Copycat Chipotle Sofritas – Make It Dairy Free

These imitation chipotle stir fries are so good, you may never have to set foot in a chipotle store again! You will love this recipe and how easy it is to make.

We love chipotle as much as the next vegan, but sometimes we don’t want to leave home and we want it faster than a delivery guy could bring us. Today we’re going to show you how to make imitation chipotle stir fries at home!

plus we love being able to control ingredients, spice levels and all the goodness that comes from cooking your own food. oh yeah, and it’s cheaper too.

It’s a win-win.

Even if you’re not sure you like tofu, you’ll enjoy this recipe! This chipotle sofritas copy recipe is an easy way to taste the tofu as it is crumbled and not left in blocks or cubes which is harder to perfect the texture.

what are sofritas?

sofritas are a popular protein option at the chipotle fast food chain. It’s tofu braised in a blend of spices, chipotle peppers, tomatoes, onions, and bell peppers! the option is a hit with vegans and vegetarians alike, as they can add it to their burritos, tacos and bowls at the popular restaurant. here, we show you how to make a similar version at home.

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ingredients of the vegan chipotle sofritas:

following are notes on the ingredients before we get into the full recipe further down in this post on how to make this easy vegan sofritas recipe:

  • Tofu – We prefer to use frozen pressed extra firm tofu (see tips below) for this copycat chipotle stir-fry recipe
  • onion and garlic – the base of our dish, these are our aromatics. we recommend using fresh garlic, and then we are using sweet onions
  • Chipotles in Adobo: These are smoked and dried jalapeños that have been canned inside a sweet and tangy tomato puree with a few other ingredients. you don’t need a lot because just a little goes a long way to increase the spice level
  • vegetable broth: We prefer to use a low-sodium vegetable broth for this recipe
  • tomato paste: You get a deep, rich flavor without excess water by using fresh or canned tomatoes, which affects the overall dish
  • maple syrup – yes, it adds a touch of sweetness to the dish. you don’t need much, but it helps a lot and also balances the acidity of the tomatoes
  • Spices: This blend of spices we’ve put together works to make this sofritas recipe as close as possible to the original chipotle recipe with ingredients that are easily accessible to the everyday cook
  • substitutions and variations:

    • Tofu – Firm tofu will also work for this recipe. we do not recommend using soft or silky tofu
    • onions: you can also use yellow onions
    • chipotles in adobo: while it will change the overall flavor and texture of the dish, you can swap them out for pickled jalapeños
    • vegetable broth: switch to vegan chicken or beef broth, again it will change the flavor at the end
    • Tomato Paste: If you only have fresh or canned tomatoes, you’ll want to swap the tomato paste for at least 6 tablespoons fresh or canned tomato. again, the flavor will be altered. we also recommend reducing the vegetable broth as you are adding tomato liquid if you go this route
    • maple syrup: agave and date syrup would be our first swap recommendations, but brown or coconut sugar could also work
    • Tips for making the perfect tofu:

      what is the best type of tofu to use?

      We prefer extra firm tofu for this recipe and highly recommend it. this recipe will also work with firm tofu if needed.

      We do not recommend using silken or soft tofu for this recipe.

      why should i freeze the tofu first?

      frozen tofu gives it a more meat-like texture. while this is not a requirement, we highly recommend doing it this way.

      freeze tofu in store packaging. then remove and allow to thaw completely before adding to a tofu press to drain (see below).

      how do I squeeze the tofu?

      The easiest way to squeeze tofu is to use a tofu press. we use this tofu press because it’s easy to use and works great.

      However, if you don’t have a tofu press, you can wrap the block of tofu in a kitchen towel, place it on a plate, and then put something heavy like a cast-iron skillet on top.

      frequently asked questions:

      How can I use imitation chipotle sofritas?

      There are so many ways to use sofritas. obviously the best answer is to make your own imitation chipotle stir fry bowls.

      here are some other recipes for you to try:

      • vegan cheese fries
      • vegan nachos
      • vegan quinoa and black bean tacos
      • pin this vegan copycat chipotle stir fry for later!

        let’s see your creations! share on instagram and tag us @makeitdairyfree so we can see and share it!

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