1111 Meaning in Numerology: What the ‘Angel Number’ Is Trying to Tell You

One thousand one hundred eleven. Looks like an ordinary number to you. But apart from seeing it in the mathematical sense, have you thought of any other meaning for the number 1111?

While other numbers also have special meanings, 1111 is particularly considered an “angel number” that has been associated with good events, “such as people being saved from life-threatening events or circumstances,” says Vincent Genna, spiritual teacher, psychotherapist and host of the weekly radio show Stop Stopping Yourself!. Over time, people began to associate 1111 with significant new beginnings in life with the help or guidance of angels.

What does 1111 mean?

The ones mean new beginnings. Whether you’re just embarking on a brand new passage or you’re already on the right path, seeing 1111 coincides with it. And when you see it, experts say you should focus and use it as an indicator that you’re on the right track.

“1111 is a very high vibrational number that brings affirmation, especially when it comes to spiritual exploration and journeying,” says Lady Tracey Bond, innovator, co-creator of the DoubleOHHSevenEffect, and spiritual author.

What does it mean to see 1111?

When you see 1111 – a time, on a piece of paper, on a license plate, a phone number, on a sign, etc. – angels are trying to tell you something . It’s time to connect with your intuition. Whether your life will change for the better or signal you to take action for a positive outcome, have faith. A good transformation is near.

“If [you] see 1111 repeatedly, it means that [you] did not understand, accepted or did not believe the message,” explains Genna. “It is believed that the angels will continue to try to get the message through because they are persistent.” Stop being stubborn or opinionated. Be sure to act on the message and the number will stop repeating itself until the next message.

Bond continues the concept of 1111. “Angels communicate with heavenly intelligence through signs and wonders, colors and numbers,” she emphasizes. “[The number] 1111 is a confirmation that the soul is on the right path.”

How can 1111 help you in your life?

No question, everyone can benefit from the energy of 1111 and the concept (and belief!) of numbers. But how can it specifically help you in different aspects of your life?

  • In Grief: When you are mourning the loss of a loved one, seeing angel numbers will bring you comfort. “People who noticed repeated angel numbers throughout the day felt comforted that the angels were trying to tell the grieving person that they were there, supporting, loving, and comforting,” says Genna.
  • Uncertainty: According to Bond, the 1111 can benefit people who are feeling uncertain about a major change in their life or when they need to make an important decision. The numbers serve as symbols.
  • On plans: As you work towards a project or goal, the 1111 emergency number reminds you to keep going. The universe tells you that you are on the right path.

How can you tap into 1111 energy?

If you wish to harness the power of 1111, you may wish to manifest and actualize it. But does it work? Genna says that faith is everything. “The whole reason angel numbers came into existence was belief and desire to believe that the angels want to communicate with humanity,” he points out. So the short answer is, you can tap into the 1111 energy if you focus and pay attention. Then you will find the numbers appearing in your life.

“The more you believe that the numbers are a way to connect with the angels and receive guidance, and the more you pay attention , when these numbers appear, the more often the numbers appear and the stronger the messages become.” Essentially, faith unlocks your divine abilities.

Bond agrees. When you trust your higher consciousness, you can take an active role in shaping your own reality by tapping into the 1111 energy. “This can be harnessed with persistence and meditation, ultimately leading to greater focus, multi-sensory awareness, intense creativity, and eventually manifestation,” she explains.

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