The letter M – symbolism –

The letter M is believed to be the most sacred: male and female agree in it, it represents the symbol of water. The letter gives origin to all times, creates the beginning of the natural and the natural forms of existence. The letter M is fully consistent with both the Indo-European and Semitic languages, in both cases it refers to the principle of water and birth: Mhat, Madhava, Maya, Manus, Mantra. p>

M can be seen in the regenerating power of water.

In Hebrew, “meme” is the passage of day and night and even death and life. His zodiac sign is Scorpio. His planet is Mars. His musical note is king. It is the thirteenth letter in English and Hebrew, in the Greek alphabet it is the 12th, in the Russian and Cyrillic alphabets it is the 14th, while in Arabic it is the 24th. In Roman numerals, this letter refers to 1000.

The sacred name of God associated with this letter is Meborah Benedictus, which is a symbol of the higher ego – Manas.

In the hieroglyphs it is a woman. In Hebrew and Latin numerals, M denotes the number for “innumerable numbers.” M was once compared to N and was a symbol of creation and destruction. M is actively present in our mind, like an imprint of death preceding the descent into the underworld. Before we reach final death, it would be interesting that each of us would descend into the underworld, which many people see as bright and adorned as Orpheus did when he sought Eurydice.The Metro (U-Bahn Br. Eng., Metro Am. Eng.), its mythology and symbolism.It is not for nothing that the arch The architecture of the Moscow metro, built by convicts, is often associated with the Egyptian pyramids, mausoleums for the dead brought. The M is also the world. The shape of the letter M has the appearance of the world tree and the universe. It also symbolizes the person’s inner being, the forces that interweave and serve the world order. In the magical world, the letter M represents the preservation and protection of the gods.


Letter L – According to Kabbalah, the letter represents L for the principle of power, it is an integral part of the name of God (Limmud).

Letter D – It is a Phoenician letter of origin. It is the fourth letter of the Greek alphabet – delta – where the world began.

Letter A – represents the sound, great mystical power and magical deeds.

Letter C – will considered sacred because it contains the first letter of Christ.

Letter B – In alchemy, B expresses the relationship between the four main elements. It contains an element of the composition of all things.

Letter E – It is the eighth letter of the Greek alphabet. It encompasses all aspects of the soul.

Letter F – represents a vertical axis bringing divine energies. It symbolizes the balance of mind, body and spirit.

Letter O – is present in all languages ​​and looks like a sun disc symbolizing perfection.

Letter R – It is with associated with the divine name Rahim (mercy). Street (in English). The paths have no beginning and no end…

Letter P – In Kabbalah, Pe symbolizes the mouth. P has the meaning of victory, willpower and self-control.

Letter T – In the ancient Greek language, the letter T was written because the Phoenicians used the sign of the St. Andrew’s Cross, and sometimes a circle.

Letter S – In Latin, S is graphically a snake like spiral. It gives the idea of ​​a double helix that seems to be completing.


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