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The Employment Development Department (EDD) provides a wide variety of services to millions of Californians under Unemployment Insurance (UI), State Disability Insurance (SDI), Workforce Investment (Jobs and Training) and labor market information programs. As the largest tax collection agency in the state, the EDD also handles the auditing and collection of payroll taxes and maintains employment records for more than 17 million California workers.

One of the largest state departments, the edd has employees located at hundreds of service locations throughout California who provide many important services to millions each year, including:

  • help employers with their employment needs.
  • help job seekers get jobs.
  • administer federally funded workforce investment programs for adults, dislocated workers, and youth.
  • help disadvantaged recipients become self-sufficient.
  • help unemployed and disabled workers through the administration of the ui and sdi programs.
  • support state activities and benefit programs by collecting and administering employment-related taxes (ui, sdi, job training tax, and personal income tax withholding).
  • edd branches

    • administrative branch
    • management office
      • equal employment opportunity office
      • law office
      • branch of disability insurance
      • information technology branch
      • policy, accountability and compliance branch
      • public affairs branch
      • tax branch
      • unemployment insurance branch
      • labor services branch
      • administrative branch

        The Administration Branch provides administrative support to the department, including business operations planning and support services, human resource services for edd employees, and accounting for the department’s annual budget.

        management office

        The director’s office orchestrates the direction of the department to ensure that programs and services are consistent with the department’s mission and goals. in addition, the director’s office consists of:

        • Office of Equal Employment Opportunity: Investigates and resolves complaints of discrimination filed against the department by employees, employers, and applicants for employment and training, and provides consulting services in all aspects of equal opportunity in employment.
        • Law Office: Provides legal advice and support to the department director and management regarding court cases, administrative hearings, contracts, legislation and regulation.
        • branch of disability insurance

          for 60 years, the edd administered the sdi program, which provides partial wage replacement for california workers unable to work due to illness, injury, or pregnancy. each year, the edd pays more than $4.2 billion in disability insurance (di) benefits and receives and processes more than 927,000 claims. The DI branch also administers the Paid Family Leave Program and the Self-Employed Differential Coverage Program. employers also have the option to choose an alternative voluntary plan.

          information technology branch

          The information technology branch is responsible for planning policy development, system maintenance, support, operations, and oversight of automated solutions within the department. The branch provides technical support and data processing services for one of the state government’s largest information technology environments.

          policy, accountability and compliance branch

          This branch provides key audit, investigation, survey, evaluation, and review services to programs administered by edd and partner agencies. these services help programs operate effectively and efficiently, comply with federal and state statutory and regulatory requirements, and protect billions of dollars in financial assets that pass through the edd each year. He also serves as edd’s primary liaison with state and federal elected officials and provides information, analysis, and policy guidance on legislative matters to the labor and workforce development agency, the governor’s office, and other government entities.

          public affairs branch

          The public affairs branch is comprised of constituent marketing and services, communications, and the web content and usability group. The Public Affairs Branch provides outreach, marketing, communications, training that supports Edd’s programs and services, and manages Edd’s website and social media pages.

          tax branch

          one of the largest tax collection agencies in the nation, the tax branch handles all administrative, educational, customer service and enforcement functions for the audit and collection of ui, di, job training tax and personal income tax (pit) withholding each year, the edd collects nearly $54 billion in payroll taxes, including more than $42 billion in pits, processes more than 27 million payroll tax documents and remittances from employers and maintains records on more than 16 million workers. The branch offers a variety of payroll tax seminars and workshops, and provides personalized services to employers to help them meet their tax obligations.

          learn more about edd’s payroll taxes.

          unemployment insurance branch

          Established more than 60 years ago, the Unemployment Insurance (UI) Program provides benefits to people who have lost their jobs through no fault of their own, are actively looking for work, are able to work, and are willing to accept employment. . Each year, the EDD pays nearly $6 billion in UI benefits and receives and processes more than 2 million new claims. the program is financed by mandatory contributions from employers. Additional services provided under the UI program include job sharing, disaster unemployment assistance, and trade adjustment assistance.

          labor services branch

          The Workforce Services Branch (WSB) operates one of the largest public employment service operations in the world, serving hundreds of service locations statewide and connecting one million people seeking I work with employers every year.

          california receives federal funds from wagner-peyser for employment services. Services for job seekers include job referrals, job search workshops, placement services, and special assistance for people who have difficulty finding work.

          employer services include matching vacancies with qualified candidates and specialized recruitment campaigns. The Employment Services Branch also offers CalJobsSM, an online job board system with thousands of job openings and the largest pool of job seekers in California.

          the wsb also administers several statewide workforce preparation programs and initiatives that focus on preparing adults and youth for the workforce and building the state’s economy. California distributes more than $394 million a year in federal funds to provide training services for adults, dislocated workers, and youth through the america job center of californiasm (ajcc), formerly known as comprehensive career centers. The AJCC System is a collaboration of local, state, private, and public entities that provide comprehensive and innovative employment resources and services to meet the needs of California’s workforce.

          Within the branch, the Labor Market Information Division collects, analyzes and publishes thousands of statistics on agricultural and non-agricultural industrial employment; occupational duties, skills, salaries, and staffing patterns; and labor force statistics and characteristics.

          Learn more about Edd’s jobs and training.

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