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Birthdays give us a chance to celebrate life and the many more beautiful memories that life brings.

A religious birthday wish is one of the best ways to give someone who is celebrating their birthday to convey our wish.

If you think that a simple spiritual sentiment is an appropriate way to greet someone, here are the top 60 religious birthday wishes to inspire you.

Happy Birthday! I pray that your special day will be filled with all the glory and wonder of God’s unfailing love and that you will feel His presence working in your life for years to come!

Every day is a great one Celebrate the wonderful works of God. But today is a great day to celebrate you, one of God’s most wonderful creations, wonderful birthday!

Happy Birthday! May God continue to shower you with all the blessings you truly deserve!

On your birthday, I wish that your faith in God will increase and that God’s love will carry you on. Best Birthday!

On this day may you feel the loving presence of the Lord working in your life! Enjoy your day because you deserve to be happy. Happy Birthday!

On your special day, I pray that God will continue to warm your heart and lift your spirits as he brings you peace and serenity on this very special day.

Happy Birthday ! May God continue to bless you with all the wonderful things in life!

On this day of yours, take God’s hand and rejoice as it has many great things ahead and planned in the years until you come. Happy Birthday!

100 Happy Birthday Wishes

The path of faith may not be the easiest. That’s why God gives us the choice to go our own way. So be happy and celebrate the amazing choices you made on this special day in your life. Best Bday!

I wish I was with you to celebrate this special day. Please know that you are on my mind and you are in God’s embrace forever. Happy birthday to you!

Smile because it’s your birthday. May God continue to shower you with so many blessings because you truly deserve to be happy! Best Birthday!

Birthdays aren’t just about gifts, they’re about God’s presence, cheers! Happy Birthday!

Rejoice because this is the day God made you! Please note that I am really proud to be a part of your wonderful life journey. May you have a wonderful birthday and may there be many more great years ahead of you! Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday! May his word bring light into your life and guide you in every step and decision you make.

Today is one of the most special days that God created. Why? Because it’s your birthday, have a wonderful birthday!

It’s your faith that will make you strong, but it’s your birthdays that make you old. So on your birthday I pray that your faith in God will increase even more, best birthday!

God will not count the candles you have on your cake nor the money in your bank account. It is the love in your soul that is more important. Wonderful Bday!

Remember that you are made in God’s image and likeness, so try to look as presentable as possible on your birthday, Best Bday!

Best Bday! I pray that God will continue to bless the work of your hands and grant you lasting favors throughout your life.

105 Happy Birthday Funny

Happy Birthday to you! May God keep you looking young and gorgeous all year round!

Every day of your life is truly a godsend. Make sure you tear off the wrapping paper and waste the contents.

Enjoy your special day and may God bless you with many more years and a great life. Happy Birthday!

Best Birthday! May the coming years of your life be filled with new discoveries of God’s love and goodness!

Happy Birthday! Thank you for having us here. May you continue to receive God’s blessings every single day of your life!

Happy Birthday. Remember that celebrating a birthday is the same as counting the blessings you have received in life. So be thankful because God has really blessed you a lot!

Happy Bday! Celebrate life on this day and celebrate happiness too! May God continue to bless you with so many wonderful things in life.

Remember that God is with you on your birthday. But many of your friends will also go with you. Happy Bday!

Wonderful birthday! May peace be with you as you add another year to your life and may God grant all your heart’s desires!

The 40 Christian Birthday Wishes

Remember your birthday this God walks with you every single step of your journey. So be glad it’s your birthday. Happy Birthday!

Celebrate your birthday but never forget to thank God for the many wonderful things you have received in life.

Happy birthday to you! May you have a blessed day and a great life! God bless!


You are created by God in his own image and likeness. That alone is reason enough to celebrate his life. Best Bday!

Best Bday for you! May God continue to give you enough strength to blow out all those candles in your cake! But if you need help, I’m always there for you. Happy Birthday!

If the Lord willing and the rivers don’t rise, I will be there to help you blow out all the candles on your birthday cake. Happy Birthday!

Religious-Birthday- Wishes03

I’m not sure if it’s your real birthday or if you just love to sneeze because God blessed you with such a wonderful birthday!

Me hope you have a really great day on your birthday and may you have wonderful years ahead. Happy Birthday!

On your birthday, may you be filled with peace, joy and laughter throughout the year! As the years pass, as you continue your life journey, may you continue to strengthen lives and bring glory to our God! Best Birthday!

Today is not just a day to celebrate your birthday. But also a day to celebrate a great gift from God. Thank you for coming into our life, wonderful birthday!

Happy Birthday! It’s time to celebrate your birthday and the life that God has given you.


You should feel great because you were created by God! Happy birthday and may God continue to bless you!

Have a wonderful birthday! May you have an amazing day and great years! Above all, may God grant all desires and desires in your heart!


God certainly loves me because He has allowed me to meet a special person like you. God bless you every day! Happy Birthday!

Religious-Birthday- Wishes06

My prayer on your birthday is a lifetime of joy and happiness! Happy Birthday.

Religious-Birthday- Wishes02

I hope you have a wonderful day and many more blessed years ahead. Have a wonderful birthday and may God continue to bless you and your family.

Happy Birthday! May God continue to bless you with much peace, love and happiness in your life!


Best Bday! My wish for you is that God will lift you up more and bless you with all that you most desire in your life.

May God bless you on this special day and may the goodwill of others shine She. Most of all, may you have peace in your life, Best Bday!

May all the blessings of another birthday uplift your spirit and fill your heart, Happy Birthday!

The 60 Happy Birthday Blessings

Happy Birthday! May God continue to keep you in His care! Remember that every day of your life there is someone looking down on you.

I wish that God will give you more birthdays and that you live long so that we can Spend them more time together, wonderful birthday!

Best birthday! Be grateful that God has blessed you with another year in your life. So celebrate and enjoy the celebration!

A life well lived is reason enough to celebrate. Indeed, God performed a merry dance when you were born. Wonderful Birthday!

Here’s a toast to celebrate the great life you’ve lived. Cheers to your birthday! I thank God for creating you because you have brought so much joy into our lives.

When God created you, He did it with purpose and plan. He saw all of your days before you lived any of them, so remember you really are special in God’s eyes. Happy Birthday!

On this special day, may the Lord God continue to pour out His love on you, wherever you go and in all areas of your life! Happy Bday!


Happy birthday! I thank God for guiding you to this day. May His grace always follow you!

Remember that we are all special in God’s eyes.On your birthday, may you be blessed with so many wonderful times and many happy returns in your life in the years to come! Happy Birthday!

On your birthday, I wish that God will continue to pour His blessings into your life and the people you love. Be ready to receive God’s blessings, for surely there will be many. Happy Birthday!

Always let God choose your path, for He will surely choose the right patch for you. Wonderful birthday! Be happy because you really deserve to be happy, not just today but for the many more years ahead.

You are truly a blessing from God, so it really is worth it to celebrate your birthday. Best Bday!

Religious Birthday Wishes for Son or Daughter

May God bless you on this birthday and every birthday to come! Happy Birthday to someone who deserves the best of everything!

May you feel God smiling on you on your birthday – and may you feel Him with you every other day of the year too!

On your birthday, may you and God be closer than ever, and may your day be a very special one!

Your faith has grown over the past year and I pray that it still does more grows as you celebrate your birthday and head into a new year.

Your faith is something that is important to you and I hope this birthday celebrates it yours!

Your relationship with God should grow each day and I pray that this birthday brings you closer to Him.

May your birthday be full of blessings and may you feel how God is with you as you celebrate this celebrate your special day.

God is always with you, and I pray that as you celebrate your birthday, you will feel His presence in a new way.

The one who di I pray for you on this birthday and I pray that you will feel His presence as you celebrate with your loved ones.

I pray that you may have all the blessings on this special birthday that you could ever desire!

When God created you, He had a plan for your life. I pray that as you celebrate this birthday, you will feel that this plan is working!

May this birthday be one that helps you feel closer to who you and the people, that he placed into your life.

May you feel God by your side throughout your birthday and throughout the coming year!


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