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Spiritual meaning of the letter D

Meaning of the letter D

The fourth letter in the Hebrew alphabet is Daleth, the is the letter D in English. In esoteric teachings, Daleth represents the sacred womb, door and knowledge. The womb is our birth door from the spiritual to the material universe.

When the ancient Greeks borrowed this concept, they called it “Delta”, the symbol of which is the triangle. This triangle is closely related to the triangular figure of Pythagoras called “Tetractys”. The triangle is the sacred symbolism of the Pythagoreans as it contains within itself the doctrine of perfection and completion (10). We have:

1 2 3 4 = 10

One door closes, another opens. Therefore, at the end of 4, it is a symbolic door that opens our consciousness to another world of perfection. In English, when we add the suffix “-ed” to a verb, it means that the action has been “completed”.

In Egyptian hieroglyphic writing, letter D is the symbolic hands of Osiris. The Egyptians believe that the function of the hands is to build the sacred temple (body) through our deeds. Thus, through our righteous deeds, we can become full and perfect human beings.

D is the fourth letter, whose numerical value is 4, representing the cube in numerology. In spirituality, the cube is the symbol of a trapped person. This man is ignorant because his spiritual faculties are “limited” or undeveloped.

So when we open the cube, it shows the representation of the cross on which Jesus was crucified. Symbolically, the crucifixion of Jesus means that a man opens the door to spirituality and is born again with a body of light.

“But Lot’s wife looked back and she became a pillar of salt” (Genesis 19:26 )

In the Bible, when Lot’s wife looked back on the city of Sodom and became “a pillar of salt,” it represents the state of clinging to old habits and beliefs. When salt crystallizes, it crystallizes in a cube shape, which is the symbol of the letter D.

Since the spiritual meaning of the letter D is the door, we need to open the cube so that it becomes a cross. That is, a cross is the letter D, which evolves spiritually, while a cube is the letter D, which evolves materially.

Meaning of the letter D in your name

Positive traits

In numerology, if the first letter of your given name begins with D, you are a disciplined, determined, determined and reliable personality. The root of the letter D is in the physical world, so you’re here to be a designer whose dominion is the magnificent architecture of the earth.

D is an enclosed letter. Therefore, you are sensitive, fixed, reserved, and domestic by nature. You may feel “hard to breathe” because of the limitations you have placed on yourself. In terms of spirituality, you have the ability to feel the spiritual world. It’s the ability to feel things before they happen.

Unlike letter C, letter D wants stability instead of unpredictability. You probably prefer a methodical, safe, and firm path to success.

Negative traits

D’s negative traits are stubbornness, limitation, avoidance, and rigidity. D people take life seriously. Your dark side can express itself in your super conservative, headstrong, and materialistic personality.


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