Letter M Logos: Order & Balance

M – the head of the Secret Intelligence Service in James Bond films – stands for Mission, Order and Balance. And just like the rolling M, the “real” M symbolizes a multitude of things.

From independence to harmony to abundance, the letter M stands for many different ideas. The fact that top brands like McDonald’s and MTV have adopted the letter as part of their visual identities speaks volumes about the power of this English alphabet.

The world of graphic design is both unique and attractive. But only after intense research and hard work one can dream of being a great designer. If God designed the world, then graphic designers designed the digital world.

Graphic designers make the world a little more stylish by helping brands create unique logos, websites, packaging designs and much more to develop brand identity designs.

But how does this relate to the letter M? Well, the answer is simple: M is all about balance and harmony, just like graphic design!

Top brands hire the best agencies and spend big to enhance their visual identity. These agencies do their best to keep their end of the bargain by delivering only the best designs. However, not all brands can think of spending a fortune on designs. In their search for good designs, small businesses and startups end up hiring designers from various creative marketplaces and end up getting cheap template-based solutions.


According to an article published on Whatis.com, “Mass (symbolized by m) is a dimensionless quantity that represents the amount of matter in a particle or object. The standard unit of mass in the International System (SI) is the kilogram (kg).

M, in the famous equation E=mc², denotes mass. According to Wikipedia, “The formula defines the energy E of a particle in its rest frame as the product of its mass times the square of the speed of light (c²).” From nuclear physics to understanding the mysteries of the universe, the famous formula created by the legendary physicist Albert Einstein was developed, many mysteries have been revealed.

In computers, M stands for memory – the internal “brain” of the computer. There are two places where data can be stored or retrieved: 1. RAM – Random Access memory and 2. ROM – Read Only memory.

History and Symbolism

Meaning of the letter “M” in antiquity: Like the letter N, the first record of M can be traced back to Egyptian civilization. The Egyptians used a wavy vertical line to represent M, which symbolized water.

The Semites borrowed the letters from the Egyptians but kept only three waves intact. However, it is the Phoenician variant of the letter that is very similar to today’s M.

In Hebrew, meme refers to the time between life and death. Interestingly, the Romans used the letter to denote the number 1000.

In some Indo-European languages, the letter represents birth and water.

Spiritual connection

It It is believed that when the ancients created the letters, they gave each a mystical meaning. The letter M was considered the most significant letter of all, as it symbolized water. They believed that water was the most sacred element as it breathed life into everything.

According to various ancient schools of thought, the letter M represented the masculine and feminine energies. According to their teaching, the opposites were in perfect harmony in the ” Ma” sound.

The letter M symbolizes the beginning, the end and a new beginning: the never-ending cycle of creation. According to certain Oriental sects, M represents the balance between the inner being and the outer world.

The letter M represents different ideas in many different ways, which is why some of the leading companies have used it to tell their brand story.

Let’s take a quick tour of what the letter M represents in logos

  • Balance: Due to its balanced appearance, the letter M is a delight for designers. Over time, its balanced appearance began to symbolize inner balance and outer harmony. McDonald’s golden arches are a perfect example of the balance depicted in a logo.
  • Creation: The alphabet represents creation, because it brings in both feminine and masculine energies into harmony. The two opposing energies come together in the letter to create something new. Lifestyle and fashion brands can use the letter to represent beauty and creation: Barcelona-based fashion brand Mango is a prime example.
  • Communication: The letter M was represented in ancient times in the form of waves, representing water. In the modern world it refers to sound waves; Therefore, the letter M also stands for communication. The single “M” in the Motorola emblem stands for efficient communication and connectivity.

Furthermore, the thirteenth alphabet symbolizes the following:

  • Harmony
  • Water
  • Continuity
  • Male and Feminine Energies
  • Ordering
  • Mother
  • Nature
  • Money
  • Divine Transformation
  • Stability
  • Pyramids
  • Regeneration
  • Energy
  • Health

Top 5 companies with the letter M in their logos

1. McDonald’s

<img src="https://n8y8z2k6.rocketcdn.me/blog/wp-content/uploads/McDonalds-1.jpg" alt="Letter "M" logos: Orderjpg" alt="Letter "M" Logos: Order

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