My hair is blonde what color should i dye it

Video My hair is blonde what color should i dye it

If you’re blonde, then you know how easy it can be to get stuck in a hair color rut. From the same old highlights to brassy ends, being blonde can get old. If you’re looking to break away from your usual locks, then consider changing your hair colour: not only is it an easy way to liven up your style, but a blonde base is often a great starting point for trying out new hair colours.

The safest route to ensuring the health of your hair, and the exact shade you’re looking for, is to go to a salon or see a professional colorist. (However, home dye options have blossomed and blossomed like never before, due to the lockdown.)

If you’re going the DIY route, Christine Symonds, Clairol Celebrity Ambassador and Professional Stylist, recommends first assessing the health of your hair. “Are the ends dry? how much new growth do you have?” she says.

Symonds also recommends getting a haircut before going to color. “Freshly trimmed ends will ensure the healthiest blonde result,” she says. Depending on the condition of your hair, it could also benefit from a strengthening treatment, hydration, or extra time for hair growth, as too much overlapping dye can lead to breakage.

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once you’ve passed the hair health assessment, symonds recommends using products that protect your hair from harsh chemicals. You should also be prepared to follow a diligent maintenance routine to ensure the best results.

With that professional information in hand, here are 10 easy hair dye colors for blondes.

1. rose gold

There are simple, pure colors, and then there are shades like rose gold that are a delicate mix of nuances. in this case the color is a mixture of blonde, red and pink tones. the lightness of the blonde hair provides the perfect base for the strawberry kiss look.

2. platinum blonde

You may already be blonde… but are you va va voom blonde? platinum blonde can be hard to achieve: depending on your base shade, it can take up to three processes, each of which can take up to nine hours (ugh!). however, the process will be a little easier (aka less time consuming) if you’re already blonde, so make the most of the lighter strands.

3. brunette balayage

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Balayage has become a popular choice for hair coloring over the past decade thanks to its subtle hue, and the process differs from other dye jobs in that the color is hand-painted onto the strands. (This also means that balayage is best left to professionals.) A brunette balayage will add depth to your blonde hair and give it a natural cascading ombre effect.

4. gruff

bronde is obviously a made up word, but it really best describes that complex caramel hue that lies between blonde and brown. it’s the golden curls of hair color choices.

5. silver

Silver hair is another notoriously difficult transformation: it first requires lightening the hair until it’s almost white, which is more difficult the darker your hair is. good thing blondes will have an easier time lightening their hair enough to get here. however, once your hair has reached this brilliant shade, it is still one of the most tedious shades when it comes to maintenance.

6. purple

A plethora of options for the home can give you my little pony-esque purple locks. As with many other shades, having blonde strands means your hair will take less damage than if you had darker hair. just remember that purples and lilacs require compromise when it comes to aftercare.

7. jet black

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There are three obvious pieces to Dita von Teese’s signature look: red lips, jet-black hair, and winged eyeliner. what might be surprising, however, is that the burlesque dancer is actually a blonde. Take a cue from her and make a drastic change with jet black hair, just remember to dye your eyebrows too to complete her look.

8. ice blue

A light, icy blue is another difficult color for non-blondes to achieve because of the amount of lightening you need for your hair, so if you’re a blonde, you can also experiment with the shade. A number of options at home will take the guesswork out of the process.

9. brushed copper

copper is the color of the day, according to experts and celebrities alike. Although the color is similar to a red, it is a more precise mix that also includes light brown and rustic orange tones.

10. bubblegum pink

bubblegum pink just sparks joy. When your hair is blonde, you can achieve all the delicate shades of the spectrum, from magenta to cotton candy. Mix the color into your blonde locks, or go all out with a full head of pink hair.

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