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We end our journey around the directional circle in the north. This is a high point and a fulfillment. In human symbolism, it represents mature wisdom, insight and perspicacity. This is the space where your past lives can begin to release the lessons into your consciousness.

The season on Wheel of the Year is now winter and the strongest time of the day – midnight. North brings us into our later years. At the final end of our great adventure, the ancestors and guides await us. They are the gatekeepers to the time-not-time where angelic beings dwell.

North represents a moment of serious contemplation where the lessons we have learned are truly integrated. We become shining lights, radiant with spirituality and well-being. North also represents the times in between and our afterlife in the astral realm. Where you have been continuously busy through the other three directions, here is the place to stop, be still and listen to the voice of the Divine.

North as the season of winter speaks of frugality. We must use our resources wisely to stay sane until the East comes again. Where West taught us clear vision, North challenges us to live our truth inspired by that vision. Be honest to yourself; know your limits. Do your best and you will naturally find yourself surrounded by other seekers doing the same. Within this tribe of luminous souls lies the seat of power and magic.

Etymology of “Norden”: In Old German, “north” denotes a direction, primarily to the left (North is to your left when facing the rising sun). The Mesoamerican word for north was simply “up”. In the Marshall Islands, the word north is related to weather and translates to season of winds.

Buffalo: Animal of the North

Buffalo is the totem animal of the North Quarter of Creation. This animal spirit energizes our connections to “all-our-relationships”. The Ox’s message is one of daily gratitude and a reminder that even in the concrete jungle we walk on sacred ground.

Buffalo is a humble animal. He embodies strength of character and isn’t afraid to go the “long way” if it makes a difference in the quality of life. Buffalo also symbolizes providence and abundance. When we approach life with gratitude, our needs are met.

Those who walk with the Buffalo Spirit have an abiding connection with Mother Earth. These people are living examples of living respectfully and not taking our gifts for granted. Blessings come in many forms and Buffalo Spirit shows us how to SEE them. Speaking of buffalo, we should tell the story of the White Buffalo Woman who appeared long ago to Native Americans and taught the ways of agriculture. In doing so, she also shared a wise lesson: that our presence affects everything in the web of life. To this day, a white buffalo is considered sacred and a vision or dream when seen in real life is a very auspicious omen.

The North and the Earth Element

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The element of earth is a bit broader for discussion because there is the “elemental” aspect to consider and also the earth (the planet). The Aboriginal people believe that no man owns the land – rather the land ‘owns’ us. This creates a cohesive relationship similar to what we see in Native American culture. The land…the earth is part of every Aboriginal identity.

The Native American symbol for earth is a circle with a cross. This represents not only our “home” but also the first four tribes of humanity (red, white, yellow and black). Metaphysically, the earth element has strong centering and grounding energies. If you ever feel down, step outside barefoot and reconnect. The symbolism of the earth element connects to life cycles, physicality and material needs.

Working with the earth element on a spiritual level, things can get very personal. The earth is a part of you, down to your cellular level. You can use black or brown candles to represent the earth element on your altar, along with salt, tree bark, rich soil, and fossils. Adorn portions of your sacred space with sacred stones containing powerful vibrations of the earth elements, such as agate, hematite, jet, onyx, black tourmaline, and obsidian.

North and Healing Crystals

Speaking of stones, two important healing crystals associated with the north are malachite and moonstone. Malachite is a growth-oriented stone. The energy here is all about your spiritual growth as you lay solid foundations for your beliefs and practices.

North Direction Healing Crystal Malachite 200x200

Light workers summarize malachite as the stone of change.Working with this stone regularly feels like a metaphysical makeover. When you’re stuck in old ideas and patterns, malachite helps push you forward again. The added benefit here is that malachite heals your heart and rebalances your chakras. The past creates the present, but we don’t have to cling to it to learn these lessons. It’s time to be bold and vigilant and start innovating.

Those who suffer from regular bouts of blues would do well to carry malachite with them. This helps keep your emotions balanced. Just remember to cleanse your stone regularly as it collects toxic vibrations around you and transforms them into a neutral form.

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North Direction Healing Crystal Moonstone 200x200

Moonstone speaks to us about our soul’s contract this planet. This is a “destiny stone” tied to the ongoing cycles of time. As a spiritual crystal, the moonstone brings us back in touch with the sacred feminine and our own sensual nature. If you’re feeling insecure, Moonstone’s nurturing nature will dispel those doubts.

Moonstone is a moment-to-moment reminder that sometimes going with the flow can be very beneficial. It resonates with the heart chakra, which is why some consider it a symbol of love, including the love we should direct toward ourselves. As a magic, the moonstone inspires creativity and makes us aware of the wonderful potential that is available to us.

The spirit of beauty resides in the matrix of this healing stone. There is something wondrous about moonstone. It awakens the part of us that isn’t afraid to reach for the moon, the stars, and even beyond.

Native American Symbolism and Significance to the North

<img src=" Zodiac- Signs-FB-1200×630.jpg" alt="Native American zodiac signs

Celtic symbolism and meaning for the North

<img src=" meanings -symbolism-1280×960.jpg" alt="Meanings of Celtic zodiac signsThe northwest energies can also represent opportunities, the help of others to support you in your life, and the ability to move forward in your life. When there is no man in the house, this corner represents the masculine energies of the house.

The Chinese pictogram for north ties in with the idea of ​​being behind (as opposed to in front). North is in shadow to fire and sun to south. Light and shadow play a major role in Chinese symbolism. In particular, they credit this dichotomy with teaching how to judge time.

In the Chinese zodiac there are four animals associated with the north and earth elements. We begin with the industrious bull or ox that rarely, if ever, gives up. Those born under this zodiac sign are very focused on duality. Things are either good or bad with little in between. This may explain an avoidance of social fuss. Their opinions can become a very heated source of discussion.

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Sheep people observe and remember everything. On the home front, Sheepmen are good providers who have a creative, patient nature. This carries over to both business and relationships. Having a sheepman as a friend is great. Loyal and responsible, they always return their loyalty with devotion.

Next in our Celestial Animal band, we have Dragon that is larger than life. Dragons are often gifted (and they know it). They also seem to have that lucky touch. No matter how much destiny a dragon has in life, in their mind they are somehow at the top. This sense of perfection sometimes leads to inflexibility and an overwhelming ego.

Dragon speaks in a grandiose manner, but it’s usually worth listening to. Being an ancient soul gives one some practical perspective on urgent matters. As dragons mature, they often end up in positions of influence where their enthusiasm overflows.

Dragon has an undeniable charm. They love the latest “pretty shiny” thing, but are also willing to share their wealth. In general, this person has a successful career in almost everything, but art certainly holds a special place in their heart.

Third is the graceful Goat, which is perhaps the most inventive of all Chinese zodiacs. Goat people shame “Miss Manners”. This trait attracts many friends, but Goat still feels insecure. And for heaven’s sake don’t confront that person or they’ll worry you for months.

Goats would prefer a life of leisure when possible, but when that’s not possible they seek stability and security. People born under the sign of the Goat have a natural attraction to the occult and other esoteric things. Then just don’t expect to be very adept at organizing things. They make up for that with subtlety and just enough romance.

Finally we have the faithful dog. Dog people, like their animal counterparts, love to help others. They stand by your side through thick and thin, actively listen and answer honestly. Your sense of duty and honor knows no bounds. If you need someone to keep your secret, tell a dog person.

Sometimes the dog will bark, but usually out of alarm or fear. Give them a little reassurance and they calm down. The other thing that makes Dog growl is injustice. It’s not in her nature to stand by and do nothing, so get ready for this road trip.

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