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Spiritual meaning of the letter S

Meaning of the letter S

The letter S is associated with the 21st letter Shin (Shin) in the Hebrew alphabet, the letter of fire and transformation. Since the 21st letter (2 1= 3), Shin (Fire – S) is a part of the Holy Trinity with 2 other elements: Air (Aleph – A) and Water (Mem – M).

In Kabbalistic teaching, Shin literally means tooth. The tooth symbolizes the process of chewing, grinding, and crushing food for assimilation, while fire provides heat for cooking, healing, and cleansing.

Both refer to the transformation process from raw material to usable essence. In other words, S symbolizes the process of transforming the gross substance of materiality into the essential spiritual form to prepare one to advance into a higher spiritual realm.

The original glyph of Shin depicts the 3 branches of flame. It is a symbolic representation of the 3 pillars of the tree of life: Mercy, Justice and Truth. Thus, the spiritual meaning of the letter S represents the principle of Christ in his esoteric teaching:

“I am the way and the truth, and life; none comes to the Father except through me.” (John 14:6)

In Christian mysticism, however, Jesus did not say “I am” but “my teaching”. Therefore, the original translation of this verse is: “My teachingsare the way and the truth and the life. strong>”.

This makes a big difference in the later translations of Bible verses because Jesus did not say “through me” that you can go to heaven.

In fact, henever claims that he is God, but the translators mistranslated the words “I” and “I am” with the word “my teachings”. That is, what he said was to learn from “my teachings” because those teachings were bestowed on him by the only One God.

According to esoteric Egyptian teachings, the letter S is a spiritual symbol for the sacred Serpents (Aspen) of Isis. Since Isis is the “doubly wise” goddess, she is usually depicted with 2 serpents on either side, representing the duality principle of nature.

The snake “hisses” to produce the sound “s”. Hence the name of Isis comes from the double “hiss” of the snake.

This may explain why when we add an “S” after a noun in English, it becomes “two or more” nouns. This concept is similar to the “double wisdom” of Isis.

This image here is similar to the Egyptian Holy Trinity: Isis, Osiris and Horus:

  • Isis = 2 serpents
  • Horus = the wing
  • Osiris = the red dot in the middle. He may also resemble Ra, the sun god.

The dragon is also a winged serpent originally derived from the notion of the goddess Isis. We see dragons in many cultures around the world like China, England, Mexico etc.

They are all descendants of Isis, originating from “Genesis” or “Genes of Isis”. When you read about the children of Israel they are symbolic of the children of “Is-ra-el” who are children of Isis, Ra and El.

Meaning of the letter S in your name

Positive Traits

In numerology, if the first letter of your given name starts with S, you possess a strong, supportive and assertive personality. Since the numerical value of S is 1, people who have S in their name are the be-all and end-all – the one who starts and ends.

S stands for itself. Hence everything belongs with itself has to do with your characteristics: self-confidence, self-confidence, self-assertion, etc. S also symbolizes success. You are probably a great achiever who loves sharing your talents to help the world.

Yet you work best when you’re alone. Since S is snake and snake is wisdom, you rely on your own wisdom and spiritual intuition to guide yourself rather than following other people’s commands. S people may be spiritually endowed with the gift of sight due to their sensitivity to spirituality in nature.

Negative Traits

When S becomes negative you can become egocentric, egotistical and jealous . S people need to watch over their egocentric tendency since S represents the self. Their life is usually flexible and changeable.

As a result, life can offer you so many choices, so make sure you make the wisest decisions that will benefit both you and others.


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