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Before we reach the sixth and seventh dimensions, we experience the fifth dimension. But this can only be experienced after the third and fourth dimensions are stabilized. The fifth dimension is a superconscious realm of clear white light, simultaneous knowledge, insight and intuition of all forms in time and space and divine consciousness. Most experience the fifth dimension through brief intuitive flashes and insights. In order to prolong fifth dimensional consciousness, it is important to develop healthy mental and physical habits.

Unedited Transcript:

[Bodhinatha begins his talk. It sounds like it’s going to rain heavily in the Aadheenam.] Good morning everyone.

Recently we were talking about the seven dimensions within the Shum language and reading from Gurudeva’s talk on the fourth dimension, so I thought we’d go ahead and read part of Gurudeva’s description of the fifth dimension. As a reminder, the inner dimensions—fourth, fifth, sixth, and seventh—are primarily related to the corresponding chakras. So the fourth dimension is primarily related to the fourth chakra, and the fifth dimension is primarily related to the fifth chakra. So when you hear about it, say, “Oh, that sounds pretty good!” but remember that there are two more dimensions – the sixth and seventh are even deeper.

In the fifth dimension of mind, all development of form is perceived. When we see a flower, we not only see it as it is at that moment, but at the same time we actually see the stages of its life from birth to preservation to decay. Here we see “life in a blade of grass and the universe in a grain of sand”. All things are in all things.

The fifth dimension is not timeless, but it has no consciousness of time or even the third dimension – it is pure insight. Then the insight is translated into the fourth dimension where it can be understood by the outer consciousness of man. From the fifth dimension, we can look millions of years into the past, the Akashic Record, or project an object into the future according to its vibratory rate. In that sense, she is beyond time, whereas the fourth dimension spans a nine-day radius into her past, present, and future.

In the fifth dimension, there are vast areas of knowledge that can be consciously explored. Depth laws of the interactions of form and force fields can be unfolded. From here we can enter the first dimension, the interior of the physical universe, and unravel the so-called mysteries of life from the cellular to the subatomic. From the fifth dimension we can also peer into and learn about other deep layers of the mind – the sixth and seventh dimensions.

Metaphysicians call the fifth dimension the “mind of light” because it is the superconscious realm, out where the clear white light is seen inside to fill the head. When man comes into the sixth dimension, this light spreads throughout the physical body and can even be seen in the feet when walking.

The fifth dimension can be accessed with the Kalingkasim or Vishuddha chakra be associated, which is located on the neck. People who are conscious in the fifth dimension have a deep universal love for other people. They are often humanists. Life for them is a joyful, even blissful experience with events happening in perfect timing. Other people like to be with them because they are open and present to the needs of others. The forces of her life are directed less consciously than superconsciously by the fifth dimension itself, which holds all aspects in proportion. Of course they also need a strong fourth dimensional ability to follow these subtle directions and a strong third dimension to sustain the powers of the superconscious.

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There are a variety of phases within the fifth dimension. There is one phase that handles karma, another time and time cycles, another that provides for the coherent and collapsing forces of evolution and form, and yet another that oversees the light in its diversity of vibrational expression. Although the trained mystic can remain in intense fifth dimensional states for long periods of time, the first experiences are generally brief intuitive flashes. Yet even these seemingly brief encounters represent an enormous mental, emotional, and spiritual adjustment, so powerful are the superconscious powers.

Fifth dimensional abilities operate entirely separately from the third dimension. They are independent faculties. For example, you could be cleaning the house and at the same time working on the fifth dimensional level in South America and be unaware of it or be aware of it. It’s a completely different phase of the mind, almost like the beginning of a new mind from a certain perspective. It doesn’t relate to your personality, your intellect, or anything you do or have done in the second, third, or fourth dimensions. The only way to bring this consciousness through is to have a very stable fourth dimension that is separate from the second and third.Otherwise you would not be aware of your own functioning on the higher levels.

So that’s a very interesting idea – doing two things at once has a new meaning. Be here and be somewhere else. This is what Gurudeva was good at. He could be consciously here in his lower mind and in this dimension of mind, be somewhere else – be in Malaysia, be in Mauritius. Generally he would choose to be where he had devotees, he just wouldn’t get out on the planes from Arizona or something to look at the cactus. If he was going somewhere inside, it was because he had a reason to be. You can too–if you go to a temple regularly and you are at home, you can still be in the temple in that state of mind. You can be in two places at once, I say. Doing two things at the same time is another meaning. Being in two places at the same time. Your consciousness can be in two places at once for some reason, like a temple. So you could be at home doing something and you could also be present in the temple in the fifth dimension of mind.

If you imagine the Simshumbese current as a string of wires, consciousness in general would flow through only one of them. In order to get to the next wire, it is not possible to jump in the middle. You have to go up, into the fifth dimension, because that’s the only opening. Most people are only aware of one stream or two and believe that is all there is.

The fifth dimension is quiet and contains everything – every copy of every object at every stage of evolution. Take this book for example. It has its existence in the fifth dimension, which fully encompasses every stage of its construction, aging, and split-second by split-second decay, as well as its ultimate disappearance into other elements. If you were to look at this book from the fifth dimension, you would see it in its entirety of evolutionary development and dissolution. And you would see it all now. If you were to see a person from the fifth dimension, you would immediately see them as an infant, a grown man, an old man, dead, decayed and reborn. Now whole. In every split second of his entire life pattern. It is the same with everything.

From this we can see that the fifth dimensional world, which is a very vibrant world, is the core of the soul body and the fulcrum from which human destiny is mapped out. And yet it is a world completely independent of all others. That’s the paradox. It is all form in time and space and yet has nothing to do with what we normally call time and space. In the fifth dimension we have no sense of ego, personal I or mine, which is ultimately composed of the elements of the second and third dimensions.

The fifth dimension is pure superconscious. The Spirit of Light. Absolute Consciousness. Indeed, upon entering it appears to be a new spirit, so independent is it of all known forms of external existence. Yet it is connected to the fourth dimension. There is an overlap, a blending of the fourth and fifth layers at the periphery of the fifth that resolves as awareness enters the mind of light where there is no awareness of time or space and things are transparent.

When humans function in the fifth dimension, they are not out of touch with everyday realities. It makes them extremely alert and bright. They’ll be there in a moment. They see things that need to be done and do them. Because they draw on a huge energy store and a broad evolutionary perspective, they complete even unfamiliar tasks with confidence – as if they had already performed them a thousand times. They’ve never done it, but they did. They feel they have. Nothing seems strange or uncomfortable. Everything is familiar and they bring grace to every area of ​​life.

In the beginning we only discover the fifth dimension through flashes, glimpses. Humans have had intuitive flashes that have altered and altered the pattern of their entire lives. Great inventions and music came out of the fifth dimension at lightning speed, followed by years of elaborating every detail all the way to the fourth and third dimensions. The still, small voice or the inner voice comes directly from the fifth dimension. The third eye functions from the fifth and sixth dimensions. Awakened psychics enter the fifth dimension and are able to read patterns of the future and past through the third eye.

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The way to stabilize in fifth dimensional consciousness is to lead a positive and virtuous inner life and a positive and virtuous outer life. This simple act brings the subtle layers of existence to the forefront of consciousness. You don’t have to wait for a still, small voice to speak. It’s always there – a functioning part of the mind and not an occasional high.

That’s an interesting point. Sometimes I use the analogy of a radio. You know, radios are getting very old fashioned, I’ll have to come up with a new one soon.[Bodhinatha laughs!] It’s like a radio station that’s turned down really low. So you have trouble hearing it, but it IS on, it’s there. It’s like our inner voice. It’s on, it’s here. But it’s so quiet, but we’re so loud in our outer mind that we don’t hear it. But it’s not like we have to turn it on or that it doesn’t work. That is what Gurudeva says. You don’t have to wait for a quiet, low voice to speak. It’s always there – a functioning part of the mind and not an occasional high. That’s his point. Our intuition, our inner voice, that area of ​​mind is there, but our outer area of ​​mind is covering it up with all the noise in our outer consciousness. Our emotions and our thinking – we drown out the sound, like a radio station. So we have to turn it up, so to speak, by calming the outside. And finding it too, and once we’ve found it – actually finding it with the mind is like turning on a radio. Between combining the two, stilling the outer mind and finding that area of ​​consciousness, which means focusing on it, it becomes louder and more obvious. But it is always there.

Then comes one of the difficulties – that of translating knowledge and insight into conceptual understanding. Very often fifth dimensional insight is so deep, so subtle, that we cannot name it and therefore cannot reconstruct it in our memory patterns. We’re like, “Oh, this is so clear, so obvious, I could never forget it.” Ten minutes later we struggle to maintain the continuity of the experience, which dreamlike begins to fade. But as we become more familiar with these layers, the memory imprints itself more easily in the physical brain cells and the fifth dimension comes into focus for us.

So that’s an interesting point and it relates focusing particularly on the initial shift experiences. We get a glimpse of ourselves, a glimpse of how the mind works, a glimpse of a project. Some kind of insight comes through and we’re like, “Oh yeah, that’s great,” and ten minutes later we can’t remember it. It’s a different kind of knowledge than what we’re used to. We are used to sequential knowledge, the meaning of thought in the external mind. You know, you read something three sentences long and it’s sequential knowing – one thought follows another while this is simultaneous knowing. It’s all there at once. So it’s a different kind of knowledge and it’s easy to forget. So a simple idea is – WRITE IT OUT! [Bodhinatha laughs!] Write it down. Sometimes it can also be a dream – you come out of a deep dream which is a fifth dimensional experience and you have an idea, a very good idea or an insight – WRITE IT DOWN before you forget. Write it down legibly and in enough detail that you can figure it out later because it won’t make any sense later. If you’re not used to it, you won’t make sense out of your own notes! It will seem so – it will seem too short, too short. Because it didn’t come in a series of words, but in a simultaneous knowledge. It came – one cannot say that simultaneous knowledge came immediately! [Bodhinatha laughs again.] It came out simultaneously, but normally normal thoughts would come out sequentially. So be sure to write it down clearly, not briefly.

There are fourteen different nerve channels within the spine, each representing a complete field of the mind such as language, philosophy, music and art, science, medicine, politics, yoga, religion and so on. Well, in one of my notes, I have their names. It is common for them to be named in Sanskrit. All 14 streams have names. So there is one of them and I imagine that this is the same stream that Gurudeva experienced which is called the Ooda stream which is called the Sarasvati and according to this particular explanation it connects with the tongue i.e. sounds it as if he could relate to the language.

Only through the fifth dimension can consciousness move into other channels. This gives people different mental structures, different points of reference and different inner potentials. They relate everything to the channels they work in and value and connect with others in the same channel. People functioning in related channels are close, but unless they flow through the identical channel of Simshumbese, they will not journey together in consciousness. They can travel closely, but not together. The scientist does not look at life in the same way as the mystic does, and none of them look at it the way the musician would. Each channel has its own color. For example, the science channel is very pale green. The language of the channel is lavender and pale yellow. For example, if consciousness is functioning in channel “D,” it will normally flow there for the rest of life. Consciousness cannot move from the second, third, or fourth dimension to, say, channel “F”. We must meditate extremely deeply to reach the fifth dimension at the throat chakra, where the Simshumbese is entered.

This is why people are more or less set in their patterns throughout their lives. They are literally limited to one channel or another of their being and stay there, often appreciating others who function in vastly different ways but cannot be that way themselves. Or so it seems. Basically, they do not have the stability of 2nd dimensional materialism or 3rd dimensional mental and emotional forces under their control well enough to enter the 5th dimension long enough to rechannel consciousness.

Religious people or mystics, who have dived deep into the fifth dimension and emerge from that experience in a new channel acquire a firm sense of mission or calling. You feel reborn, awakened, transformed. The world is suddenly different and their whole life has changed in an abrupt span of time, going into the 5th dimension and returning to the 4th through this new channel. They internally perceive the ability that man has to transform himself in this lifetime, and they often look to a spiritual destiny to fulfill the larger pattern.

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Yet other religious and mystical people went deep into the fourth dimension, profoundly unraveled insights and brought forth great knowledge, and yet nothing changed in them. Why? They didn’t have the foundation – control over the vacillating forces of the second and third dimensions and that alone kept them from going a little deeper into the fourth where it ground up and merged into the fifth dimension. The second and third dimensions always require consciousness to return to them when not fully balanced.

We now get examples. For example, when we are unkempt and untidy in our household, when we scatter clothes from room to room, this disorder is always a nagging awareness, taking us too far into outer awareness and plunging us into the quagmire of “I should have”. and “Well, it really doesn’t matter.” Until the outer dimensions are ordered and stabilized in crystal clear patterns of everyday life, we never go deep. The foundation must be built first and it must be strong. It is not wise to overlook the importance of the most basic and ordinary daily tasks and activities. Nobody wants to build the rest of the house only to later have to tear it down to fix weak spots in the foundation.

That’s a very good point. That we must have very good habits of dealing with the physical world, which we call the second dimension here, as well as good habits of dealing with our emotions so that we are not always upset and not constantly upsetting others, and the ability to control our thinking in such a way to control that it doesn’t just run wild. We don’t just worry about the future, regret the past, and sit with an intellect turned on during all our waking hours. You know that we need to get these three areas under control by developing positive habits.

In other words, even if some of these areas are not under control, it’s not a matter of just saying, “Oh, they’re not under control,” but of finding a way to bring them under control Control. That’s what Gurudeva is saying – we need to develop positive habits in areas where we don’t have them that create a foundation, a stable foundation.

Ok, almost done. [Bodhinatha sneezes. Bless you.] The advanced jnani, however, is not concerned with the intricate workings of the fifth dimension, which are more far-reaching in their ramifications than those of the outer worlds. He is more concerned with the stabilization of kaif – the pure consciousness of the seventh dimension – and that (what the self means) beyond a stilled mind, the self-god. He knows that the fifth dimension is already fully developed, already perfect, already functioning to advance life according to spiritual laws.

In other words, although I read all about the fifth dimension, the fifth dimension is not our primary goal. It’s an area that we want to function to one degree or another, but we want to go beyond that into the seventh dimension of pure awareness in our shum meditation approach. You know, because the fifth dimension is very branched. It’s kind of an area where you can get into and become a full-time psychic and read people’s past lives and future lives and make a fortune or something, but you’re not going to get anywhere near that realization. It’ll just branch you out in a new way. So parts of it are valuable – some kind of divine consciousness aspect of it is valuable to be able to experience, especially when dealing with the outside world to have that at the same time. But let’s not examine it in detail. We want to traverse it and go deeper into the seventh dimension where we have pure consciousness that is aware of itself.

So this is the fifth dimension. I thought you might be interested.I know when I read it some parts were harder to understand than others, but a simple way to think about it is a sense of divinity, a sense of God’s presence – in ourselves, in others, in the world, in everything. It’s an easy way to capture an aspect of the fifth dimension. If we don’t have that feeling in that moment, then we are not aware in the fifth dimension. If we don’t see ourselves as a divine being, see God in others, see everyone as a divine soul, see God pervading the world, see life as a beautiful place, then we are currently unaware of the fifth dimension. As Gurudeva says, this experience comes and goes initially. It’s not like we can sit there all the time, but ideally we’ll experience it at some point. The purpose of something like a festival is to raise our consciousness and after a particular festival puja we would ideally end up in that state of consciousness for a while depending on our habits – mental habits, physical habits would dictate how long we hold it be able . You know, if we turn around and fight with our spouse in the car on the way home, it’s gone. [Bodhinatha laughs!] So we need to have the right kind of habits to hold onto that kind of awareness when it matters, and that’s why Gurudeva’s teachings spend so much time developing those habits and empowering our emotions and intellect being in control and having good habits in dealing with our physical environment – all of this is necessary for us to be able to experience a deeper dimension like the fifth dimension and when we do this we can hold it for more than a few seconds. We can hold it for seconds or maybe even hours because our outer habits are good.

Well, thank you very much.

[End of Transcript]


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