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What is Dynatrace?

Introduction to Dynatrace

The tool traces the applications for their performance and availability and logs the details in the system. Dynatrace tool is intended to monitor any applications allotted to them in the system and make them work like any better by improving their availability and performance. It does multi-tasking by managing the performance of the applications, maintaining the artificial intelligence side of the operations and monitoring digital performance management of the system. All the information of the application can be found in the user interface of the tool. It has many advanced features within itself.

What is Dynatrace?

The application monitoring tool that helps the users with proper performance monitoring and consistent availability in the system is called Dynatrace. The tool is fast and reliable and uses many digital applications to stay relevant with technology. Any single transaction is monitored and logged so that they have a trace of any end to end transaction from browser to database. The infrastructure is also monitored. If there are any performance issues, the tool checks the infrastructure for the servers and database and codes to know the underlying issue. Dynatrace cannot be easily understood due to its complex nature and has more developed technology within it. This is considered as a pure Application Performance Management tool.

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This APM tool uses any applications where end to end transaction details are provided in the tool to check the performance and monitor them on a large scale. All these details are stored on a server. Hence, whenever the application’s performance issues arise, it is good to revisit the logs and check the performance issues. This history tracing will help to know the details of the transactions and also to check the external services linked with them.

Tools of Dynatrace

Below are the tools of Dynatrace:

1. Dynatrace

This is managed with the help of a cloud in a SaaS platform. This monitoring tool, as explained, has all the logs and helps in monitoring by checking all the history of logs in the system. The troubleshooting is done to find the errors or byte code information so that the applications that work with this tool is available always whenever needed. The data is fetched and shown in the cloud platform or the dashboard so that any updates can be known easily and the errors are traced.

2. AIOps

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Artificial Intelligence for Operations will help the user know the operations in and out and monitor data. AI knows when to pitch in during monitoring the data. This makes the data worth for every penny used. Techniques and algorithms used are purely in AI format. In short, using AI in operations is like monitoring by humans for data is no longer needed, and AI takes good care of the data. This is an umbrella term and many operations and technology come under this item. All the complex items are taken care of and looked into while AI is used for operations.

3. Digital Experience Management

As the name suggests, this tool serves to know how the customer is being treated by any application and how the customer feels about it. The traditional method of surveying is not needed as DEM takes data from the site traffic, sales figures, and online surveys of less than a minute so that customer is not frustrated.

Applications of Dynatrace & Sensors

Below are the applications of Dynatrace and Sensors:

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  • When we say application performance, it is not only the working of the application that is taken into consideration. And all the performance details from scratch is provided by this tool in the system. The performance metrics are offered in real-time, and all the problems are detected automatically in the system. This helps to diagnose the problems with proper solutions.
  • Full-stack monitoring is the power of this tool. Hence the monitoring is done in the level of infrastructure and cloud. Users need not worry about the applications when Dynatrace is used in the system. The applications’ working is autodetected, and all the transactions are monitored at any level to provide proper dependency in the system.
  • AI is used for making the applications available always, and all the transactions are optimized so that any issues can be resolved using real-time data in the system. A single transaction is not left without a trace. With all the technologies in hand, greater productivity and efficiency is achieved in the system.
  • As a user of the Dynatrace product, I could say that the tool’s security is priceless. External tools or applications will not work without the permission of Dynatrace, and they make sure the systems and their applications are protected from any external environment.


  • Any applications with user-defined methods use method sensors in the application. These sensors are easy to trace and provide proper guidance to Dynatrace. It is important to know the sensor mechanism in the tool to know its working.
  • Also, this helps in the memory of the application’s storage and logs. As sensors can sense any transactions being happening in the application, the logs are saved, and the tool is notified regarding the same.
  • Auto sensors detect anything being done and also informs the tool automatically. This is a great help when the monitoring happens. Tracing of the applications and the external tools invading the system is known and stopped so that the security of the system is not compromised at all.
  • Dynatrace has the capability to activate and deactivate the sensors based on their needs. This happens mainly with bytecode sensors as they are not needed always. The rules can be customized so that those sensors to be activated or deactivated can be understood easily. High priority sensors are listed at the top so that they are activated whenever in need.


The Dynatrace tool’s performance is excellent as it uses the digital and AI interface along with the sensors to monitor and log the performance of the system applications. The methods that are harmful to the system can be excluded, and the system performance can be made safe.

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