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Attributes of the letter HMeaning and specification
Spiritual meaning of the letter H

Meaning of the letter H

Cheth or Heth is the 8th letter in the Hebrew alphabet, means field or fence and corresponds to the letter H in English.

< p 'Therefore the Lord God sent him out of the garden of Eden to till the ground from which he was taken. (Genesis 3:23)

The ground (or field) here is our body, mind and consciousness. When we “till the ground” it means that we must use the power of H (discipline) to cultivate our virtues and righteousness in our actions.

Only after that are we admitted back into the garden Eden. Therefore, the spiritual meaning of the letter H is the “ground” or “stone” that Masons must refine in order to spiritually ascend higher into Heaven.

H also symbolizes a fence. It is the fence that protects us from our own baser instincts leading us astray. H is the limitation and self-limitation that we set for ourselves, and it can be either good or bad depending on our choice.

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The numeric value of the letter H is 8. It consists of two O’s; one stands above the other, so it is the symbolic figure of the esoteric teaching: “As above, so below”.

That is, 8 is a representation of karma and means “You shall reap what you sow”.

A special feature of this spiritual law is that it is eternal. Just as you can draw the letter 8 endlessly without raising your hands, the law of karma is eternal, ongoing, and guaranteed to work.

Letter Hé in the Hebrew alphabet is also equivalent to the letter H. It is the symbol of the soul windows looking up and down. When the Greeks borrowed this letter from the Phoenicians, they removed the lower and upper bars. So we have H.

If you look at the letter H from a different perspective, it resembles a ladder, meaning the ability to stretch over the horizon after the first 7 steps raise. H is the essence of our human being, striving to transcend our animal nature for spiritual realization.

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However, the ladder has 2 directions: up or down. Therefore, whether we can ascend or descend depends entirely on our choices.

According to the esoteric teachings of the Egyptians, H symbolizes the vault of heaven on the Day of Judgment. They believe that Osiris will sit under this canopy on Judgment Day to judge the deeds of others.

This concept corresponds to the numerological value of H, which is 8. Since 8 is in perfect balance and sees both sides of a coin, it represents the ability to make good and fair judgments in numerology.

Therefore, Osiris will use the power of H (or 8) to judge justly among men.

The small h looks like the picture of a hut, representing ours Home and Living. As its nature suggests, H deals with matters in heaven and earth.

Meaning of the letter H in your name

Positive qualities

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If the first letter of your first name in numerology begins with H, you are a healthy, easygoing, honest and headstrong personality. Since H is related to hands, people with H in their name are builders of the material world, endowed with the power of manifestation.

You see both sides of a situation well and have the ability to effect fair judgment due to H’s numerical value of 8. The image of “h” symbolically represents the figure of Saturn without a vertical line. H people are therefore very hardworking, patient and persistent.

Your personality is either material or spiritual, which is why you are usually tested. However, once you have overcome challenges and chosen the spiritual path, success, prosperity and wealth will come in abundance.

Negative Traits

On the negative side, H can be selfish, intolerant, and overcautious. Since you are already aware of money, you may become overly materialistic if you don’t hold back.

H people can be either a good leader or a terrible bully. You should learn how to properly use your eyesight for the good of society as a whole and not for selfish purposes.


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