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Spiritual meaning of letter X

Meaning of letter X

The letter X is associated with Samekh (S) in the Hebrew alphabet, which is the symbol of a serpent (or dragon) devouring its own tail . In the occult teachings, S is the symbol of Ouroboros and represents the cycle of life, death and rebirth.

The snake always represents wisdom. The cycle signifies completion, perfection and eternity. Thus, X is like a snake shedding its own skin to prepare for its new life.

Symbolically, the skin represents the ego or lower self that we need to get rid of in order to prepare for our spiritual life.

In esoteric teachings, this is the law of karma or law of the continuous cycle that cannot be broken. In the basic understanding, X is the law of cause and effect: We will reap what we sow.

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In other words, the spiritual meaning of X is the karma that must result from our actions. We cannot plant a banana seed and hope it will grow like an apple tree.

In Hebrew, Samekh means support or bow and represents a person shooting an arrow with a bow. When we pronounce X, it sounds like the snakes hissing, which is similar to the sound we make when we shoot an arrow. Symbolically, the arch is the letter B, meaning mouth.

The archery is the words we speak to our body, which can either hiss (wound) or kiss (heal). Because of this, the letter X can go either up or down. It can be either “love” or “lust”, which is the vibration of its value in numerology (6).

X is the cross on which Christ was crucified. When we cross something, it means we get rid of it. Therefore, the whole resurrection scene can be understood as getting rid of the old material self in order to be reborn in a new spiritual self.

In the spiritual school of Egypt letter X symbolizes the crook (heka) and flails (nekhakha) of Osiris. The crook identifies Osiris as a shepherd, while the flail is used as a tool for separating grains from their husks in farming methods.

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Symbolically, the sheep are our animal nature and the field is our body.

Spiritually, when we lead our flocks, it means that we control our instinctive nature of the lower self. When we separate the grains from the husk, it means we gain the ability to distinguish between good and evil.

The Egyptians also believed that the letter X represented the “genetic hybrid” used by human civilization symbolizes. Osiris was known as the “breeder” because whenever he conquered a nation, we killed every male and kept females for breeding. Therefore, today his descendants are spread “across” many nations.

In Egyptian mythology, Osiris was killed by Set, an evil god who spread his body to different parts of the world. Isis, the wife of Osiris, later resurrects him by gathering all his body parts together.

When you see Osiris in his tomb, his hands are placed to resemble the shape of an X. Therefore, the letter X in Egypt is also a symbol of death and rebirth.

Meaning of the letter X in your name

Positive Traits

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In numerology, if the first letter of your given name starts with X , you are balanced, attractive and lovable in personality. Since its numerical value is 6, people with X in their name tend to be creative, peaceful, and helpful.

Letter X is the same on all 4 levels. Therefore, you are a person who seeks harmony in life. Because of this, you can also have bipolar or double personalities. Since the vibration of 6 is Home, you are a family type who is very responsible. 6 means either love or lust.

So, because of this nature, you can be either spiritual or material. Choosing a spiritual path is important for X-persons as they may be endowed with psychic powers from the hidden world, and more power means more responsibility.

Negative Traits

Negative traits X people can become XXX, which means lust lust lust. People with X in their name tend to be overly sexual, materialistic, and irresponsible.

If you do not turn to the spiritual world, you can become gross, seeking only sensual pleasures. Since X means “strike through,” you also tend to self-denial, which makes you prone to depression and illness.


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