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Attributes of the letter NMeaning and specification
Spiritual meaning of the letter N

Meaning of the letter N

The letter N corresponds to Nun (noon) in the Hebrew alphabet and signifies spiritual growth. The symbol of N is fish, which is a symbol for esoteric knowledge kept hidden from the crowd. In many faiths, Pisces were attracted to resemble the divinity of gods and goddesses.

Christianity was dominant in the Piscean Age. Jesus’ disciples were considered fishermen because they learned the secret teachings of Jesus. This is why you see that the Pope’s miter hat looks exactly like a fish head because it represents the spiritual power that comes from the Divine.

In the Bible, Jesus viewed the teachings of the Pharisees as leaven. Sourdough is the substance, usually yeast, that changes the properties of the dough and makes it rise. Therefore, teachings are like leaven in a way that they can change a person’s consciousness, attitude, and beliefs.

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Eating the bread in the Bible allegorically represents the act of digesting the esoteric knowledge. Thus, the spiritual meaning of the letter N is precisely the mystical knowledge hidden from the crowd.

The number for N is 5, which is the number of MAN. By digesting the knowledge you become M-A-N = Master – Able – Noble.

In Egypt, the letter N symbolizes the striding posture of Horus. Horus is one of the main gods in the Egyptian trinity: Osiris, Isis and Horus.

  • Osiris is known as “once wise”, meaning the first bloodline of the Egyptian kingdom.
  • Isis is “twice wise” and represents “double wisdom” and the duality of all things.
  • Horus is considered “thrice wise” and symbolizes “triple wisdom” or “wisdom in action”. ”.

Since Horus is the “son” of Osiris and Isis, the lowercase “n” stands for a son. It serves as a determiner for masculine attributes denoting the masculine principle in nature, such as son, scion, and Ibn in Arabic , means “son of”.

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Therefore, many words like Pythagoras, Luther, America can be converted into a person by adding this determiner: Pythagorean, Lutheran, America n.

Spiritually, the concept of the letter N is closely related to the syllable “-ing” after a verb. “I” is our spine, N stands for the crotch position and G for the gonads.

Thus, the syllable “ing” symbolizes Horus in the sexual act of multiplying his “seeds”. Remember that Horus stands for “wisdom in action” and “Verb-ing” means someone is “in action”.

Meaning of the letter N in your name

Positive Traits

If the first letter of your first name in numerology begins with N, you are nocturnal, uninterrupted, natural and neutral in personality. Since the numerical value of N is 5, you are a sensual seeker due to your propensity for masturbation and stimulation.

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People with N in their name love to be free, to experience and live to their full potential. N contains 2 V in 2 opposite directions: up and down. So they can be either sensual or spiritual.

The upper V seeks spiritual understanding, ideas and esoteric knowledge, while the lower V focuses on material needs and sensual desires. Below vibration number 5 you are naturally versatile, imaginative and energetic.

Negative Traits

When N’s energy becomes negative it expresses itself in many toxic personalities such as stubbornness and restlessness , and irresponsibility. It’s very difficult to get N people to complete a project because they don’t want to be tied to anything.

You are also prone to accidents because of your attraction to risky behavior.


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