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If you have excellent keyboarding skills, a penchant for precision, and the ability to work to deadlines, data entry may be a solid career to consider. A job in data entry can take you to a variety of industries, as employers from many sectors hire for these positions.

Wondering how to get a data entry job? First, it’s worth noting that data entry jobs are commonly available in a freelance consultant structure, but are also available as full-time, part-time, or freelance positions.

In many cases, data entry jobs can offer great flexibility to work from home. If you’re wondering how to become one of the flexjobs members who have been successful in their data entry job search, keep reading.

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data entry salary: how much do data entry jobs pay?

Depending on the pay scale, hourly wages for data entry jobs range from $11 to approximately $17 per hour, with the highest pay rates being awarded to candidates with the most skills and experience. On average, pay is $14.41 per hour.

Other factors that can determine pay for a data entry clerk include whether the job requires other duties, such as customer service or clerical duties. In the hospitality and travel industries, for example, a data processor may also be required to keep track of customer bookings and reservations, including schedule changes and cancellations.

find legitimate data entry jobs

Valid data entry jobs do exist, but know that you shouldn’t have to pay for them with an upfront fee or other investment. Flexjobs posts legitimate data entry jobs almost every day. Every data entry position found on flexjobs has been thoroughly vetted by a flexjobs researcher and is offered by a trusted employer.

To spot a possible data entry scam, beware of lists involving:

  • pay an administrative or training fee
  • refund processing
  • purchase of business kits
  • affiliate marketing promotion
  • explore legitimate data entry jobs

    companies that hire for data entry jobs

    data entry can be an ideal role for people who want work flexibility. Since most data entry responsibilities can be handled with a personal computer, many employers hiring data entry jobs are looking for professionals who work from home. data entry jobs can also offer work flexibility in the form of part-time, temporary, or freelance opportunities.

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    • Data Entry Job Types: Common Data Entry Job Titles

      There are a few different types of roles for data entry jobs. Duties may vary from industry to industry, and employers may add other general office responsibilities (related or unrelated) to the job. Some of the types of data entry jobs are:

      data entry clerk

      This job involves the basic input of information, either numeric or alphabetic, from one format to another, usually via the keyboard.

      data entry keyboard

      This function enters or scans figures or data into computer software systems, often from other documents, such as hard copies or paper documents.


      This is usually a word-based (rather than number-based) job that involves listening to recordings and transcribing the information into reports or other text documents.

      word processor/typist

      Basic typing is a key task in this job, including entering information for text documents, correspondence, and reports.

      Data Entry Types: Industries That Hire Data Entry Jobs

      medicine and health

      These employers may include hospitals, medical centers, and diagnostic laboratories and clinics.


      An office setup (or a home office) is a typical setup for many data entry professionals. For some positions, answering the phone or performing general receptionist duties may be part of the job.

      accounting and finance

      Financial institutions hire for data entry jobs related to tax preparation, auditing, corporate finance, payroll, and accounts payable.

      government and politics

      From public record keeping to elections, state and local governments, as well as the federal government, often hire accurate data entry professionals.

      retail and sales

      Inventory, online sales, gathering, and logistics can play an important role in retail and sales, and employers in these industries hire flexible data entry jobs.

      advance data entry career

      Once you’ve established a good understanding of how to land a data entry job and decided it’s a career you’d like to pursue, there are a few strategies for moving forward and climbing the career ladder.

      If you’re at the entry level and only have a high school degree, continue your education by focusing on topics like information technology, data science, or business or office technology. Consider earning a data entry certification, an associate’s degree, or accruing academic credits in an online course of study that fits your career aspirations as a data entry professional.

      As you progress in your data entry career, consider advancing to a supervisory position or transitioning to a position as a data entry analyst or data analyst. Both jobs generally require a college degree; excellent analytical skills; the ability to establish and maintain databases; monitoring of quarterly or annual data reports; and great communication skills.

      If you’re ready to start looking for data entry jobs, flexjobs can help! data entry is one of the most flexible careers in today’s job market, and that’s why we’re constantly adding new ones to our database. check them out and connect with your next opportunity.

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