God told me to fast for 7 days. Ask God how long you should fast and what you should offer. Some of you might not have a problem with food like me. Maybe you’re a vegan saint, but you need to be fasting from Scandal, Empire, or the NFL network. Perhaps God will have you quickly through technology or social media.

However you fast, it is between you and God – so let Him guide you. Plan as much as possible as hiccups will seem more frequent and you don’t need undue stress during this time.

4. Eliminate distractions.

What are the distractions? do things you don’t have to do. Yes, checking social media counts! Conversations with friends, joint leisure trips – leave that and take your consecration seriously. This is another reason why planning is important. You may not want to fast if it is going to be a busy month for your family. Find time to devote all your free time to seeking the Lord in prayer and meditation on the Word of God. Of course you have to work, cook and do the housework – but be careful. Fulfill your responsibilities and then go straight back to God.

5. Pre-Fasting (optional)

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Knowing that fasting was going to be extra hard for me, I started fasting one day a week to prepare for the real thing. Mind you, this is my first real fast where God told Jeannette to fast – it was personal. I did it for myself and my next level depended on it. I had to be ready and a little practice helped.

How did I fast?

God took me on a 7 day Daniel fast. All I ate was fruit and veg and it was an amazing experience. One of the things that struck me the most during this fast was that I could literally feel the duality of spirit and flesh. Honestly I felt like a ghost in a body when I normally feel like a body that has a ghost. There were times when my body felt tired due to the drastic change in diet. But my spirit, which is the real me, never felt better! I felt very conscious and my senses were heightened. It was as if my whole body was breathing and absorbing oxygen – not just my lungs.

Another difference I noticed was that it was very easy to come before God. What I mean by that is that sometimes you have to be absolutely silent, or play music, or be at home and settle down, to get to His secret place. Not when fasting! You could be in a burning building and have such serenity and calm around you – nothing can take you off Jesus’ feet! It’s so nice to experience. The level of peace is unreal.

I also had prophetic dreams which I documented in my journal. Please get a journal if you don’t already have one – write down everything that God speaks or shows to you.

Well, as wonderful as this has all been for me, I have a few caveats:

Hydrate. Before, during and after. Just drink water even if you’re not thirsty. The first three days of my fast I had the worst headache of my entire life! I don’t wish that on anyone! Drinking water will help your body flush out toxins from all the bad food (and bad emotions) you may be dealing with.

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Prepare for attacks! The devil doesn’t want you extradited, team. When you begin to delve into the supernatural, the devil will be right there to do everything in his power to stop you – especially after your fast – so be praying. You already have the victory through Jesus Christ.

So what is the play call?

If you believe that God When you are fasting, give yourself plenty of time to prepare.

Concentrate and be purposeful. During your fast, seek specific things from the Lord and write down what He reveals to you.

“Be vigilant, for your adversary the devil walks like a roaring lion, seeking whom he may 1 Peter 5:8


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